Weekly Update – 11/3


Yoga with Jaye.  Class was pretty difficult this time, but it flew by.  We did a lot of flows, but yet it didn’t quite feel like a Vinyasa class.  I think she just makes up her own thing.


Danny night – I’m hating this move back inside now that it’s getting colder.  I love the outside!

Three Rounds of the following:

1. 12 hex bar deadlifts (65 lbs)

2. 8 (each side) single leg jumps over a rope

3. 1 minute jump rope

4. 100 meter row

I don’t know about you, but jump roping and rowing kick my butt.  And the single leg jumps are really difficult.


I really wanted to go to yoga, but Michael and I met with our baker for our wedding! I’ve known her since we were kids and we now work for the same company.  She’s a fellow runner too 🙂  I’m super excited and she’s going to do a great job!


Danny night.  We had to shorten the workout cause Danny thinks I’m a magician sometimes and can do ALL the things in one workout 🙂 It was supposed to be a 5 to 1 workout, and the rowing was supposed to go from 500 meters down to 100 meters, but we ended up just doing 100 meters every time. All of this was done with a 15 lb dumbbell. Since everything was single arm, we did all the right arm exercises first, then all the left arm, then row.

1. 10 SA high pull

2. 10 SA cleans

3. 10 SA RDLs

4. 10 SA reverse lunges

5. 10 SA squat and press

6. Row 100 meters

The next round, we dropped the 5th exercise, then on the following one we dropped the 4th and so on.  We ended up not being able to finish the last round.


Nothing exciting on Friday 🙂


Supposed to be a Danny day but I woke up with an excruciating earache and went to Patient First. Turned out to not be an ear infection but just backed up sinuses pressing on my ear.

Michael and I went to an ODU football game on Saturday afternoon. More on that in another post 🙂


Church in the morning, then went home and got a lot of housework done.

How was your week? Have you managed to fight off sickness this fall?


Weekly Update – 10/13

Looking back at last week’s full week of rest after my half marathon, I can tell my body desperately needed it.  I felt so good after that.  Sometimes you just need more than a rest day here and there.

As far as workouts this week, it was a pretty relaxed one, which is totally ok.


Thanks to Columbus Day, I had the day off to catch up on bills, blogging, and just life in general.  Oh, and my DVR and all my shows 🙂


First day back to working out with Danny after my half.  We spent a lot of time talking about the half: what worked, what didn’t.  I noted that my core felt stronger, I had no shin pain, and my recovery seemed to be faster.  We started to talk about the gameplan for my next half on 11/23.

Workout: I don’t recall the specific exercises we did, but they were mostly corrective exercises with focus on breathing during specific parts of the movement.


Vinyasa yoga with Jaye. Getting back to yoga felt REALLY good.  I ended up a little sore the next day, but nothing crazy.  I really missed the stress relief and the mindfulness of the class.


Danny night. Yay for outside workouts in the gorgeous weather!

First Round (3x):

1. 12 (or 15 when I forget to count) KB press in lunge position (each side)

2. Bear crawls, forward and backwards for 25 yds total

Second Round (2x):

1. 10 Paloff presses (each side)

I’d like to point out that I was pretty sore the next day.  Guess that’s what happens when you have time off 🙂


Rest day! Did some wedding stuff with our venue 🙂 Afterwards, we went to the Broken Egg Bistro for dinner with Michael’s parents.  I had the best food ever!

Displaying photo.JPG

Chicken Cordon Bleu!


Danny was away.  I should have gotten a workout in, but I got a bunch of stuff done around the house that I’ve been neglecting. That’s kind of a workout, right?  I also got a lot of wedding stuff done. My brother and his fiance were in town, so I finally got to see them for the first time since their engagement.  Michael wasn’t feeling too good, so we had a pretty relaxed day.


Church in the morning, then Michael, David (his brother) and I headed down to Elizabeth City to see their parents.  Michael’s dad has a twin brother and he and his wife were in town visiting.  It was great to see them again; I haven’t seen them since our trip to Florida in March.

How was your week of workouts?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Weekly Update – 9/22

This wasn’t exactly the week I was planning on with my workouts, but life happens.


Monday AM: Forgot to set my alarm clock.  FAIL.

Monday PM: I guess Monday night is no longer Hatha yoga.  I don’t know if I could call it Vinyasa either.  I’m still a little confused by Jaye’s teaching style.  Class was particularly difficult, she had us holding poses forever and I sweat a TON.


Danny night. The weather was wonderful – and we got to work out outside!

Three Rounds of the following:

1. 10 push-ups

2. 100 meter run

3. 15 KB high-pull to goblet squat

4. 30 ball slams

5. 30 resistance band jumping jacks


Wednesday AM: Woke up so late – only 1 mile on the treadmill after some stretching and foam rolling.

Wednesday PM: Actually had church worship team practice for once, so no yoga.


Danny night. Yay for being outside again!

Four Rounds of the following:

1. 15 KB Squat jumps (12 lbs)

2. Sled push (50 lbs)

3. 15 push ups

4. Sled push (50 lbs)


Friday AM: Actually woke up on time for my workout, but my left foot was really bothering me.  I had the heel and arch pain I’ve been having and an aching in my outer metatarsals.  I have been breaking in a new pair of shoes for work, and that’s the only thing I can think of that might be bothering them.  Anyway – slept in a little then got up and did some housework.

Friday PM: Rest night.


Went to the Smithfield Bourbon and Bacon Fest! You get a half a pound of Smithfield bacon that you can dress up with toppings.  You also get free beer tastings.  We opted not to buy the tickets that got you bourbon  tastings.

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Bacon Fest!

Then Michael and I went to my mom’s house and had dinner around the campfire 🙂

Displaying photo 2.JPG

This is just Autumn in a picture!


Went to church then had our first premarital counseling session with our pastor.  Came home and watched my Philadelphia Eagles lose 😦

Have you ever been to a bacon fest or other type of festival? Who is your favorite NFL team?

Weekly Update – 9/1

This was a pretty boring, uneventful week.  Kind of a slow week with my workouts, which was good, apparently I needed the rest.


Labor Day – so I did the opposite of Labor Day and I rested.  🙂


Work was really rough.  One of those days.  You know the kind.  I was pretty much in my “I hate everything” mode when I got to the gym. Danny night.  I was hoping my ankle wouldn’t give me too much trouble. Seemed to be ok.

First Round (2x):

1. 10 Power Rangers (each side) with resistance band

2. 10 kneeling row/press (each side) with resistance band

Second Round (3x):

1. 2o goblet squat jumps

2. 20 squat and hold KB front press

3. 10 kneeling to standing reverse grip KB press


Wednesday AM: Due to my ankle issue, I decided to scratch my run and just rest it up one more day.

Wednesday PM: Vinyasa yoga.  This was my first yoga class without Sue as my instructor.  I’m not really a fan of Jaye’s style.  I’m not even entirely sure you could call this a vinyasa class.  It seemed all over the place. And she doesn’t cue very well, which is really frustrating.

And oh my goodness, I guess yoga stretched my foot out or something, the arch of my foot started cramping up and rolling it out on a tennis ball barely made a dent in the pain.


Woke up Thursday morning to a still very cramped up and upset right foot.  I’m gonna guess the culprit is a mix of yoga and the fact that maybe my foot/ankle are more angry at me than I thought from my little spill this past weekend.

Danny night.

One Round (3x):

1. 10 Turkish Get-ups (each side) 8 lb KB

2. 30 second saw plank with TRX

3. 100m goblet hold farmers carry (25 lbs)



Friday AM:  Had an early work meeting, so no workout this morning.

Friday PM: After the insane week I had at work….I just wanted to CRASH.


Danny.  I didn’t sleep well Friday night and this workout kicked my butt.

We did 4 rounds of the following with double KBs (8 lbs each):

1. 10 single leg KB rows (each side)

2. 10 KB split squats (each side)

3. 10 (?) KB high-pull and squat

4. 1 minute jump rope

Then I went home and had to do yard work since I’ve been neglecting it.  It was HOT on Saturday – I was sweating so bad my sunglasses were filling with sweat when I bent over! Not fun.   After that, I came in and did all the housework I’d been neglecting: 2 loads of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, etc. It was quite a productive day!


Church in the morning, even though we only missed a week, it felt like an eternity.  Then Michael, Michael’s brother and I headed down to Elizabeth City to see his parents.  Did my grocery shopping then watched a million episodes of Naked and Afraid.  I decided that I’d never make it on that show.  I’d tap out on day one!

How were your workouts this week?  Have you ever watched Naked and Afraid?

Weekly Update – 8/25


Monday AM: Woke up so late but decided to get something in.  1.25 miles on the treadmill was all I could muster out after a quick stretch session.

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue – her LAST Monday hatha class.  I’m so depressed.  She’s my favorite instructor and she’s leaving the gym and opening her own yoga studio.  I’m beyond thrilled for her, just sad about my loss!  Class was good – learned a few new things from her before she leaves us.  Shavasana was extra long and I loved it.


I love days I don’t have to get up to workout in the AM! 🙂

Danny night.

First Round (2x):

1. 5 “whatcha call its” – I have no idea what to call this. Start in standing position, lean over and grab the inside of your feet, squat down while holding on to your feet, raise arms in a “Y” raise, then stand up.

2. 15 bird dogs each side

Second Round (2x):

1. Squat and hold, then 20 kettlebell presses

2. 10 side/overhead/side ball slams each side

3. 20 side plank single arm row (each side)

4. Walking lunges (25 ft-ish) with medicine ball carry on each side


Wednesday AM: I did not sleep well at all and I decided to can the workout for the morning. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep.  UGH.

Wednesday PM: Last vinyasa yoga class with Sue 😦  Class was good.  A little slower than normal, but good.  My half moon is getting so much more solid! Just have to work on being able to hold it longer 🙂


Danny. Why does he make me workout outside on hot days? Why?


1. 3 minutes jump rope

2. 20 push ups

3. 2 minutes jump rope

4. 15 push ups

5. 1 minute jump rope

6. 10 pushups

Workout (just one round):

1. 20 Sumo squats with 2 20ish lb kettle bells

2. 50 meter farmer carry with 2 20ish lb kettle bells (25 m forward, 25 m backward)

3. 10 single leg RDLs (each side) with a barbell

*These were SO hard on one side, mostly due to the inequality in the strength in my back from my scoliosis.


Friday AM: 1.5 mile walk on the treadmill.  My right hamstring was tight from the single leg RDLs from Thursday night’s workout.

Friday PM: Rest, yay!

Saturday – Sunday

Michael and I went to Arlington, VA to visit my brother.  More about that later. BUT – I tend to injure myself in stupid ways when I go on vacation. I was going to add a poll so you could guess what stupid way I hurt myself this time, but it doesn’t seem to be working.  Feel free to comment below 🙂


Weekly Update – 8/18


Monday AM:  1.65 mile walk.  I woke up SO LATE for this workout.  Even getting that super low mileage in was rushing.  I think it was my body’s way of saying to rest and I didn’t listen!

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue! Class was small this week.  We did a lot of shoulder work which felt great.


I’m still messed up on sleep from my fun weekend, which made me sleepy all day.

Danny night.

First Round (3x):

1. 15 kettle bell high pulls

2. 30 Jump squat rope slams

3. Farmer’s carry – 100 meters? (Two 20 lb kettle bells)

Second Round (2x): 

1. 10 hurdle steps (each side)

2. 10 stability ball roll-outs

***Only 5 reps for round 2


Wednesday AM:  I was supposed to get up and run, but that only happens if you remember to set your alarm! I overslept and missed a morning workout for the first time in 3 weeks!

Wednesday PM: Vinyasa yoga with Sue.  Class was pretty fast paced but good.  I am starting to feel much stronger.  My planks and chaturangas are much stronger. I’ve noticed my arms getting much stronger.


Oh.My.Goodness.  My left foot/heel hurt SO BAD in the morning.  Not just discomfort, but pretty decently strong pain.  I have been hesitant to call it an injury since the pain is so sporadic, but it seems to be a pretty consistent issue.  I’m wondering if yoga has anything to do with it.  While I think yoga is beneficial, I think the constant stretching of my arch and Achilles are taking a toll.

Danny night.  We did another FMS screening.  More about that later, but although we still have things to work on, he did say that there is some vast improvement in certain areas – so I’m encouraged by that.  We only had time after for a very quick workout.

1. 20 suitcase carry deadlift squat (Two 20 lbs kettle bells)

2. 10 single arm (each side) kneel to standing kettlebell press (10 lbs)

3. 20 single arm kettle bell swings (each side)

Next round was 10, 5, 10 reps.


Friday AM: Actually woke up to workout – still a little late though.  Only 2 mile walk.

Friday PM: Rest night. YAY.


FIT360 is a class that Danny heads up at my gym.  Even though I’m not a part of the class, I’m sort of an honorary member.  They led a nutritional panel and gave out some pretty awesome cookbooks.

Danny and I were supposed to workout together, but he had his wisdom teeth out and hadn’t bounced back yet.  I improvised and created my own workout.  In retrospect I should have made it much harder 🙂

1. 400 meter row (under 2 min)

2. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

3. 300 meter row (under 1:30 min)

4. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

5. 200 meter row (under 1 min)

6. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

7. 100 meter row (under :30 sec)

8. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

9. 4 minutes on the ReACT trainer (front, side, back, side)

Michael and I went to the movies and saw “Let’s Be Cops,” which was pretty funny.  We also cooked dinner together, which is a rarity cause we are lazy!


Rest day.  Went to church and then participated in my first Fantasy Football draft.  I am certainly not as knowledgeable as the rest of the guys (and one girl) Michael and I are playing against…but I’m pretty proud of our team.

Weekly Update – 8/11


Monday AM:  Got up to run and was super sore.  Opted for a 2 mile walk.

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue.  I was able to get a spot where I could see myself in the mirror.  I think it helped a lot with making sure my alignment was good.


Loved sleeping in! Danny night:

First Round (10-1):

1. Kettle bell swings (20 lbs)

2. Squat Jumps

(start with 10, then 9, 8, 7, etc)

Second Round (2x):

1. 3 minutes on the ReACT Trainer

2. 2 minutes jump rope

3. 1 minute stair runs with 14 lb medicine ball


Wed AM:  Getting up was really hard.  2 mile walk.  Rolled my foot on a tennis ball for awhile cause I was having heel pain again.

Wed PM:  Had a dream early Wednesday morning that I missed yoga which made me really upset. I made it to yoga but was upset anyway because Sue wasn’t teaching, and Jaye was.  I am not really a fan of her teaching style, which is why I usually opt not to take her classes.  This was supposed to be a vinyasa flow class….and I suppose it was, but it was ALL over the place.  And there were a lot of new people in there, and she was barely giving cues for anything (pet peeve). Sigh.


Danny time.  This workout felt pretty good.  Seriously love my trainer and the convos we have.

First Round (5 to 1):

1. Resistance Band squat and hold with double arm KB press (8 lb KBs)

2. Inchworm push-ups

Second Round (2x) 10 reps of each:

1. Kneeling to standing single arm KB press (8 lb) both sides

2. Plank position single arm dumb bell back row (10 lb) both sides

3. Resistance band hip opener each side


I treated myself to a day off of work.  Really, its because I have to use up my vacation time before November due to a massive work project.

Friday AM: Friday morning called for a run, but my body wasn’t having any of it.  Ended up doing an hour of yoga – self guided, no class for this girl!

Displaying photo.JPG

Yes, I know, yoga on carpet sucks.

Friday PM: Rest! Left for Chincoteague with the momma!


Complete rest day: Danny was not going to be available Saturday morning, which was actually kind of perfect, because mom and I decided to go up to Chincoteague at the spur of the moment.  More on that later 🙂


Rest day, sort of! Went to church and got a lot of errands done with Michael.  Ended up at my mom’s house for dinner, which was fantastic, as always.  So much for my “restful” weekend!

Weekly Update – 8/4

Can you believe it is AUGUST already?  And here in VA, we have had unseasonably cool weather.


Monday Morning: Got up early for a 2.5 walk/run on the treadmill.

Monday Night: Hatha yoga with Sue. She made class much harder this week since last Monday was “easy.” Did a lot of hip openers again, which I love.  My hamstrings were rather tight which lent to some difficulty, but nothing too bad.


Woke up with some discomfort in my left heel.  I’m going to switch to running in my new shoes and see if that alleviates anything.  I think the shoes I’m wearing have bit the dust.

Danny night. Felt pretty good, super sweaty.  I suck at jump roping!

Three Rounds:

1. Elevated split squat kettle bell press (reverse grip) – 12 each side

2. Hamstring rope pull

3. Jump Rope for 3 minutes


Wednesday Morning:  2.25 miles walk/run on the treadmill.

Wednesday Night: Vinyasa yoga with Sue.  Class was pretty difficult.  I FINALLY got Half Moon and was able to hold it for at least 10 seconds!  It’s easier on one side than the other, but eventually I’ll even out.

Side Note: My right shoulder was abnormally sore from Tuesday’s workout and made doing anything where I put my hands behind my back nearly impossible.


Danny night.  My shoulder was really bothering me all day on Thursday, so we basically did a rehab day.  Danny diagnosed it as anterior deltoid soreness; mostly cause my shoulders are super tight due to my scoliosis.

Round One (2x):

1. Resistance Band pull forward (20 sec hold each side)

2. Resistance Band pull down (20 sec hold each side)

Round Two (2x):

1. 10 “power rangers” each side

2. 5 hip hinges

3. 1o resistance band side steps

4. 5 hip hinges

5. 10 resistance band side steps

My shoulder felt significantly better after that, but I suspect it might be a few days before it feels 100%.


Friday Morning: Walk 1.75 miles on the treadmill.

Friday Night:  Rest night, YAY.


Danny and I worked out in the outside area.  He had me working out with Nicole (another trainer).  We had to stick together and not move on to the next exercise until we were both done.  It was a pretty tough workout. Nicole is pretty hard to keep up with – she’s a machine!

1. 25 single arm resistance band press (each side)

2. Run 100 meters

3. 25 single arm dumb bell cleans (10 lbs) each side

4. Run 200 meters

5. 25 single arm suitcase dead lift with 20 lb kettle bell (each side)

6. Run 300 meters

7. 50 resistance band back rows

8. Run 100 meters

9. 50 goblet squats with 30 lb dumb bell

10. Run 200 meters

11. 50 kettle bell swings with 20 lb kettle bell

12. Run 300 meters


Rest day.  Got to go down to Elizabeth City to see Michael’s parents, which is always nice.  Got my grocery shopping done for the week then totally vegged out for the rest of the night.  I think I babied my shoulder on Saturday and my neck was bothering me a bit.  Danny is trying to kill me! 🙂