Gear Review: Qalo Rings

I don’t know about you, but I hate those stupid ads on Facebook.  They are either things you don’t need, or things you want but have no money for!  So when I saw an ad for Qalo rings, I was curious how much they cost.  Wedding rings to work out in? Must cost a ridiculous amount!

Wrong.  They are totally affordable at $16 a ring! But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Qalo rings (pronounced Kay-Lo) were created due to the inconvenience of wearing a traditional wedding band while participating in sports or an active lifestyle.  Ladies, I don’t know about you, but oftentimes, I opt to leave my diamonds at home for fear of damaging them while throwing around weights at the gym.  Runners – I can’t be alone in the fact that when I run, my fingers swell.  After I got engaged, I didn’t wear my rings to races.

However, marriage is very important to me, and I want people to know I’m taken! Qalo has solved that problem in creating silicone wedding rings!  What I love about them, is they aren’t just great for working out, but for people who can’t wear traditional rings for their job due to safety reasons.

I think this product is awesome.  I purchased one for myself a few weeks ago.  I usually wear my diamond rings for yoga and the like, so I haven’t had much occasion to wear it.  I wore it one day while doing yard work…and it didn’t disappoint!


They even come in teal!!!!

Have you heard of Qalo rings before? Would you ever try them? Do you wear your wedding ring when you work out?

Saucony Guide 7

One of my favorite things growing up was when I got to go back to school shopping and get a new pair of shoes for the year.  Those days, I opted for a cool pair of Vans.  I thought I was just SO COOL.

Now I get excited about new running shoes! I picked up a pair of Saucony Guide 7‘s at Running, Etc this weekend.  They offered to show me other shoes, but I like my old standby shoe for now.  Why fix what ain’t broke?

I’ve been wearing the Guide 6’s since 2012 but hadn’t updated to the 7’s yet.  I realized that I have been wearing my last pair way past their welcome.

Other than some slight changes to their color schemes, I haven’t noticed much of a difference.  I’m not a shoe expert – I know there are probably some structural changes, but none that I can notice.

Any other Saucony Guide lovers out there? Do you have a “standby” favorite running shoe? What kind of shoes did you like to wear as a teenager?


Pretty shoes!