Weekly Update – 6/29/15


I finally reunited with yoga and it felt so good! I have lost a lot of my flexibility and some of my strength in my supporting muscles, but I was fairly impressed with my ability to hold my own! We did a good deal of core work which had me sore for a few days.


Last day with Nicole ever ūüė¶¬† It was hot outside and definitely slowed me down!

Three Rounds:

1. 20 suitcase deadlifts

2. 10 kneeling overhead ball slams

3. 10 renegade rows

4. Sled pushes


Wednesday was a rest day.  Michael and I cooked up some yummy lemon pepper chicken.


This was one of the most disorganized workouts I have done, since I was trying to show Michael a few new things at the gym.

1. 1600 meter row (Broke it up: 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 100)

2. 10 KB swings (3x)

3. 10 Goblet squats (3x)

4. 10 Bent over rows (3x)


Convinced Michael to come to a hatha yoga class with me…but then we got there, and it was a Body Flow class.¬† It was not what I expected – I guess all the yoga teachers were unavailable.¬† He did enjoy it a little, so we’ll have to go back to a true hatha yoga class and see how he likes it.


We didn’t really do any 4th of July like things on Saturday.¬† We had some chill time in the morning, then went out to lunch with Michael’s brother.¬† After that, we ran some errands, then spent some time with my dad and stepmom.¬† We went to bed fairly early while people were still out celebrating with fireworks!


We had church in the AM, then we spent some time at my mom’s house.¬† My uncle and cousin came to visit from Pennsylvania, and my stepdad cooked up some ribs on the grill.

What did you do for the 4th of July?  Do you workout with your significant other?

Weekly Update – 6/22/15


I really wanted to get to yoga, but sometimes the best laid plans fail.  Next week?


Workout with Nicole, and thank God it was inside.  Heat index of 110 degrees? No thanks.

Four Rounds:

1. 8 hex bar deadlifts

2. 4 reverse lunges with goblet squat hold

Three Rounds:

1. 10 hip hinges

2.20 overhead ball slams (14 lbs)

3. Jump squats with resistance at shins

We came home to 2 packages. ¬†The first was a canvas from our photographer!!! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to figure out where to hang it! The second was the storage shelves we were waiting for in order to organize our the downstairs bathroom. ¬†I put them together while watching Pretty Little Liars and I’m so relieved to have them done!


Newlywed night! ¬†Michael and I have been super busy lately, so we decided we needed a night for just us…..well that didn’t happen.¬† I had to deal with some drama with my new eyeglasses.¬† I didn’t get home from that until after 7pm.¬† We cooked yummy food on the grill, then my mom stopped by.¬† We pretty much went to bed after she left.


Nicole night.  I was ridiculously sore from our workout on Tuesday (thanks to being lazy on my honeymoon).

Three Rounds:

1. 10 Y raises with resistance band

2. 10 inchworm pushups

Three Rounds:

1. 10 prone chest press

2. 10 kneeling overhead press

Two Rounds:

1. 10 overhead kneeling wall slams

2. 10 hip drops each side

Two Rounds (with the FIT class):

1. Run, 5 burpees

2. Run, 5 squat jumps

3. Run 5 pushups

4. Run

After we got home and showered up, we heated up some leftovers, then watched Extreme Weight Loss.  We love the show and are always so impressed at the drastic changes people are able to make in their lives.


Friday night was a chill night.¬† I had a terrible day at work.¬† My sister was in town, so I stopped over at my mom’s house to see them and my nephew, Weston!¬† I held him for about an hour…he’s such a sweet baby.¬† After I got home, Michael and I went to Mexican with his brother.¬† Yum!


OMG that face.


Saturday was a day filled with a ton of emotion.¬† We had the going away party for my trainer and his girlfriend.¬† All of their clients and the group exercise class came to one of the member’s house for the send off.¬† We had a lot of yummy breakfast, then every member and trainer had an opportunity to speak. I cried.¬† Didn’t think that I would, but I was just so overwhelmed with how much we loved them and how much we’ll miss them being in our lives every day.¬† I had been dreading this day for a long time.

Danny and Nicole shared a wonderful moment with us РDanny chose to propose to Nicole at this gathering.  I was sitting right next to her and it was the sweetest moment to witness.  I am so incredibly happy for them.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful morning.


You can see the top of my head over Nicole’s head!


He did good!

Later that evening, Michael and I went to my cousin’s wedding.¬† Tyler is my stepdad’s nephew, and his new wife Erin is one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met!¬† The rain ruined a lot of the day, and they had to revert to their rain plan, but they handled it like champs!


My stepdad and his grandbaby Weston!



Wedding selfie!


After church, Michael and I headed down to VA Beach to do some people watching.  It was a gorgeous day out and it was nice to get out to the beach.  Afterward, we came home and did our weekly grocery shopping.  We got some fantastic salmon and cooked it up on our new grill.



¬†How was your week? What’s the hottest temperature you will work out in? Have you ever witnessed a proposal?

Weekly Update – 6/15/15


We had gotten back from the honeymoon late on Saturday night.  We mostly bummed around on Sunday.  Monday morning was all about the Social Security Office to change my name.  OMG, that place is evil.  Thankfully, we only spent a little over an hour there.  We did a bunch of stuff to clean up the house and get our life in order.

At night, it was Jurassic World time! ¬†I was super excited about the movie and I couldn’t wait to see it! ¬†It did not disappoint!


Tuesday morning was all about the DMV!  We did not spend much time there at all which was miraculous. Maybe around a half hour!? And the people were surprisingly pleasant!  We did some more errand running and cleaning later in the day.


Wednesday was our first day back to work after a glorious two weeks off!


I had kind of been dreading Thursday cause I knew it was the first day back to the gym.  Since Danny got let go the week of the wedding, I was working with Nicole.  She took it super easy on me Рthank the Lord!

Dynamic Warmup – RDL reaches and inchworm pushups

Three Rounds:

1. 10 Goblet squats (25 lb KB)

2. 8 Single leg RDLs each side (20 lb KB)

Three rounds:

10 resistance band paloff press

After our workout, I had to talk to the director of the trainers to discuss my future with training. ¬†Danny was let go during my absence at the gym, and Nicole is leaving at the end of the month. ¬†The time I was dreading finally came. ¬†I decided to finish out the month with Nicole, suspend my contract and see what I want to do after some time away. ¬†I love the accountability of a trainer, but I feel like I have benefited from some wonderful trainers that have equipped me with all the tools to be successful on my own. ¬†There are only a handful of trainers left that I remotely trust, but I can’t see paying that much money for a trainer that I don’t love.

On Thursday night, my mom and stepdad brought over our wedding present: a grill!!!! We are so excited to start using it!


Friday night, I couldn’t wait to get home after work. ¬†Even though our first week back was short, it was hard to come back! ¬†We went out to get some mexican with my brother in law.


Saturday AM was very hot….so naturally I decided it was a perfect time to mow the lawn. ¬†I was pouring sweat the entire time. ¬†I tried to pull weeds in the flower beds, but quickly gave up on that in favor of air conditioning. ¬†Sorry flower beds.


We went back to church on Sunday, which was great. ¬†After church, we visited Michael’s dad for father’s day, then my dad, then my stepdad! It was quite a busy day, but good to see them all.

What did you do for Father’s Day? What was your best experience ever at the DMV?

Weekly Update – 5/25/15

Ya’ll – I get married on Friday! ¬†This last week was a bit of a whirlwind as we struggled to get all the stuff done we needed to. ¬†I won’t bore you with all the details though.


Memorial Day! I got to sleep in, which was quite wonderful. ¬†I got up and did some wedding stuff. ¬†Then Michael and I headed to my dad’s house for some burgers and hot dogs. ¬†We ate entirely too much! ¬†Afterwards, we came back and did more wedding stuff. ¬†We finished the seating chart, which was great!


Workout with Danny out in the heat.  By the time I finished, I was so overheated.  I think I need to stick to inside workouts!

Three Rounds:

1. BB Sumo Deadlifts – 12 reps

2. Reverse lunge with KB rack hold – 6 each side

3. Lunge hold and DB press – 12 reps

4. 500 meter row

Question: Does anyone else find sumo deadlifts to be easier in terms of maintaining correct form?  I have a lot of trouble with my form with traditional deadlifts, but do much better with sumo deadlifts or hex bar deadlifts.  I think its because I can get my hips lower.  


FINALLY got my auxiliary jack fixed in my car! Now I can listen to my iPod in the car again!


Workout with Danny! It was quite toasty outside, but at least it wasn’t super sunny. ¬†We did three rounds:

1. RDL’s (5 each side)

2. Triple Extension ball throws (10ish – did for distance)

3. Backward sled pulls

I also went to the store and ordered some new glasses.  My left lens is about to pop out, and unfortunately, the frames are damaged, so no one will replace them.  I was able to order a new pair, hopefully they will come in before the honeymoon!


Friday night….what did I do Friday night? I can’t even remember. All I know is that I didn’t sleep well.


Michael and I have been really busy and stressed with wedding stuff over the past few weeks. ¬†We had to go up to the Tiffany’s in Richmond to get my ring cleaned, so we decided that Saturday would be a fun day and we’d do a date night! ¬†We had lunch at Olive Garden – yummy salmon and broccoli! ¬†We went to the movies and saw Tomorrowland. ¬†It was really good, and we both really enjoyed it. ¬†We were both surprised to see that our local movie theater had converted to recliners!


On Sunday, I didn’t have worship team…I’m on a little hiatus until July. ¬†Michael came over early and made me breakfast! ¬†It was very sweet of him! We did some shopping the rest of the day for the honeymoon, then we did some cleaning up and projects around the house.


Ham and Cheese Omelet and fresh strawberries!


How was your week? Have you been to a movie theater with recliners?

Weekly Update – 5/11/15 – Wedding Stuff Galore!

We are getting so close to wedding time and I’m so excited! We got this sweet note and gift from our photographer this week!


Yay for date night!



Total rest/lazy day. ¬†I didn’t even legitimately get anything done around the house. ¬†I did a little wedding stuff, but I mostly sat on my butt. ¬†And I’m totally ok with that.


Got a good workout in with Danny outside in the humidity!

Three Rounds:

1. 10 DB thrusters

2. 10 DB deadlifts

3. 10 pushups

4. 5 (each side) hip mobility exercise

5. 10 (each side) lateral wall shots


Our co-workers threw us the sweetest “Tiffany’s” themed shower! ¬†We are blessed with the most amazing people in our lives!


So pretty!



Our friend and baker for our wedding made this incredible cake!



This picture of us was actually taken while we picked out our wedding bands at Tiffanys!






Our pimp cups.



Seriously guys…so blessed.



Practicing for the wedding!



My plantar fasciitis was really flared up on Thursday. Workout with Danny outside Рand the weather was amazing!  After a dynamic warmup, we did 3 rounds of the following:

1. 21 KB resistance band swings

2. 14 overhead resistance band squats

3. 7 (each side) overhead ball slams

After I got back from my workout with him, I went out and mowed the lawn for my second workout of the day.   It had gotten a little out of control!  But! I discovered that my beautiful roses are in full bloom!

IMG_3232 IMG_3231 IMG_3229


Rest day and nothing to do! How wonderfully delightful ūüôā


Danny had a training thing somewhere (I listen so well, don’t I?) so he cancelled with me for Saturday AM. ¬†Boy, did I enjoy sleeping in! ¬†I got a late start to the day because of it, but it was so worth it. ¬†I got up and got started on Operation Clean the Guest Room. ¬†The guest room has become a storage place for all of our moving junk and all our gifts from showers. ¬†I put together a few lamps and found homes for many things! ¬†Its still pretty full, but at least its organized mess!

Michael had his bachelor party on Saturday night, so my brother and his fiance came into town. ¬†I got to hang out with her while the boys played. ¬†We had fun…got some wedding stuff done and did a little shopping!


I had worship team in the morning and then headed over to nurse Michael’s hangover. ¬†We spent some of the day going over wedding stuff and got our grocery shopping done!

How was your week? What was the neatest theme for a shower that you’ve been to (I know someone who did a Mad Hatter theme!)?

Weekly Update – 5/4/15

This was one of those weeks that things just kind of fell apart.  There was so much going on, and Michael was gone, and I was just so ready for it to be over! I will be so glad when the wedding is done and we can settle into some sort of routine.


I had a dentist appointment to get my free whitening kit for my teeth for the wedding! ¬†After work, I had many errands to run. I swear I’m never getting to yoga again. ¬†My iPad is possessed…no seriously, there is something majorly wrong with it. ¬†I spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple Support and really got nowhere except I’m screwed cause its out of warranty. ¬†New ipad, here I come! ¬†I managed to get all my thank yous done from my shower on Sunday and got some stuff done around the house, so it was not completely unproductive!


Yay – I get to actually workout! ¬†This was actually a pretty difficult workout, even though it may not look like it. I was supposed to do 5 rounds, but I only made it 4 rounds. ¬†My back got pretty agitated by something I was doing. ¬†I did the first 3 rounds with 12 lb KBs, then dropped down to 10 lb KBs for the 4th round. ¬†Found out later that my trainer only expected that I’d complete 3 rounds. ¬†Looks like I surpassed expectations!

1. KB (double) Thrusters x20

2. KB (double) swings x20

3. KB (double) RDL’s x10 each side

4. KB (double) Reverse Lunge x10 each side

5. Pushups x5

6. Jump Rope (30 sec)

After I got home, I got to play with my new iPad. I decided to bite the bullet and just get a new one.  Target had a deal that you got a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPad mini 3 (I had a mini before).  Its so wonderful to have a device that works!


I ended up having a crazier day than expected. ¬†My right eye was irritated when I took my contacts out on Tuesday night. ¬†When I woke up Wednesday morning, it did not want me to put the contact it. ¬†I made an emergency appt at my eye doctor, and I’m so glad I did! ¬†Apparently I have a corneal abrasion. ¬†Rather than a scratch like most people get, I have two small holes. ¬†He removed some crystallized deposits from my cornea (probably from something getting trapped under my contacts). ¬†So I’m on eyedrops and I have to wear my glasses for a few days.


Yay – final dress fitting day!!!!!!! I’m obsessed with my dress. ¬†It’s amazing. It was nice to see everything put together. ¬†So glad that its finally done, all we do is have to pick it up the week of the wedding!


On Friday I had to take my car to the shop for an oil change and inspection. ¬†I ended up with a few hundred dollars in repairs – which I wasn’t entirely surprised by as the car is 6 years old and only had minor maintenance work, but I wasn’t necessarily excited about. After I picked it up, I ran some errands and then I had dinner with some of my extended family that was in town for my stepsister’s baby shower.


Slept in as much as possible before my workout with Danny.  Got in a nice, easy workout since I had to wear my stupid glasses.  Is it just me, or is it hard to workout in glasses?

Three Rounds:

1. 15 KB swings

2. 10 split squats (each side)

Three Rounds:

1. 15Kneeling KB overhead press

2. 10 KB chops (each side)

After that, I headed home and got ready for my stepsister’s baby shower. ¬†It was great to celebrate the impending coming of her little boy. ¬†He’s due 10 days after our wedding, so I hope she can make it! ¬†Michael FINALLY came home from Chicago and I got to spend some time with him.


Had worship team Sunday at church. ¬†Then we went to grab a quick lunch before headed down to Elizabeth City to see Michael’s mom for mother’s day. ¬†After that, we saw my stepmom, then finally my mom. ¬†It was a long day of visiting!

Did you get to see your mom for mother’s day? How was your week?

Weekly Update – 4/27/15

The sickness is back. UGH. ¬†I’m so over being sick! ¬†I think I get bad allergic responses to all the pollen and stuff, then I get a sinus infection. ¬†I’m quite over it. ¬†I think it might be time for allergy testing and treatment!


I had a ton of work to catch up on after being gone for a week. ¬†I ended up working about 10 hours and that meant no gym time for me. ¬†Honestly though, as sick as I am, I didn’t wanna go.


Wedding stuff!  We went to our venue to meet with our planner and caterer.  We got a lot of last minute things figured out and it makes me feel a LOT better.


No gym again.  We had a meeting with our DJ!


Worked out with Nicole and asked her to take it easy on me since I was still sick. ¬†I didn’t even bother trying to remember what we did, since it was all light stretching and mobility exercises.


Friday night was a nice double date night with one of Michael’s groomsmen and his wife. ¬†We went to a cool wine bar in Virginia Beach and had a great time!


Saturday morning, I slept in, then woke up in just enough time to work out with Danny.  We did a light day, mostly mobility stuff again like I did with Nicole.  We did some squats, lunges, etc.  Nothing too crazy, but I tell you what, when you are sick, that feels like a really hard workout!

I also went to get my hair trial done for my wedding! ¬†She did a great job, looks wonderful, and I’m really excited!


On Sunday, I decided to skip church in favor of sleeping in. ¬†My body really needs it. ¬†However, my stupid car alarm went off at about 2am, then my smoke detector batteries died for my detector in my room, and it prevented good restful sleep. ¬†I saw Michael off to the airport – he’s going to Chicago for a week for work. ¬†Then I got ready for my bridal shower! ¬†My mom threw a lovely shower, and it was a blast ūüôā

How was your week?  Are your allergies so bad that you keep getting sick?

Weekly Update – 3/30/15 + Moving!


I had to work late and skipped yoga. ¬†Also, after being gone all weekend, I had laundry to do…and I had to get my house in order. ¬†This is becoming a regular thing….Mondays are days for me to catch up on life.


I had to cancel with Danny because I went for my second dress fitting!!!! ¬†Then momma and I did a bit of shopping and had dinner at Baker’s Crust…yum!


I had church practice on Wednesday. ¬†Since Sunday is Easter, the worship team felt like we should be a little more prepared ūüôā I took advantage of my time and had dinner with my former roomie/bridesmaid Erin. She’s a cross-fitter, so it was interesting to hear about all her workouts. ¬†That girl is a beast and is setting PRs for lifting all the time. Erin’s actually has done a lot of running in the past (though that’s not a focus for her right now) and has run a sub-2hr half like its nothing!

Talking about working out is almost like working out….right?


Finally! Back at the gym.  Bad Lauren for being gone for a week.  I worked out with Nicole and she kicked my butt as usual. We did two rounds of the following:

1. 10 hex bar deadlifts

2. 20 battle rope incline pull ups

3. 30 bend over rows (double KB)

4. 40 walking lunges with KBs

5. Sled pushes


Woke up with my butt hurting from walking lunges. ¬†Thanks Nicole! ¬†After work, Michael and I got him settled into Mom’s house (he’ll be living there till we get married) and then we got my house prepared for moving day!


MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!

The plan: move stuff out of my house, move Michael’s stuff in my house, move David’s stuff (Michael’s brother) into Michael’s old condo that he bought.

The day started at 8am.  Dad showed up to help me disconnect my washer and dryer and clean the laundry area (OMG the dust).  Then we took apart my bed.  The washer was going to my maid of honor to replace her old one.  The dryer is going to my cousin and his soon to be wife.  The bed was going home with my dad to my stepsister to replace her old bed.

The guys arrived with the truck and brought in so much stuff. ¬†There is no room for it all! The washer and dryer were too big for the doors to shut (I knew it!) so we had to take them off. ¬†Guess I”ll be hanging a curtain up!

They loaded up the van with everything that had to find new homes, then after that, they moved David into the condo. ¬†I unpacked a TON of stuff…and it still looks like I didn’t make a dent in it!


Easter Sunday! It was fun to lead worship with the team on Sunday because we had such a full stage! After church, we relaxed at home for awhile, then spent the rest of the afternoon at my mom’s/Michael’s. ¬†My stepdad built a fire and we had dinner over there. ¬†It was a nice relaxing end to a crazy weekend!

How was your week and weekend?  Is the weather finally starting to warm up where you are?

Weekly Update – 3/23/15


Skipped yoga (bad Lauren) because my house was an absolute disaster and I desperately needed to clean and get my life together. ¬†This season has been really busy for us with wedding planning and moving….and nothing gets put back where it belongs. ¬†I have clothes that have been living on the top of my dresser for weeks. ¬†And they still aren’t cleaned up. ¬†I can’t be the only one that does that….do you just refuse to put away your clothes?


Danny wasn’t able to workout with me, so he wrote me a workout to do on my own. ¬†Can I just say that people are much more accepting of you taking a bunch of equipment when you have a trainer with you? One woman got pissed that I hoarded a medicine ball.

Strength Circuit (5 rounds, drop the last exercise each round – last round should only be exercise #1)

1. 25 MB wall-shots

2. 20 Kneeling Band Pull-aparts

3. 15 KB swings

4. 10 pushups

5. 5 KB SA Turkish Getups (each side)

Conditioning Circuit

1. 200m row

2. 4oom row

3. 600m row

I was supposed to do half the rowing amount and jump rope in between, but I didn’t have room at the rowing machine I was at to do that. ¬†So those row amounts are doubled from what I was supposed to do.


My doctor’s appointment ended up going much later than I expected, so I ended up missing yoga. ¬†I did get to have dinner with my dad and family though. ¬†I worked a bit from home to catch up from leaving early for my appointment.


Workout with Nicole!  I love working out with Danny, but I also like working out with a female trainer from time to time. She kicked my butt, as usual.

Quick Warmup (3x):

1. 10 resistance band chops (each side)

2.  5 inchworms with pushups

Workout (3x):

1. 10 RDLs with 20lb barbell (each side)

2. Pushup to KB highpull

3. 30 sec TRX mountain climbers/30 sec TRX plank

4. 1 minute on the ReACT trainer

Friday – Saturday – Sunday

I left work early and Michael and I headed up to PA to see my family up there. ¬†My mom’s sister organized a co-ed shower for us so that Michael could participate. It was a wonderful time with family (especially those who won’t be able to come to the wedding!) and we are so blessed to have them. ¬†I’ll probably write more about it later, cause I have a lot of thoughts about bridal/wedding showers!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Weekly Update – 2/23/15


Yoga was great, and I’m glad it was great because it ended up being one of few workouts this week! ¬†I was joined my my normal crazy crew of ladies and we had a lot of fun cutting up during class. ¬†Yeah, we are THOSE people.


We had some surprise snow on Tuesday night Рthey were only calling for a dusting at most, and we ended up with 2-3 inches.  I had cancelled with Danny already because I had a work dinner to go to.  I have been at the bank for 5 years now, so they threw us a little party and gave us a small gift.


Since we knew we were getting another round of Snowpocalypse, Danny was certain that the gym would be closed on Thursday.  He had an opening at 6:30, so I took it.

Did a warmup to open up my hips cause my hip flexors hate me.

Three Rounds of the following:

1. SA KB Squats (10)

2. SA Bent over rows (10)

3. SA RDLs (10)

4. Lunges with barbell overhead

Then we did the other side.


My workout with Nicole was cancelled due to the snow.  It was nice to work from home.  I did get a good workout in at lunchtime when I shoveled the driveway!


We were back at work Friday.  Michael went out of town with one of his buddies, so I had some downtime by myself.


Worked out with Danny in the morning.  We worked out in the basketball court so we could do suicides. Yay.

1. 10 double KB clean and press/1 suicide

2. 20 kneeling bottoms up KB press (each side)/2 suicides

3. 30 ball slams/3 suicides

4. 40 double KB bent over rows/4 suicides

5. 50 resistance band jumping jacks/5 suicides

Then I got a second workout of the day when I went to my moms house and we priced and organized things for the yard sale.¬† Then we moved two of her couches into the pickup truck so my parents could take them to my sister.¬† They are buying Michael’s furniture and we are moving that next week.¬† I ended up with a nice bruise on my arm.


Church in the morning, I did worship team. Michael and I were lazy most of the day.  We talked about some of the logistics of moving and reorganizing the house.

Did you get snow this week? Have you ever moved couches?