Weekly Update – 4/17/2017 & A Birthday

Monday – Thursday

The beginning of the week was pretty uneventful.  I got in a treadmill workout on Thursday of 2 miles, but otherwise, we spend the week doing chores and getting stuff done after work.  We have about 5 weeks left until we move, so there is a lot to be done.


My company is nice enough to let us have the day off on our birthday, so I spent mine shopping, getting free Starbucks, watching Netflix, etc.  I got in a good workout at yoga in the morning – not a bad way to start out my 30s!

When Michael got home, we went out to dinner and celebrated.


Saturday was my big party day.  My mom and husband planned a party for me at her house.  We had tacos – my favorite – and cake pops for dessert.  It was really good to see everyone – I have some friends that I don’t get to see as often as I like.  It was a great time with family and friends – they are the most important things in our lives!


On Sunday, we went to pick out furniture and area rugs for our new house.  It was a busy day, but we got a lot done.

How was your weekend? What do you enjoy doing for your birthday?

Weekly Update – 4/6/15


After the insanity of moving over the weekend, I had to get the house in some semblance of order. I spent some time just organizing and reorganizing all the millions of boxes in my house and finding homes for things.


I worked out with Nicole since Danny had some big tests coming up and Nicole was on Spring Break and had some extra time.  I feel like I haven’t seen him in AGES.


1. Hamstring walks with Y Raises

2. Inchworm pushups

Workout (3x):

1. 20 Goblet squats

2.  10 SA KB snatches (each side)

3. Battle ropes (60 seconds)



I spent THREE HOURS playing Jenga with all the stuff in my kitchen cabinets.  Trying to integrate Michael’s stuff in is next to impossible.  I was bad and didn’t wear any shoes, so my plantar faciitis hated me the next day.


I asked Nicole if we could use the TRX for our workout.  Boy, do I regret that.  I was so sore after!

I can’t remember the specifics of what we did cause I forgot to write it down, but we did3 sets of 10-15 reps of these exercises:

– overhead triceps extension

– pushups (or chest press)

– inverted rows

-power pulls


Michael and I cooked up some food on the grill and had a pretty chill night!


Finally a workout with Danny!

1. 300 meter row, 30 sec resistance band overhead stretches, 30 sec quarter squat jumps, lunges, inchworms pushups

2. 2oo meter row, 20 sec resistance band overhead stretches, 20 sec quarter squat jumps, lunges, inchworms pushups

3. 1oo meter row, 10 sec resistance band overhead stretches, 10 sec quarter squat jumps, lunges, inchworms pushups

I came home to the most wonderful gift after my workout – these are an early birthday present!


So beautiful!

Michael and I ran some errands, grabbed some lunch, then headed to NC to see his parents.  His dad just turned 71 and we went to celebrate.  It was great getting to visit with them during this busy season!  We went to a nice local place and I got a yummy Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich and sweet potato fries!



We had church in the morning, then we decided to be a little spontaneous.  We grabbed lunch at Fresh Market and then went to Paragon Theaters.  They have these awesome recliner seats that you actually reserve when get you get your tickets.  We saw the second move in the Divergent series: Insurgent.  Great movie and even cooler theater.


I know its a little dark, but those are recliners!


Weekly Update – 3/30/15 + Moving!


I had to work late and skipped yoga.  Also, after being gone all weekend, I had laundry to do…and I had to get my house in order.  This is becoming a regular thing….Mondays are days for me to catch up on life.


I had to cancel with Danny because I went for my second dress fitting!!!!  Then momma and I did a bit of shopping and had dinner at Baker’s Crust…yum!


I had church practice on Wednesday.  Since Sunday is Easter, the worship team felt like we should be a little more prepared 🙂 I took advantage of my time and had dinner with my former roomie/bridesmaid Erin. She’s a cross-fitter, so it was interesting to hear about all her workouts.  That girl is a beast and is setting PRs for lifting all the time. Erin’s actually has done a lot of running in the past (though that’s not a focus for her right now) and has run a sub-2hr half like its nothing!

Talking about working out is almost like working out….right?


Finally! Back at the gym.  Bad Lauren for being gone for a week.  I worked out with Nicole and she kicked my butt as usual. We did two rounds of the following:

1. 10 hex bar deadlifts

2. 20 battle rope incline pull ups

3. 30 bend over rows (double KB)

4. 40 walking lunges with KBs

5. Sled pushes


Woke up with my butt hurting from walking lunges.  Thanks Nicole!  After work, Michael and I got him settled into Mom’s house (he’ll be living there till we get married) and then we got my house prepared for moving day!


MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!

The plan: move stuff out of my house, move Michael’s stuff in my house, move David’s stuff (Michael’s brother) into Michael’s old condo that he bought.

The day started at 8am.  Dad showed up to help me disconnect my washer and dryer and clean the laundry area (OMG the dust).  Then we took apart my bed.  The washer was going to my maid of honor to replace her old one.  The dryer is going to my cousin and his soon to be wife.  The bed was going home with my dad to my stepsister to replace her old bed.

The guys arrived with the truck and brought in so much stuff.  There is no room for it all! The washer and dryer were too big for the doors to shut (I knew it!) so we had to take them off.  Guess I”ll be hanging a curtain up!

They loaded up the van with everything that had to find new homes, then after that, they moved David into the condo.  I unpacked a TON of stuff…and it still looks like I didn’t make a dent in it!


Easter Sunday! It was fun to lead worship with the team on Sunday because we had such a full stage! After church, we relaxed at home for awhile, then spent the rest of the afternoon at my mom’s/Michael’s.  My stepdad built a fire and we had dinner over there.  It was a nice relaxing end to a crazy weekend!

How was your week and weekend?  Is the weather finally starting to warm up where you are?