Weekly Update – 1/23/2016

This week was good and fairly relaxing.  We’ve had a lot of stress recently and being at home and just relaxing has been really good.  He probably didn’t relax a ton on his trip, but I sure did while he was gone!


Didn’t feel like heading to the gym, so I got 2 miles in on the treadmill at home.


On Tuesday morning, we had a framing tour of the new house with our builder.  We got to walk around, confirm that all the options in the various rooms were correct (electric, plumbing, cable, etc).


The gym was INSANE. Absolute madness.  I found a treadmill and got in 2 miles.  I was actually planning on doing strength training, but people had equipment everywhere and I couldn’t find anything I wanted.


We had some major traffic issues on Wednesday.  By the time I left work, I knew there would be no way I’d make it to yoga on time. Michael and I spent some good quality time together.


Thursday night was an errand day after work, as Michael was going to be leaving to go to Vegas on Friday.  We watched some recorded news shows and went to bed early.


Michael left on Friday to go to Vegas with a buddy of his.  While its nice to have “me” time, I always miss him a lot when he’s gone.  My stepdad and I (finally) went to see Rogue One.  It was fantastic!


I allowed myself to sleep in on Saturday.  I got up and hit the treadmill for 2 miles.  I grabbed a quick shower, got a text from my realtor that someone wanted to see the house, and I had to spring into action and clean up the house.

Mom and I had already planned to go shopping for a baby shower we are attending and grab some lunch.  Since the showing was in the afternoon and I had to be out of the house, we did some more shopping (target, grocery shopping, etc) and then hung out at her house and did a puzzle for a little while.  I vegged out for the rest of the night.


Slept in again on Sunday and got up and did another 2 miles on the treadmill.  Got a shower, took my time getting ready, and picked up some jersey mikes for lunch.  I legit spent the rest of the day watching Netflix – all the things I knew Michael wouldn’t want to watch.

What do you do when your significant other is away for a trip? Are you able to sleep in, or does your body always wake you up at the same time every day?


Weekly Update – 12/12/2016

Despite some work stress, this past week and weekend was a pretty good one.  We got to spend some great time with family, some great time together, and get a lot of fun (and practical) stuff done!


Monday was a pretty uneventful day.  I had hoped to get to the gym, but both Michael and I worked late.


On Tuesday, we went to my dad and stepmom’s house to make Christmas cookies!  It was a ton of fun!



House progress as of Wednesday morning!


Michael and I have committed to try to have more quality time together, so Wednesday night was that night this week.  We try to avoid distractions, no phones, no work, no TV…maybe some Christmas music.  Its a great time to spend time talking and connecting without the distractions of the world.  In a world that is so busy all the time, its really nice.


Thursday was relatively uneventful.  On both Thursday and Friday, I ended up working late.  We tend to have a lot of “clean-up” type work that goes on in the month of December and due to some changes at work, a lot of that work falls on me.  I don’t mind working late on weeknights, but Friday nights are a little tough.


On Saturday morning, we got some Christmas wrapping done, and made a game plan to get the rest of the shopping done.  Michael went out and did some of that, while I packed a few more boxes to go into storage.

Saturday afternoon was the Surf-N-Santa 5 miler.  This is a favorite Christmas race of mine, and its the third and final race in the Triple Jog Challenge I signed up for this year with J&A racing.  More to come in a recap!


Sunday was super bittersweet.  I have played on the worship team at my church for 6 years, and attended that church for 10 years (since the church began!).  Sunday was my last day on the worship team, and likely our last week attending the church.   The church is moving to a location over 45 minutes away from where we live.  The commute has become really difficult for us to be really engaged with the church.  We are going to be looking at a few wonderful churches closer to home – one just minutes away.

We also check on our house! WOW- Check out the progress this week!


After church, we grabbed lunch at Panera.  Then we went to Kohls for a few more Christmas gifts.  I got a new winter coat while we were there.  I’ve had the same coats for years and they are starting to get worn out, some of the lining has tears, etc.  I got a peacoat so that it is nice enough to wear to work.  We went to the Verizon store next and got our new phones!  We were due in January, but they had a really good deal on the iPhone 7 (for me) and Galaxy S7 Edge (for Michael). We also ran to the grocery store for the essentials and stuff for Christmas day.

We spent the rest of the day getting chores done at home.  My mom and stepdad came by for a little bit because we had some bad storms and it knocked out their power.

How was your week? Are you done Christmas shopping?




Weekly Update – 12/5/2016

This week was one of ups and downs. Work was crazy, but some good life things happened.  I know this time of year gets a little hectic for everyone, and I am no exception!

Monday – Wednesday

Monday through Wednesday were really hard days at work.  Wednesday was a break down day, where I just didn’t want to be at work, I was too stressed out.

BUT – this started happening at the house!


On Thursday, Michael went out of town to NYC for work.  I’m a bit jealous because I’ve never been there.  I went out to get some Mexican food with my brother-in-law while he was gone. We had a fun time and it was nice to spend time one-on-one.


On Friday, it was SUPER cold! Since we had a warm fall, I was NOT prepared for only a high of 40 degrees on Friday.

I drove by the new house on the way to work, and here’s the progress!



Michael didn’t get home from NYC until the early evening on Saturday. I spent my day doing all sorts of good stuff.  Went Christmas shopping and did some wrapping, watched a cheesy Hallmark movie.

Then I went outside and raked the yard and cleaned out the gutters.  I wore myself out!


Sunday we had church responsibilities.Afterward, we did our normal chores and watched the Eagles/Redskins game.

How was your week? What makes you feel like you’ve had a productive day?

Weekly Update – 11/28/2016

Monday – Wednesday

Monday through Wednesday were crazy at work.  I have mentioned some of my frustrations before, but through the restructuring we’ve had, I have less help than I’ve had before.  Work that used to be handled by 3 other people is now falling on me.


After work on Thursday, we had dinner at my mom’s.  My grandmother was in town from PA and it was good to spend time with her.  Since my grandfather passed away this spring, its reminded me how important family is – especially those that live father away.


I worked from home so I could intercept a package I had delivered to the house instead of work.  I usually don’t mess that up, but I did for this item!

On Friday, we went up to Newport News to pickup our race packets for Christmastown 8k.  Pickup was at a running store, and I got tempted by all of the shoes.  I think I want to go back to Saucony Guides! Afterward, we went to a cute little diner for dinner.


On Saturday morning, I had to work for a little bit.  Afterward, we had a meeting with our builder! They are making some real progress!

After our meeting, we had lunch at JoJacks.  Then we went to the craft show at the high school and saw MomLOLZ. We got a few Christmas gifts for other people…and a few for ourselves!


Sunday was the Christmas town 8k at Busch Gardens – recap to come! After the race, we went straight to Cracker Barrel and inhaled our food so fast I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture!

We spent the rest of the day doing chores and watching movies on Netflix.

How was your week? How do you spend your days after races?


Weekly Update – 11/14/2016

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  We’ve had a lot of “life” going on lately, and I don’t have a lot of energy  or motivation to blog.  Plus, I’ve not really been doing any working out recently, so that’s frustrating, and making me not want to blog.

Monday – Tuesday

On Monday and Tuesday, I had meetings with a potential vendor at work.  They were presenting some comprehensive solutions for us, and we went through two very long days of demos!

Wednesday – Thursday

Nothing terribly exciting happened on Wednesday and Thursday. Blah.


We have a foundation!  It was a huge surprise that they’ve started on the foundation of our new house.  We knew they’d be starting the foundation work before the end of the year, but didn’t expect to se it so soon!


I’ll probably do a house update soon when we get a little more movement on it.


Saturday was the Norfolk Harbor 5k. This was previously called the Harbor Lights 5k.  More to come in a recap later this week!

After the race, I came home and did a little yard work before I jumped in the shower.  Hey…if I’m already sweaty…  We had a painter come to paint a few ceilings in our house that were damaged from the roof leak we had.  (Did I even tell you guys about that?! We had to get a new roof).

We took some stuff to the storage unit, did some cleaning out, laundry, etc.  It was a pretty darn productive day.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday – around 75 degrees.  In the afternoon a cold front started moving in, so we went to Red Robin for dinner, which was a nice treat to get out and have some nice warm soup!


It was a very cold morning on Sunday!

After church responsibilities on Sunday morning, we came home and took a nap.  I think Saturday wiped us out. We did our chores, then we watched the Eagles game, which turned out to be a disappointment.   Then we watched 60 Minutes like an old couple 🙂

How was your week? How has the weather been?

Weekly Update – 9/26/2016

As you know from my last update, life has been a bit crazy.  I haven’t gotten hardly any workouts in… something I’m trying to mentally get my head back in the game about.  Anyways – here’s how the past week has been!


Had to work late on Monday. Monday was just one of those days… On the other hand, I got a lot of things done around the house Monday night.


On Tuesday night, we went to meet with the builder and finalize all of our options.  We found out that they’ve been selling more in the neighborhood, so hopefully by the time our house is finished, we’ll have a few more neighbors!


On Wednesday, I had all hopes of coming home and getting on the treadmill.  I just was completely wiped.


Woke up Thursday and realized why I was so wiped on Wednesday – got my visit from Mother Nature.  While I realize this is TMI – its played a huge factor in my overall energy levels recently.


On Friday we came home to the roofers starting on our roof.  That has started to become a saga, but hopefully by this time next week I’ll have nothing but good things to say!







In process…



Saturday was the Crawlin Crab 5k! I love this race, and because it usually is hot, I tend to take it super easy.  Recap to come!

The roofers came again on Saturday and finished the front of the house…now for the back.  I’ll be interested to see when that gets done.  Michael and I were both wiped, I had the race that morning and we had gotten woken up in the middle of the night for something with work.  We had a “slug day” for most of the day on Saturday.  However, we did start going through stuff preparing for putting some items in storage.


At least the front is finished…



After church, we grabbed lunch, then came home to do our chores.  It was a pretty uneventful day!

Building a House: Contract and Selections

My husband and I are going to be building a house and its super scary to say (type) that! I mentioned it before, but I thought I’d share a little more about the process.

We signed a contract back in June.  Once we make all of our final selections, they will draw up an amendment to the contract and we’ll get it ratified.  Then they can start ordering material! Eek!

Once we went through a lot of decision making regarding the house (do we want to build? is the timing right? Is it a smart investment?), we then took a leap of faith and decided to say we were interested and convinced the builder to take a reservation for us for a lot in a future phase of building.

Then they opened up the phase way before we were ready.  We didn’t want to start the process until Fall 2016.  We thought we were going to lose our lot unless we went to contract in 10 days.

Then they allowed us to write a contract on the house, but with a closing date whenever we wanted…which in our case was June 2017.  We couldn’t believe that they were going to allow that.  We wrote the contract in the busiest possible week of work, but it was nice to get it done. What the contract allowed us to do was lock in base pricing for the house and put in a good faith estimate of the extra add-on options that we’d have to get as close to a final price as possible.

We’ve spend the past few weeks going through all the options….tile, cabinets, lights, etc, and picking out all of the specifics.  We are almost at a point where we are going to finalize our choices and ratify the contract.  I had NO idea the amount of things we had to decide about the house! I knew we’d chose flooring and cabinets and lighting, but didn’t know the depth of the decisions.

Things I had no idea we had to decide:

  • What color grout we want (there’s more than white?)
  • What side we want our garage to go on
  • What color brick for the skirting of the foundation
  • Where we want our electrical outlets
  • Do we want nickel or bronze hinges on our doors
  • What color we want our countertop in the laundry room

So many details! Its a bit overwhelming!

They will start building in December and we plan to close in June 2017.  We are super excited and know that time will probably fly by, but right now it feels like FOREVER.

Much more to come!