Weekly Update – 7/20/15


We were still at the beach and it was wonderful.  We were there with my mom and stepdad, stepsister and her husband, and my nephew.  I love being able to spend time with him while he’s still so young.  It goes by so fast and I enjoyed every baby snuggle I could get.


He looks terrified, but he love his nephew!


Ahhhh beach life!


This was about 2.5 seconds before he threw up.


Someone love his Aunt!



We left the beach at around 11.  We stopped at Morris Farm on the way home to stock up with some yummy fresh fruit and veggies.  Once we got home, we had to do all the laundry and all that jazz.


We spent the night at home catching up on all the chores we didn’t do on the weekend!


Well, at least I made it to the gym once!  I opted for just 15 minutes on the elliptical.


1. ReACT for 1 min facing forward, 5 pushups

2. ReACT for 1 min facing left, 5 pushups

3. ReACT for 1 min facing right, 5 pushups

4. ReACT for 1 min facing backward, 5 pushups

5. ReACT for 1 min facing forward, 5 pushups


Michael and I had a date night and went to see the movie “Trainwreck.” There were times that it was a little on the dirty/vulgar side for me, but overall I enjoyed it.  It was nice to have a true date night.


Saturday was a crazy busy day.  We had to drive up to Richmond so I could try on bridesmaid’s dresses for my brother’s wedding next year.  It took us 2 1/2 hrs to get there (normally takes about 90 minutes).  Once we got there, I was able to try on my dresses, get a sizing done, now I just have to decide what style I want.

After that, we went to a really cool diner call the Continental.  We had SO MUCH food. Here’s a super cool shot of my super yummy cobb salad!


We headed to Tiffany’s to get my rings cleaned, then spent another 2.5 hours on the road to get home.  We made a few stops before going to my friend Alayna’s house in VA Beach.  She was home from CA visiting family, and we got  a chance to see her.


After church, Michael and I headed down to see his parents and have lunch.  His mom gave me a 1000 piece puzzle to do, which is now my total obsession.

Do you go on a beach vacation in the summer? Have you seen the movie “Trainwreck”?