Weekly Update – 9/1

This was a pretty boring, uneventful week.  Kind of a slow week with my workouts, which was good, apparently I needed the rest.


Labor Day – so I did the opposite of Labor Day and I rested.  🙂


Work was really rough.  One of those days.  You know the kind.  I was pretty much in my “I hate everything” mode when I got to the gym. Danny night.  I was hoping my ankle wouldn’t give me too much trouble. Seemed to be ok.

First Round (2x):

1. 10 Power Rangers (each side) with resistance band

2. 10 kneeling row/press (each side) with resistance band

Second Round (3x):

1. 2o goblet squat jumps

2. 20 squat and hold KB front press

3. 10 kneeling to standing reverse grip KB press


Wednesday AM: Due to my ankle issue, I decided to scratch my run and just rest it up one more day.

Wednesday PM: Vinyasa yoga.  This was my first yoga class without Sue as my instructor.  I’m not really a fan of Jaye’s style.  I’m not even entirely sure you could call this a vinyasa class.  It seemed all over the place. And she doesn’t cue very well, which is really frustrating.

And oh my goodness, I guess yoga stretched my foot out or something, the arch of my foot started cramping up and rolling it out on a tennis ball barely made a dent in the pain.


Woke up Thursday morning to a still very cramped up and upset right foot.  I’m gonna guess the culprit is a mix of yoga and the fact that maybe my foot/ankle are more angry at me than I thought from my little spill this past weekend.

Danny night.

One Round (3x):

1. 10 Turkish Get-ups (each side) 8 lb KB

2. 30 second saw plank with TRX

3. 100m goblet hold farmers carry (25 lbs)



Friday AM:  Had an early work meeting, so no workout this morning.

Friday PM: After the insane week I had at work….I just wanted to CRASH.


Danny.  I didn’t sleep well Friday night and this workout kicked my butt.

We did 4 rounds of the following with double KBs (8 lbs each):

1. 10 single leg KB rows (each side)

2. 10 KB split squats (each side)

3. 10 (?) KB high-pull and squat

4. 1 minute jump rope

Then I went home and had to do yard work since I’ve been neglecting it.  It was HOT on Saturday – I was sweating so bad my sunglasses were filling with sweat when I bent over! Not fun.   After that, I came in and did all the housework I’d been neglecting: 2 loads of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, etc. It was quite a productive day!


Church in the morning, even though we only missed a week, it felt like an eternity.  Then Michael, Michael’s brother and I headed down to Elizabeth City to see his parents.  Did my grocery shopping then watched a million episodes of Naked and Afraid.  I decided that I’d never make it on that show.  I’d tap out on day one!

How were your workouts this week?  Have you ever watched Naked and Afraid?

Weekly Update – 8/18


Monday AM:  1.65 mile walk.  I woke up SO LATE for this workout.  Even getting that super low mileage in was rushing.  I think it was my body’s way of saying to rest and I didn’t listen!

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue! Class was small this week.  We did a lot of shoulder work which felt great.


I’m still messed up on sleep from my fun weekend, which made me sleepy all day.

Danny night.

First Round (3x):

1. 15 kettle bell high pulls

2. 30 Jump squat rope slams

3. Farmer’s carry – 100 meters? (Two 20 lb kettle bells)

Second Round (2x): 

1. 10 hurdle steps (each side)

2. 10 stability ball roll-outs

***Only 5 reps for round 2


Wednesday AM:  I was supposed to get up and run, but that only happens if you remember to set your alarm! I overslept and missed a morning workout for the first time in 3 weeks!

Wednesday PM: Vinyasa yoga with Sue.  Class was pretty fast paced but good.  I am starting to feel much stronger.  My planks and chaturangas are much stronger. I’ve noticed my arms getting much stronger.


Oh.My.Goodness.  My left foot/heel hurt SO BAD in the morning.  Not just discomfort, but pretty decently strong pain.  I have been hesitant to call it an injury since the pain is so sporadic, but it seems to be a pretty consistent issue.  I’m wondering if yoga has anything to do with it.  While I think yoga is beneficial, I think the constant stretching of my arch and Achilles are taking a toll.

Danny night.  We did another FMS screening.  More about that later, but although we still have things to work on, he did say that there is some vast improvement in certain areas – so I’m encouraged by that.  We only had time after for a very quick workout.

1. 20 suitcase carry deadlift squat (Two 20 lbs kettle bells)

2. 10 single arm (each side) kneel to standing kettlebell press (10 lbs)

3. 20 single arm kettle bell swings (each side)

Next round was 10, 5, 10 reps.


Friday AM: Actually woke up to workout – still a little late though.  Only 2 mile walk.

Friday PM: Rest night. YAY.


FIT360 is a class that Danny heads up at my gym.  Even though I’m not a part of the class, I’m sort of an honorary member.  They led a nutritional panel and gave out some pretty awesome cookbooks.

Danny and I were supposed to workout together, but he had his wisdom teeth out and hadn’t bounced back yet.  I improvised and created my own workout.  In retrospect I should have made it much harder 🙂

1. 400 meter row (under 2 min)

2. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

3. 300 meter row (under 1:30 min)

4. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

5. 200 meter row (under 1 min)

6. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

7. 100 meter row (under :30 sec)

8. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

9. 4 minutes on the ReACT trainer (front, side, back, side)

Michael and I went to the movies and saw “Let’s Be Cops,” which was pretty funny.  We also cooked dinner together, which is a rarity cause we are lazy!


Rest day.  Went to church and then participated in my first Fantasy Football draft.  I am certainly not as knowledgeable as the rest of the guys (and one girl) Michael and I are playing against…but I’m pretty proud of our team.