Weekly Update – 12/18/2017 and Merry Christmas!

The week leading up to Christmas is always a little crazy.  Lots of activities and last minute prep work. This week was no exception. But before I jump into the craziness – I wanted to share a few pictures of Christmas in our new house!







Monday after work, my mom and I were going to go to my old high school’s choir concert.  I love their Christmas concert every year.  I had a pretty active day, so I didn’t grab a workout before the concert.


Tuesday night was a potluck dinner at work.  Since I got home early enough, I made sure to get in  2 miles on the treadmill.


I didn’t have a lot of time after work for a workout, AND I didn’t have time to shower. So I just walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill, washed up, and headed to my mom’s house for her annual Dirty Santa ornament exchange.  I ended up leaving with the same ornament I brought because I love it so much!


On Thursday, I took a half day off of work.  I had a lot of last minute errands to run before our Christmas celebrations.  We drove around to find some pretty lights and found this cool house nearby:



I got in 2.5 miles before all the chaos started on Friday.  I took the day off to prepare for our big family dinner (my stepdad’s family).  We had 21 people over our house for dinner.

Sorry about the sideways picture – I can’t get it to turn correctly!



On Saturday, I convinced my husband to walk 2.5 miles with me around the neighborhood.  We had an otherwise relaxing day before dinner & Christmas celebration with my dad and stepmom.






Sunday was Christmas Eve.  I decided to take it easy.  Since jumping back into working out, I’ve been extremely active and on my feet a lot.  My lack of yoga and strength training has been affecting me and I can tell I’m super tight and my supporting muscles and ligaments were getting a little mad at me.  We watched Christmas movies all day until it was time for Christmas Eve service with my mom and stepdad.  Afterward, we opened presents with them.

Bonus Day: Monday – Christmas!






My husband and I got up and opened presents together Christmas morning.  We both spoiled each other way too much.  Afterward, we headed to my in-laws house for a late lunch/early dinner with my brother in law and my husband’s aunt.  We had a great time!

How was your Christmas?  Do you have any great traditions with your family?

Weekly Update – 12/26/2016

This week was such a wonderful, relaxing time off. I absolutely love spending time with family and relaxing and forgetting all about the stresses of life.  I hope your holiday season was the same!


Omg, its a miracle….I went to the gym.

1 Mile treadmill, 800 meter row.  Followed by 3 rounds of 10 each:

  • TRX row
  • TRX squats

Afterward, we had some relax time, then ran some errands.  Then we went to see Passengers.  Great movie – highly recommend it.


On Tuesday, we went BACK to the gym.  Another miracle.  Did 2 miles on the treadmill. I really don’t remember what I did the rest of the day!


On Wednesday we went to visit my brother and his wife in northern VA.  We went to the new MGM Grand casino in Maryland, ate some great food, spent time with them.  It was such a great time, I completely ignored my phone – hence my lack of pictures from anything we did with them!


We left my brother’s house Friday morning and went to see my husband’s aunt.  She cooked us a great Monte Cristo sandwich and we spent some quality time.  We spent the night in a hotel on Friday night rather than fighting DC traffic to get home.


We took our time getting up on Sunday.  We had breakfast at Bob Evans before hitting the road.  We both crashed when we go home before the NYE festivities.  We had a great time at my dad and stepmom’s house.  We ate lots of wonderful food, played blackjack, watched the NYE special, and played that whipped cream in the face game.


On Sunday, we slept in, did some chores and started cleaning up the house.  We also went furniture shopping, found stuff we loved and put our living room furniture on layaway!

How was your holiday? Did you have any time off? Do you ever “unplug” and put your electronic devices away?


Weekly Update – 10/17/2016

This past week started off pretty busy and stressful, then slowly morphed into a nice relaxing weekend.


On Monday I took my exam for the class I took last week.  I needed a 70% to pass, and I got a 80%! I was very nervous, but did well, and I’m very happy about it. I went into work for the rest of the day.

Tuesday – Thursday

On Tuesday, I left for a conference for work that was up in Philadelphia.  Its a very quick trip – drive up Tuesday, conference Wednesday and 1/2 day Thursday, then drive back Thursday afternoon. I always enjoy this conference, as it is for a vendor that I work very closely with.  I get to see other bankers from other institutions that I’ve gotten to know over the years.


I ended up taking a comp day on Friday.  I had worked a TON of overtime the past 2 weeks and needed a good day off.  We went up to Richmond and met Michael’s aunt for lunch.  That night, we went to see the Madea Halloween movie.  It was silly, but hilarious.


On Saturday, we had a really chill day.  We ran some errands and went to MacArthur mall and did some window shopping, and Christmas shopping idea generating!


We had church responsibilities on Sunday AM, then I came back and went to Old Navy to spend my super cash! I had been hoarding it and waiting until I could use it to do any fall clothes shopping.  I ended up with a few shirts and a vest.  I also got one for my mom, cause she’s been looking for a blue puffy vest forever.

How was your week? When was the last time you traveled for work?

Weekly Update – 9/26/2016

As you know from my last update, life has been a bit crazy.  I haven’t gotten hardly any workouts in… something I’m trying to mentally get my head back in the game about.  Anyways – here’s how the past week has been!


Had to work late on Monday. Monday was just one of those days… On the other hand, I got a lot of things done around the house Monday night.


On Tuesday night, we went to meet with the builder and finalize all of our options.  We found out that they’ve been selling more in the neighborhood, so hopefully by the time our house is finished, we’ll have a few more neighbors!


On Wednesday, I had all hopes of coming home and getting on the treadmill.  I just was completely wiped.


Woke up Thursday and realized why I was so wiped on Wednesday – got my visit from Mother Nature.  While I realize this is TMI – its played a huge factor in my overall energy levels recently.


On Friday we came home to the roofers starting on our roof.  That has started to become a saga, but hopefully by this time next week I’ll have nothing but good things to say!







In process…



Saturday was the Crawlin Crab 5k! I love this race, and because it usually is hot, I tend to take it super easy.  Recap to come!

The roofers came again on Saturday and finished the front of the house…now for the back.  I’ll be interested to see when that gets done.  Michael and I were both wiped, I had the race that morning and we had gotten woken up in the middle of the night for something with work.  We had a “slug day” for most of the day on Saturday.  However, we did start going through stuff preparing for putting some items in storage.


At least the front is finished…



After church, we grabbed lunch, then came home to do our chores.  It was a pretty uneventful day!

I’m still alive!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile.  We took a vacation to Vegas (yay!) and life has been crazy since we got back with work, new house stuff, current house stuff, etc.

Here’s a few updates to play catchup!

New House

We have a ratified contract.  Everything is DONE and decided.  Now we just wait for them to break ground, which will probably be in December.

Current House

My mom helped us out by doing a lot of painting.  We had her paint trim work, a bathroom, and help us do some deep cleaning.  The plan was to get a storage unit this month to start putting away some of the clutter so we can show the house and people will actually want to buy it.

We found out this past week that we need a new roof.  We had some heavy rains and we found a massive leak we didn’t know we had.  We have hired someone to do it, just waiting for some good weather to get it done!  We’ve decided to hire a home inspector to see if we can find any other hidden surprises.


I got a raise! I have added a lot of responsibility over the past few years and my salary has never really caught up.  I’m very thankful and its put a little extra pep in my step.  But work has still be stressful and in a period of flux as we adjust to bringing in an acquired company and new leadership.


I’ll probably do another post about this, but we had a BLAST in Vegas.  Lots of fun, and the west coast has a completely different landscape!

Running/Working Out

So….this is a blog most devoted to running and working out….two things I’ve been doing VERY little of.  I’ve been pretty inconsistent since June and our big work merger, but it really took a dive after Vegas.  However, we’ve had a lot of “life” going on, and its been important to focus on our family, our home, etc.

But! I have a 5k on Saturday.  I will be probably just walk most of it, maybe dabble in a little jogging, but no need to hurt myself when I know I’ve not been working out much at all.

I miss you guys! I’ll be stalking you guys to catch up on what I’ve missed – but leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing!

Weekly Update – 8/8/2016

You may have noticed that I skipped a few weekly updates.  Oops! Life got in the way and I didn’t do a whole lot of working out or anything, so didn’t feel the need to post much!  We did go on a vacation to Atlantic City for a few days and it was a great getaway.  I did a TON of walking, which lord knows I needed due to all that yummy food I ate.


Walked 2.6 miles after work on the treadmill at home.  I just didn’t feel like yoga, I had too much energy.  I turned on Eddie and the Cruisers and rocked out while I walked.


Walked 2 miles on the treadmill.  Finished Eddie and the Cruisers 🙂


Skipped a workout on Wednesday because I was just mentally drained. It was a rough day at work.  I’ve had quite a few of those lately.  Ready for this season of busyness to be over.


On Thursday, I came home and got some cleaning out and organizing done at the house. We are trying to get rid of stuff in preparation for packing up a lot of our clutter so we can show our house for selling.


On Friday, we had Mexican with my brother in law.  I had a hankering for tacos.


On Saturday I had my husband wake me up early (he normally tiptoes around and lets me sleep in on Saturday).  I had to get the yard done before it got too hot (its been in the high 90s here with heat indexes up to 107).  We have a small townhome and therefore a small yard, but I still managed to get 17 bug bites THROUGH MY CLOTHES in the short time I was out there.

After I got cleaned up and had my coffee and breakfast, we went clothes shopping.  We are going to Vegas soon and I need to have enough clothes for the trip.  I only own one pair of “nice” shorts…all the rest are workout shorts.

After that, we spent 3 hours with the builder trying to finish our selections for our house.  We celebrated our hugely successful day with some Chinese food while we watched COPS.  Nerd alert.


On Sunday, we had church responsibilities, then I went to Target to spend all my money on all the makeup while Michael went grocery shopping.  We did our normal food prep, cleaning and laundry.

How have things been for everyone?! I miss you guys!

Weekly Update – 6/27/2016

I can sum up this past week in one word: WORK. After our big conversion weekend, we had a lot of immediate cleanup to do, not to mention the work to come over the coming months.  By Friday, I had worked 12 days straight…all 10 hour days or more.  That catches up with you pretty quickly, and I was exhausted by the end of the week.

We did get to enjoy the Fourth of July weekend though.  We got to catch back up with family, watch a ton of Netflix, do laundry, clean the house, get groceries, etc.  I feel like we are starting to get back to normal again.

I can’t wait to start catching up with you guys again, I feel like its been ages since I’ve been able to see what’s going on in your lives!

How was your weekend? How did you celebrate the 4th?