So some things happened….

Did you guys think I disappeared forever? I know, felt like that to me too.

A lot of big things have happened since I last checked in with you guys:

  • We closed on our new house
  • We sold our old house
  • I had my first DNS
  • Hurt my foot – diagnosis TBD
  • I got a (temporary) employee

First off! We closed a chapter of our lives in the old house and have moved into the home we built! Here are a few pictures ūüôā

I had my first DNS for a race when I injured my foot.¬† I had signed up for the race for Memorial Day weekend in late April.¬† The week before Memorial Day I started having pain in my forefoot on the top of my foot.¬† An X-ray reveal no fracture, but it hurt too bad and I decided to not do the race.¬† Still picked up my t-shirt though ūüôā

I have a doctor’s appointment next week to get another look at it.¬† My foot had started feeling better, but in the last week it started hurting again.¬† I have a lot of swelling on the top of my foot again.¬† I’ll let you all know how it turns out!

This is a lot of why you haven’t heard from me.¬† I haven’t been able to do much of anything in terms of working out.¬† No yoga, running, walking, anything.¬† Once I figure out what is going on, I want to come up with a game plan of what I can safely do.

I have an employee!¬† Well, she’s a summer intern, but she’s fabulous and I want to keep her forever.¬† She is going into her senior year at Randolph Macon and she’s such a sweet girl.

So what’s coming up?¬† We have a trip to Seattle coming up and a trip to San Diego.What are the must do places to see and eat?



Weekly Update – 3/13/17

This was a pretty good week, although it was pretty cold.¬† I guess winter isn’t ready to let go yet.¬† This week also brought my second race for the year.


Michael had to work late on Monday, and with it being cold out and I was tired….I didn’t want to go to the gym.


We went to the gym on Tuesday after work.  I got in 2 miles on the treadmill.


Yoga was great on Wednesday.  Class was unusually full.  She really worked our hips this class, and it felt fantastic.


Date night! I was looking forward to this, because I feel like Michael and I don’t get to spend a lot of quality time during the week.


Friday was moving day at work.¬† I moved to another building.¬† We have a “campus” at work.¬† My reporting structure has changed over the years, and they are moving me in the same building as my new boss. I’m not really happy about the move. I have been in this building for a few years and I have a great seat by a window.

I left early on Friday to go pick up my race packet for the Shamrock 8k on Saturday. More on that in my race recap!


Saturday was the Shamrock 8k.¬† Recap to come – but good news, I didn’t get rained on till I walked back to my car to leave!

I came home to some BEAUTIFUL flowers that Michael got me.  Michael and I spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching TV, getting laundry done, etc.


After church on Sunday, we went out to Cracker Barrel with Michael’s parents.¬† It was a nice time! We even got some snow in the morning, which was beautiful.

Has winter returned where you are? What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day?


Weekly Update – 10/10/2016

This was a pretty stressful week regarding work, but we also got to get out and enjoy time with friends and family!


Monday was covered in last week’s post.


Tuesday was a gorgeous fall day.¬† My husband usually goes for a walk/run in the morning before work.¬† On Tuesday he was gone for a whole 2 minutes before he came in and got on the treadmill.¬† Guess we aren’t used to the chill in the air yet!

Wednesday – Friday

I took a virtual class for work.¬† For any tech nerds out there, I’m trying to get ITIL Expert certified.¬† ITIL is basically best practices how to run an IT Department.¬†I¬†am already¬†ITIL¬†Foundation (aka beginner¬†level) certified. ¬†I was taking class one of FIVE¬†that I’ll have to take (intermediate level).¬† Each class has an exam you have to pass afterward.¬† I didn’t realize when I signed up for the class that we didn’t take the exam the last day of class like other classes I’ve done.¬† I had to sign up to take it on Monday.


I had to work for about 5 hours on Saturday, some planned, some studying.  Michael and I attended a wedding for my trainers Nicole and Danny! It was a beautiful day up in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore.  Such a beautiful wedding.


Selfies in the car!


Sometimes I clean up and wear makeup!



On Sunday, we checked out a local church (we commute to a church 30 minutes away). Since we are building a home and putting down roots here, we want to find a church home that is closer.¬† Afterward, we headed down to NC to see Michael’s parents.¬† Sunday night included more studying!

How was your week? Has the weather been where you are?


Weekly Update – 6/27/2016

I can sum up this past week in one word: WORK. After our big conversion weekend, we had¬†a lot of immediate cleanup to do, not to mention the work to come over the coming months.¬† By Friday, I had worked 12 days straight…all 10 hour days or more.¬† That catches up with you pretty quickly, and I was exhausted by the end of the week.

We did get to enjoy the Fourth of July weekend though.  We got to catch back up with family, watch a ton of Netflix, do laundry, clean the house, get groceries, etc.  I feel like we are starting to get back to normal again.

I can’t wait to start catching up with you guys again, I feel like its been ages since I’ve been able to see what’s going on in your lives!

How was your weekend? How did you celebrate the 4th?


Weekly Update – 6/13/16

Despite another pretty crazy week at work, I was able to have a pretty good weekend and spend time with family.


Monday was a late night at work.  Afterward, we had to pick up one of the cars from the shop (just an oil change).  Since we worked so late, I had already missed yoga, so I took the opportunity to get some errands done.  My nephew turns one on Wednesday, and we are attending his birthday party over the weekend, so I went and got him some clothes for his birthday.  Why are baby clothes so cute?! I wanted to buy the entire store out.


Work on Tuesday was a much different day than expected.  I was told in the morning that I would be moving cubicles, and by 1pm, my computer was at my new desk.  It took me another almost 2 hours to get settled into my new spot. Its a great spot, I have a window seat (floor to ceiling windows), so I get a lot of natural light.  Its also a lot more private than my old spot!


Michael worked late on Wednesday.¬† Since I wasn’t able to see my mom on Tuesday (her actual birthday), I went to see her on Wednesday.¬† She ended up roping me into helping her make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats and a few other things. We had dinner together, which was really nice.


On Thursday night we met with the sales agent at the neighborhood we are considering buying in.¬† We went through all the options we thought we might be interested in.¬† It was a really great exercise.¬† Its a really cool but really scary process at the same time! Once we figure out if this is something we are going to do, I’ll share more about the process.


I was pooped when Friday came.  It had been a long week, and we are gearing up for the biggest week of the year for us, because we do our major conversion of the bank we purchased.  We stayed in after work and watched a movie and ate Chinese food.


We drove up to Stuart’s Draft for my nephew’s first birthday party! It was a barnyard theme, complete with wagon rides, a petting zoo, and lots of fun!



Love the farm theme on all the food


These were almost too cute to eat!


My Aunt Lisa dressed up as a cow and driving a tractor.¬† She was saying “mooooooooove over!”


We smashed cake all over him, because he had no idea what to do with it.  It was adorable.



After church responsibilities, we ran a few errands around town, then finished up chores for the weekend.¬† We’ll probably be working the next 12 days straight, so we won’t have a lot of time to focus on housework!

How was your week? Do you like house shopping?

Florida, Jewel Concert and the time I creeped on Wanda Sykes

Hey guys! I’ve missed you! I spent the last week in sunny Florida – doing lots of things, but sadly not a lot of getting tan. ¬†But I made up for it by doing a million other ridiculous things!

So, on Monday, I took the day off for my birthday (on Tuesday). ¬†My job is really awesome in that they give us a “birthday” day off. Michael also took the day off and we went to the courthouse to get our marriage license!!! That was a very interesting experience to say the least, but we are super excited to have that crossed off our list!


We are almost official!


On Tuesday, we departed for sunny Orlando! ¬†I had a work conference to attend, and Michael was going to be taking a week and coming with me to have some nice R&R. The flight there was one of the best flights I’ve been on – which is good because Michael HATES flying. ¬†They found out it was my birthday on the plane (thanks to my coworkers) and they sang me happy birthday over the loudspeaker!

When we landed, we took a cab to the hotel and promptly headed to the pool bar for some lunch. ¬†The bartender proceeded to give me shots for my birthday! We got ready for the first night of the Expo and I got to catch up with a lot of my friends from the vendor we deal with. ¬†After the Expo, we went to Maggiano’s for dinner. ¬†They sang to me AGAIN and I had wonderful tiramisu.


Yum, poolside drinks!





On Wednesday, I worked all day at the conference.  My group (9 of us total) and Michael and I went out to a cool Cuban tapas place called Cafe Tu Tu Tango. They have local art on the wall for purchase and live entertainment.  Some of the dishes we selected: jalapeno mac n cheese, cajun chicken eggrolls, oriental steak skewers, duck confit salad, southwest chicken flatbread, etc.

On Thursday, we had a few great speakers.  Hamish Taylor Рa Scotsman who was hilarious and brillant.  Our keynote speaker was singer/songwriter Jewel.  That woman is sweet, clever, and has come from such an interesting life. After a full afternoon  of my conference, we had a fun night at Universal!  They rent out the place just for us, and fill the park with food, drink, and dessert.  We can also ride all the rides with NO LINES!


Hamish Taylor – great, funny guy, and a very engaging speaker. Check him out on Twitter: @HamishWTaylor






One of the many rides we got unlimited access to!


I started feeling poorly on Thursday night. ¬†I woke up Friday morning, and didn’t attend the last of my two sessions. ¬†Michael and I had plans to sit poolside most of the day on Friday, but we only spent a few hours out there. ¬†We had a lazy afternoon in front of the TV, which was just fine with me. ¬†The flight home on Saturday was miserable. ¬†The pressure changes in an airplane are never fun, but they are downright torture when you have sinus pressure.

On the way back, we saw comedian Wanda Sykes in the Orlando Aiport.  I creeped on her and took this picture.


Despite getting sick, we had a great time on the trip.  While it was for work, it was still a much more relaxed environment and our time of R&R was much needed.

Have you traveled for work conferences? Did you bring your significant other with you? How was your week?

Weekly Update – 12/29


I wanted to go to yoga class so bad! I had a holiday dinner with my coworkers, and since I can’t pass up a free meal….

It was really great to meet everyone’s significant others (or see them again!) I found out that my good friend Shaun got engaged! We’ve worked together for about 4 years and we are work BFFs. ¬†Because of the holidays, we both took vacation time, and that was the first time I’d seen him since he got engaged. ¬†SO happy for him!


Danny night. I was having a lot of sinus pressure and asked him to take it easy on me!

Three rounds of the following:

1. 10 SA Thrusters (right arm)

2. 5 Squat to High Pull with a burpee

3. 10 SA Thrusters (left arm)

4. 5 Squat to High Pull with a burpee

5. Farmer’s carry (right arm 25 yds, left arm 25 yds)


The gym closed early for New Year’s so no yoga for me! Michael and I had mexican for dinner (yum!) and rented “The Giver.” Great movie. ¬†It was wonderful to have a low-key NYE.


We had the day off for New Year’s – so I worked out with Danny at noon.

Four (?) Rounds of the following:

1. Goblet Squats (10)

2. SA Bent over rows (10 each side)

3. SA Cleans (5 each side)

4. SL RDLs (5 each side)

5. Farmer’s Carry (50 yds)

Michael and I relaxed for the rest of the day. ¬†We rented “Divergent” which I loved! Now I want to binge read the series.

Friday –¬†Saturday –¬†Sunday

Work.  All.  Weekend.  So exhausted.  We purchased another bank and had to convert all their accounts/systems/branches over to ours over the weekend.

How were your workouts this week?  Have you ever worked on a major work project all weekend?