Weekly Update – 5/4/15

This was one of those weeks that things just kind of fell apart.  There was so much going on, and Michael was gone, and I was just so ready for it to be over! I will be so glad when the wedding is done and we can settle into some sort of routine.


I had a dentist appointment to get my free whitening kit for my teeth for the wedding!  After work, I had many errands to run. I swear I’m never getting to yoga again.  My iPad is possessed…no seriously, there is something majorly wrong with it.  I spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple Support and really got nowhere except I’m screwed cause its out of warranty.  New ipad, here I come!  I managed to get all my thank yous done from my shower on Sunday and got some stuff done around the house, so it was not completely unproductive!


Yay – I get to actually workout!  This was actually a pretty difficult workout, even though it may not look like it. I was supposed to do 5 rounds, but I only made it 4 rounds.  My back got pretty agitated by something I was doing.  I did the first 3 rounds with 12 lb KBs, then dropped down to 10 lb KBs for the 4th round.  Found out later that my trainer only expected that I’d complete 3 rounds.  Looks like I surpassed expectations!

1. KB (double) Thrusters x20

2. KB (double) swings x20

3. KB (double) RDL’s x10 each side

4. KB (double) Reverse Lunge x10 each side

5. Pushups x5

6. Jump Rope (30 sec)

After I got home, I got to play with my new iPad. I decided to bite the bullet and just get a new one.  Target had a deal that you got a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPad mini 3 (I had a mini before).  Its so wonderful to have a device that works!


I ended up having a crazier day than expected.  My right eye was irritated when I took my contacts out on Tuesday night.  When I woke up Wednesday morning, it did not want me to put the contact it.  I made an emergency appt at my eye doctor, and I’m so glad I did!  Apparently I have a corneal abrasion.  Rather than a scratch like most people get, I have two small holes.  He removed some crystallized deposits from my cornea (probably from something getting trapped under my contacts).  So I’m on eyedrops and I have to wear my glasses for a few days.


Yay – final dress fitting day!!!!!!! I’m obsessed with my dress.  It’s amazing. It was nice to see everything put together.  So glad that its finally done, all we do is have to pick it up the week of the wedding!


On Friday I had to take my car to the shop for an oil change and inspection.  I ended up with a few hundred dollars in repairs – which I wasn’t entirely surprised by as the car is 6 years old and only had minor maintenance work, but I wasn’t necessarily excited about. After I picked it up, I ran some errands and then I had dinner with some of my extended family that was in town for my stepsister’s baby shower.


Slept in as much as possible before my workout with Danny.  Got in a nice, easy workout since I had to wear my stupid glasses.  Is it just me, or is it hard to workout in glasses?

Three Rounds:

1. 15 KB swings

2. 10 split squats (each side)

Three Rounds:

1. 15Kneeling KB overhead press

2. 10 KB chops (each side)

After that, I headed home and got ready for my stepsister’s baby shower.  It was great to celebrate the impending coming of her little boy.  He’s due 10 days after our wedding, so I hope she can make it!  Michael FINALLY came home from Chicago and I got to spend some time with him.


Had worship team Sunday at church.  Then we went to grab a quick lunch before headed down to Elizabeth City to see Michael’s mom for mother’s day.  After that, we saw my stepmom, then finally my mom.  It was a long day of visiting!

Did you get to see your mom for mother’s day? How was your week?

Weekly Update – 3/30/15 + Moving!


I had to work late and skipped yoga.  Also, after being gone all weekend, I had laundry to do…and I had to get my house in order.  This is becoming a regular thing….Mondays are days for me to catch up on life.


I had to cancel with Danny because I went for my second dress fitting!!!!  Then momma and I did a bit of shopping and had dinner at Baker’s Crust…yum!


I had church practice on Wednesday.  Since Sunday is Easter, the worship team felt like we should be a little more prepared 🙂 I took advantage of my time and had dinner with my former roomie/bridesmaid Erin. She’s a cross-fitter, so it was interesting to hear about all her workouts.  That girl is a beast and is setting PRs for lifting all the time. Erin’s actually has done a lot of running in the past (though that’s not a focus for her right now) and has run a sub-2hr half like its nothing!

Talking about working out is almost like working out….right?


Finally! Back at the gym.  Bad Lauren for being gone for a week.  I worked out with Nicole and she kicked my butt as usual. We did two rounds of the following:

1. 10 hex bar deadlifts

2. 20 battle rope incline pull ups

3. 30 bend over rows (double KB)

4. 40 walking lunges with KBs

5. Sled pushes


Woke up with my butt hurting from walking lunges.  Thanks Nicole!  After work, Michael and I got him settled into Mom’s house (he’ll be living there till we get married) and then we got my house prepared for moving day!


MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!

The plan: move stuff out of my house, move Michael’s stuff in my house, move David’s stuff (Michael’s brother) into Michael’s old condo that he bought.

The day started at 8am.  Dad showed up to help me disconnect my washer and dryer and clean the laundry area (OMG the dust).  Then we took apart my bed.  The washer was going to my maid of honor to replace her old one.  The dryer is going to my cousin and his soon to be wife.  The bed was going home with my dad to my stepsister to replace her old bed.

The guys arrived with the truck and brought in so much stuff.  There is no room for it all! The washer and dryer were too big for the doors to shut (I knew it!) so we had to take them off.  Guess I”ll be hanging a curtain up!

They loaded up the van with everything that had to find new homes, then after that, they moved David into the condo.  I unpacked a TON of stuff…and it still looks like I didn’t make a dent in it!


Easter Sunday! It was fun to lead worship with the team on Sunday because we had such a full stage! After church, we relaxed at home for awhile, then spent the rest of the afternoon at my mom’s/Michael’s.  My stepdad built a fire and we had dinner over there.  It was a nice relaxing end to a crazy weekend!

How was your week and weekend?  Is the weather finally starting to warm up where you are?

Weekly Update – 2/23/15


Yoga was great, and I’m glad it was great because it ended up being one of few workouts this week!  I was joined my my normal crazy crew of ladies and we had a lot of fun cutting up during class.  Yeah, we are THOSE people.


We had some surprise snow on Tuesday night – they were only calling for a dusting at most, and we ended up with 2-3 inches.  I had cancelled with Danny already because I had a work dinner to go to.  I have been at the bank for 5 years now, so they threw us a little party and gave us a small gift.


Since we knew we were getting another round of Snowpocalypse, Danny was certain that the gym would be closed on Thursday.  He had an opening at 6:30, so I took it.

Did a warmup to open up my hips cause my hip flexors hate me.

Three Rounds of the following:

1. SA KB Squats (10)

2. SA Bent over rows (10)

3. SA RDLs (10)

4. Lunges with barbell overhead

Then we did the other side.


My workout with Nicole was cancelled due to the snow.  It was nice to work from home.  I did get a good workout in at lunchtime when I shoveled the driveway!


We were back at work Friday.  Michael went out of town with one of his buddies, so I had some downtime by myself.


Worked out with Danny in the morning.  We worked out in the basketball court so we could do suicides. Yay.

1. 10 double KB clean and press/1 suicide

2. 20 kneeling bottoms up KB press (each side)/2 suicides

3. 30 ball slams/3 suicides

4. 40 double KB bent over rows/4 suicides

5. 50 resistance band jumping jacks/5 suicides

Then I got a second workout of the day when I went to my moms house and we priced and organized things for the yard sale.  Then we moved two of her couches into the pickup truck so my parents could take them to my sister.  They are buying Michael’s furniture and we are moving that next week.  I ended up with a nice bruise on my arm.


Church in the morning, I did worship team. Michael and I were lazy most of the day.  We talked about some of the logistics of moving and reorganizing the house.

Did you get snow this week? Have you ever moved couches?

Weekly Update – 2/16/15


Since Michael and I had stayed in NOVA on Sunday night, we got an early start back home since we had some nasty winter weather we wanted to beat.  The snow started around 2:30 pm and continued on into the night.  Michael and I made a last minute trip to the store and then got started on our Bates Motel Season 2 Netflix marathon.


We got the glorious news that work was closing for the day and we didn’t have to go in.  Michael and I spent the day watching the rest of Bates Motel Season 2.  The gym closed at 5pm, so no workout with Danny.


We had an hour delay into work.  Getting my car out was an adventure, and so were navigating the neighborhood roads, but the main roads were clear.  The sheet of ice on top of all the snow made it very interesting.  I had to drive Michael to work because he couldn’t get the BMW out.  Score one for the practical Honda 🙂 I didn’t make it to yoga after work.


Can I just say, that with all of the snow and ice we have…my gym parking lot was the WORST? I worked out with Nicole again.  She always kicks my butt so hard that I hurt for days.  We did 3 rounds of the following:

1. 10 Double KB deadlifts

2. 10 KB Bent-Over Row (each side)

3. 10 Double KB sumo squats

4. 10 Slide to Bridge (holy crap weak hamstrings)

5. 30 seconds resistance band plank jumping jacks


Michael’s car was STILL stuck on Friday.  I drove him to work all week!  We found out that we got profit sharing (essentially a bonus) of 3% of our salary.  It usually works out to an extra paycheck.  Yay!

My cousins were in town from Pennsylvania, so Michael and I spent some time at my mom’s house socializing with them.  I rarely get a chance to see them, so it was great to catch up.


Danny and Nicole were out of town for a fancy training thing that I can’t remember the abbreviation of.  Since they were gone, I slept in – and it was delightful.  Michael and I ran some errands out in Greenbrier and had lunch at Baker’s Crust.  Their tomato and cheese soup is to die for!  After working on some budget stuff in the afternoon, we went back over to my mom’s so we could go out to dinner with my cousins.  We ended up at No Frill Grill in Norfolk.


We had church in the morning, then after, Michael and I headed down to NC to see his parents.  We had a nice relaxed day with them, and then spent time with his brother in the evening.  We started to work on moving plans, since his brother is buying the condo!

 Did you get any snow this past week?  What do you like to do on snow days?

Weekly Update – 2/9/15


Yoga with Jaye.  She lost her dang gone mind in class.  She had us do very little warm-up before jumping right into it! There were a few new people in class and they were struggling a lot.  I was struggling.  I took a lot of modifications, cause it was a very difficult class. BUT, on the flip-side, I was able to have a good practice.


Tuesday was an interesting day.  I was supposed to workout with Danny but he was stuck in traffic.  Truth be told, I had been feeling crappy all day and wasn’t desiring to work out.  So when he texted and said he’d be late, I was honest and told him that I’d rather not workout.  And I didn’t.  I left the gym and went home.  It was a FANTASTIC rest day and I so needed it.

Do you ever have those days?


Yoga!  I love when I am able to make it twice a week.  Class was much simpler this time, but man, does that woman love chair!  Feel the burn!  I’ve found that my shoulders don’t have the mobility that I want them to have as I cannot fully express a lot of poses and have to take modifications.  Looks like I have some work to do in that regard!


Worked out with Nicole who is a crazy woman and tried to kill my arms.

Two Rounds of the following:

1. 30 TRX squat jumps

2. 15 KB swings

3. Farmers carry for 50 yds (right side)

4. 30 TRX punch outs

5. 15 pushup to high pull

6. Farmer’s carry for 5o yds (left side)

7. 30 TRX rows

8. ReACT trainer for 1 minute


Michael took me out for Valentine’s Day 🙂 We went to a beautiful restaurant at the Oceanfront called Isle of Capri.  We had Caesar salad made at the table, we split a salmon dinner and split a Tiramisu for dessert.  He gave me a beautiful pair of pearl and diamond earrings.


I woke up with a horrible headache on Saturday and ended up cancelling with Danny.  It was one of those headaches that hurt when you move.  Michael and I spent most of the day relaxing and running errands.  We babysat my sister later so that my dad and stepmom could go out for Valentine’s Day.


Church in the morning.  In the afternoon, we were on our way to northern VA to see his Aunt Sally.  We went to IKEA in search for a wardrobe to solve all our our closet woes.  I could write an entire post on that experience.  Bottomline: I HATE IKEA.

Sorry this is so late (I normally post on Monday, and its Wednesday…. but better late than never I suppose.  How was your Valentine’s Day?

Weekly Update – 1/5/15

Happy New Year, all! It was quite a long week!


Yoga with Jaye was great.  I hadn’t been to yoga since BEFORE Christmas, and I was really missing it.  It was great to use my new yoga mat bag! Jaye sped through class a little…I hope she does a slower, more restorative class soon.


Danny night.  I got there pretty early and got almost a full half hour of foam rolling and stretching in.

Four Rounds of the following:

1. Kettlebell swings (15)

2. Plank for :30

3. Goblet Squats (15)

4. Glute Bridge for :30

Then we foam rolled and did some other stretches for my back.  After working all weekend in a horrible desk chair, my back is pretty unhappy with me.


I skipped yoga for a rest day.   After working all weekend, I needed it.


Danny night.

Three Rounds:

1. Sumo squat with 40 lb dumb bell (12)

2. SA right kettle bell swings (8)

3. Sumo squat with 40 lb dumb bell (12)

4. SA left kettle bell swings (8)

5. Ski lunges – 25 yds

Then we did some power rangers.  🙂


Rest rest rest.  Michael and I got together with his brother about him buying Michael’s condo!


No Danny today.  Which honestly, after the chaos of last weekend, I was SO ready to sleep in.  Michael and I went to Richmond to go shop for wedding bands.  We also went to Short Pump and walked around for awhile and got a late lunch.


Church in the morning.  After church, I went over to my friend Sara’s house (one of my bridesmaids) and talked about crafts for the wedding.  She is super crafty and amazing so I solicited her help.  I’m super excited!

Weekly Update – 10/27


Yoga with Jaye.  It felt so good to get back to yoga.  It was a pretty tough class but I really enjoyed it.


Danny night – we went outside with the absolutely horrible mosquitoes.  Its really hard to work out with mosquitoes constantly in your face and biting you!

First Round (3x):

1. 12 hex bar deadlift (95 lbs)

2. 8 (each side) backward lunge with KB goblet hold (20 lbs)

Second Round (2):

1. 10 single leg deadlifts (each side) with 10 lb dumb bells

2. Bear crawls


Yoga with Jaye.  I really enjoyed class a lot.  I felt really strong. Super sore from the previous day’s workout with Danny though – ouch on those hex bar deadlifts!


Danny night – outside in the amazing fall weather!

First Round (4x):

1. 12 squat and hold with 30lb KB press

2. 6 each side, single leg hamstring stretch w/back row (10 lb dumb bells)

Second Round (2x):

1. 12 weighted hip hinges

2. 6 each side split squat and hold with overhead DB press (10 lbs)


Halloween! I froze my rear end off while sitting outside with the fiance and the neighbors handing out candy!


Danny asked me to come to the nutrition panel at 9am before our training session at 10am.  I’ll write more about that later – but it was really awesome!

The workout was pretty simple, 4 rounds of the following:

1. Split Squat hold with 12 single arm T bar shoulder presses

2. 8 Paloff presses

3. 6 box step-ups with 20 lb dumb bell in hand of side stepping up


Church in the morning, then mom and I went to try on my WEDDING DRESS!!!! AHHHHHH! I want to keep it secret from Michael so I don’t want to put it on the interwebs, but to quote Hollie: “Omfg, you look absolutely beautiful Lauren”

Also, shoutout to my friend Allyson Wolf who rocked it at the NYC Marathon with a 4:28 finish! She met her goals of running the first half non-stop (which she did, under 2 hrs!) and running every bridge!