Weekly Update – 1/8/2018

This past week was a pretty rough one. Between the snow and feeling under the weather, it was tough to get motivated or feel accomplished.


Monday was our first real day back to work after the snow.  The roads were still bad, so I opted for 2 miles on the treadmill at home.


Roads were still bad on Tuesday, so again, treadmill for 2 miles at home.


On Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment, which set the day off on a crazy foot.  Since Michael and I have been carpooling, and he had to work late, I worked late.  We had some errands to run after work, and by the time we got home, I was NOT feeling a workout.  I ended up doing a ton of housework when we got home so at least I was somewhat active!


Thursday didn’t bring a workout either.  I stayed active and met my step goal.


Even though I felt awful on Friday, I got in 2 miles on the treadmill when I got home from work.


On Saturday, I hung out with my mom and helped her get rid of clothes.  Between her TWO closets – we got rid of 3 trash bags worth of clothes.  We watched the Eagles game and was glad to see them advance in the playoffs.  I didn’t feel well on Saturday either.


On Sunday, I got up and planned on completing a virtual 5k that I had signed up for.  OMG, it was terrible.  I felt so awful, walked the whole thing….slowly.  Between being sick, and some new meds I started, it was awful.  I spent most of the day relaxing.  But I did get the ornaments of the tree (I know, I know).

How was your week? How often do you clean out your closet?

Weekly Update – 11/2/15

While this may not have been a great week for workouts, I feel like I got a lot accomplished in life, and I was still able to make time to see friends!


Went to yoga on Monday as usual.  My chaturangas are getting better and I feel much stronger.  I wish I could say the same for my crescent lunges.  I have no balance in that pose!


I skipped the gym on Tuesday.  I had a really bad day at work on Tuesday and I needed to just chill at home.  It was a rough night and I was pretty grumpy.  In hindsight, a good workout might have made me feel better.


Yoga again.  This time I really needed it. My back has been really tense lately, and yoga helps me loosen up.  I spent a little more time in child’s pose this class, because I really needed my practice to be about stretching and mindfulness, more so than a workout.  I love that yoga can serve so many different purposes.


Skipped the gym again on Thursday 😦 Both Michael and I had to work late, and we had some errands to run after work.  Turned out to be a great relaxing night.


On Friday, we went out to get some Mexican food with my brother in-law.  We had a fun night with him, just catching up and spending time.


Saturday was an interesting day.  We’ve been talking about trading in Michael’s car that he leases for a more reasonably priced vehicle.  He spent the entire day looking at cars and haggling with the dealership.  We are now the proud owners of a new Honda Accord!


Our first purchase together!



It’s name is Archie.

I spent my Saturday cleaning. I did countless loads of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, took a magic clean eraser to every mark in the house, and cleaned the fridge….among lots of other little tasks.


We went to church Sunday morning, then came home to finish chores and go grocery shopping.  After that we headed to our friend’s house.  Shawn and Megan just built a house and we got to see the finished product.  Its beautiful!  We had a great time with them – its always great to catch up with friends!

We stayed up a little to watch the Eagles/Cowboys game, but crashed early.  I was so happy to wake up this AM and see that the Eagles won!

Have you ever bought a brand new car?

Weekly Update – 10/19/15 aka Fall Vacation!

This week was a pretty different week, as I was gone for a work conference and we had our fall vacation.  We were long overdue for some good R&R.  I was excited to go to a few wineries and see my nephew and take millions of pictures with him!


O.M.G, those cheeks!


Monday was a normal day at work.  When I came home, my in-laws were there for a surprise visit, so I ended up not going to yoga.


On Tuesday, I worked a half day in the morning, then we headed up to Philadelphia for a work conference for me.  The drive was pretty uneventful.  Once we got up there, we went to Reading Terminal Market.


Home of my Philadelphia Eagles!


Eating a cheesesteak like a true Philadelphian!


On Wednesday, I had my work conference all day, while Michael went to Atlantic City to play some blackjack.


On Thursday, I had my conference until noon.  After that, we headed off to Waynesboro (near Charlottesville, VA) for our fall vacation.  We had a nice trip, again, pretty uneventful.


On Friday morning, we slept in and took our time getting going for the day.  We drove out to a cool B&B called the Iris Inn.  We will definitely stay there in the future.


These cabins are AMAZING!

Then we headed off to Veritas Winery to meet up with my brother and his fiancé.  They are getting married there next year.


I’m a touristy nerd.


This was right before the bee crashed our party.


I could have looked at this for hours.



Afterward, we headed to the campground to meet up with all of my family.  We played cornhole, ate, drank, and had a great time.


On Saturday, we got up and headed out to Bold Rock Cidery.  I am allergic to apples, so no cider for me, but it was a really cool place!


He LOVED cider!



So pretty, even with the clouds…

The next stop was Afton Mountain Vineyards.  This place was really cool and had fantastic wine. The big group of us polished off 3 bottles.


My mom feeds wine to babies. Kidding.


Wine and babies!

Afterward, we headed back to the campground for more food, drink and cornhole!


On Sunday, we headed back.  Made a quick pit stop at tiffany’s to get my rings cleaned.  We caught up on laundry, TV and some cleaning when we got home.

Do you take a fall vacation? Do you like going to wineries?

Weekly Update – 9/28/15

I was looking forward to the Crawlin Crab 5k, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the weather.  It was a great week to catch up from life and de-stress.


Body Flow night! I’m actually starting to like this class a lot.  I like doing different sections to music.  Although the ab track is NOT my favorite.  I can’t believe I ever used to take a 30 min abs class.  Maybe I need to get back to that….


Everything on Tuesday worked against me getting to the gym.  I ended up skipping.


The stretch and strengthen class is starting to grow on me, but I had to go to worship team practice.  My church is celebrating 9 years on Sunday – so we wanted to make sure to get a little extra practice time in.


Warm up: Foam Roll

Heart Rate Training: Elliptical for 1/2 mile, keeping heart rate under 150

5 Rounds:

  1. 1 minute on the ReACT trainer
  2. 10 KB high pulls
  3. 5 KB swings

On Thursday, I found out that the Crawlin Crab race weekend had been postponed by 2 weeks due to the nor’easter we’d been having, as well as the impending doom of Hurricane Joaquin!


On Friday night, we went to get some Mexican food with Michael’s brother, and just had a relaxing evening.


Crawlin Crab was cancelled, so I took advantage of it and slept in like a champ!  We got some laundry and other chores done, but mostly we just hung around the house watching movies and being lazy!


Sunday was our 9 year celebration of our church’s existence.  It was a great service and wonderful celebration.  We came home, did more chores, got the grocery shopping done for the week, and watched our Eagles lose. I also lost in fantasy football 😦  We also had a little adventure with the stove….Michael was cooking and burnt all our vegetables into the pan.  We think the one burner heats up a lot more than the others for some reason.  While I know there are things you can do to try to clean it…yeahhhh we are a bit lazy. It was so bad we had to throw the pot out – there was no saving it.


There was no saving this pot. RIP.

Have you ever ruined a pot? Did the rain ruin your weekend plans?

Weekly Update – 9/21/15

I’m doing a much better job at consistently getting to the gym.  I think it helps a lot with my stress levels, and gives me a good outlet.  This week was a little different due to having Jaye gone and having subs for all her classes.


Since Jaye is gone for about a month, I have to get used to Monday night not being a true yoga night.  Looks like on Monday’s we will be doing Les Mills Body Flow.  I’ve done this class before.  It combines yoga, Tai Chi, and pilates. Its not terrible.  I also like that its only 55 minutes as opposed to the 75 minute yoga class.  Frees up a little more of my evening! Class was good, but it’ll take a little getting used to.


I ate a snack before the gym that did not sit right with me.  I had the worst heartburn. As a result, I didn’t push it too hard.

Warm up: Foam Roll and 1/2 mile on the elliptical

5 Rounds:

  1. 1 minute on the ReACT trainer
  2. 10 TRX rows

Cool down: walking lunges and walking single leg RDLs

Funny thing seen at the gym….watching someone do wall balls and break the wall!


Also….a girl did that! 🙂


So now that I was expecting Wednesday night not to be Vinyasa flow, but instead was going to be this Stretch and Strengthen class, I was more ok with it.  Still not sure if I like the class, but its better than nothing!


Warm up: Foam Roll

Two Rounds:

  1. Walking RDLs with 10 lb DBs
  2. Walking Lunges with 10 lb DBs

5 Rounds:

  1. 200 Meter Row
  2. 10 body weight squats


On Friday night, Michael and I went to the movies with my mom and stepdad to see The Intern.  I love Anne Hathaway and have really begun to love DeNiro in comedies.  It was a great movie.


On Saturday I got to sleep in!  After awhile, we went to a local community to meet with a builder to learn about their building process and the base prices of their homes.  We like the builder and the area, but we aren’t sure about the school system.  Its also much father away from the interstate, and that’s a convenience factor we aren’t sure we are ready to compromise on.  Afterward, we went to his parents house for a late lunch and spent some good time with that.  We had a pretty lazy night at home.


On Sunday, we went to church, then headed home for an absolutely lazy day. It was delightful and just what the doctor ordered.  We watched some football and my Eagles finally won!


Weekly Update – 9/22

This wasn’t exactly the week I was planning on with my workouts, but life happens.


Monday AM: Forgot to set my alarm clock.  FAIL.

Monday PM: I guess Monday night is no longer Hatha yoga.  I don’t know if I could call it Vinyasa either.  I’m still a little confused by Jaye’s teaching style.  Class was particularly difficult, she had us holding poses forever and I sweat a TON.


Danny night. The weather was wonderful – and we got to work out outside!

Three Rounds of the following:

1. 10 push-ups

2. 100 meter run

3. 15 KB high-pull to goblet squat

4. 30 ball slams

5. 30 resistance band jumping jacks


Wednesday AM: Woke up so late – only 1 mile on the treadmill after some stretching and foam rolling.

Wednesday PM: Actually had church worship team practice for once, so no yoga.


Danny night. Yay for being outside again!

Four Rounds of the following:

1. 15 KB Squat jumps (12 lbs)

2. Sled push (50 lbs)

3. 15 push ups

4. Sled push (50 lbs)


Friday AM: Actually woke up on time for my workout, but my left foot was really bothering me.  I had the heel and arch pain I’ve been having and an aching in my outer metatarsals.  I have been breaking in a new pair of shoes for work, and that’s the only thing I can think of that might be bothering them.  Anyway – slept in a little then got up and did some housework.

Friday PM: Rest night.


Went to the Smithfield Bourbon and Bacon Fest! You get a half a pound of Smithfield bacon that you can dress up with toppings.  You also get free beer tastings.  We opted not to buy the tickets that got you bourbon  tastings.

Displaying photo 1.JPG

Bacon Fest!

Then Michael and I went to my mom’s house and had dinner around the campfire 🙂

Displaying photo 2.JPG

This is just Autumn in a picture!


Went to church then had our first premarital counseling session with our pastor.  Came home and watched my Philadelphia Eagles lose 😦

Have you ever been to a bacon fest or other type of festival? Who is your favorite NFL team?