Weekly Update – 10/17/2016

This past week started off pretty busy and stressful, then slowly morphed into a nice relaxing weekend.


On Monday I took my exam for the class I took last week.  I needed a 70% to pass, and I got a 80%! I was very nervous, but did well, and I’m very happy about it. I went into work for the rest of the day.

Tuesday – Thursday

On Tuesday, I left for a conference for work that was up in Philadelphia.  Its a very quick trip – drive up Tuesday, conference Wednesday and 1/2 day Thursday, then drive back Thursday afternoon. I always enjoy this conference, as it is for a vendor that I work very closely with.  I get to see other bankers from other institutions that I’ve gotten to know over the years.


I ended up taking a comp day on Friday.  I had worked a TON of overtime the past 2 weeks and needed a good day off.  We went up to Richmond and met Michael’s aunt for lunch.  That night, we went to see the Madea Halloween movie.  It was silly, but hilarious.


On Saturday, we had a really chill day.  We ran some errands and went to MacArthur mall and did some window shopping, and Christmas shopping idea generating!


We had church responsibilities on Sunday AM, then I came back and went to Old Navy to spend my super cash! I had been hoarding it and waiting until I could use it to do any fall clothes shopping.  I ended up with a few shirts and a vest.  I also got one for my mom, cause she’s been looking for a blue puffy vest forever.

How was your week? When was the last time you traveled for work?

Weekly Update – 10/19/15 aka Fall Vacation!

This week was a pretty different week, as I was gone for a work conference and we had our fall vacation.  We were long overdue for some good R&R.  I was excited to go to a few wineries and see my nephew and take millions of pictures with him!


O.M.G, those cheeks!


Monday was a normal day at work.  When I came home, my in-laws were there for a surprise visit, so I ended up not going to yoga.


On Tuesday, I worked a half day in the morning, then we headed up to Philadelphia for a work conference for me.  The drive was pretty uneventful.  Once we got up there, we went to Reading Terminal Market.


Home of my Philadelphia Eagles!


Eating a cheesesteak like a true Philadelphian!


On Wednesday, I had my work conference all day, while Michael went to Atlantic City to play some blackjack.


On Thursday, I had my conference until noon.  After that, we headed off to Waynesboro (near Charlottesville, VA) for our fall vacation.  We had a nice trip, again, pretty uneventful.


On Friday morning, we slept in and took our time getting going for the day.  We drove out to a cool B&B called the Iris Inn.  We will definitely stay there in the future.


These cabins are AMAZING!

Then we headed off to Veritas Winery to meet up with my brother and his fiancé.  They are getting married there next year.


I’m a touristy nerd.


This was right before the bee crashed our party.


I could have looked at this for hours.



Afterward, we headed to the campground to meet up with all of my family.  We played cornhole, ate, drank, and had a great time.


On Saturday, we got up and headed out to Bold Rock Cidery.  I am allergic to apples, so no cider for me, but it was a really cool place!


He LOVED cider!



So pretty, even with the clouds…

The next stop was Afton Mountain Vineyards.  This place was really cool and had fantastic wine. The big group of us polished off 3 bottles.


My mom feeds wine to babies. Kidding.


Wine and babies!

Afterward, we headed back to the campground for more food, drink and cornhole!


On Sunday, we headed back.  Made a quick pit stop at tiffany’s to get my rings cleaned.  We caught up on laundry, TV and some cleaning when we got home.

Do you take a fall vacation? Do you like going to wineries?