Hope despite Frustration

Before you read on, please read this post of my dear friend, Hollie.  Her post this morning inspired a lot of these thoughts.

If you had asked me about 6 weeks ago if I had felt ready for Shamrock, I would have told you “absolutely, I’m so excited!”  However, here we sit a few days out, and I’m extremely frustrated and apprehensive about what this weekend will bring.

Here’s the deal: last fall I decided it would be a good idea to sign up for the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge.  Runners who participate in this challenge run the 8k on Saturday and the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  Nevermind that I’ve never done a half marathon before.  Nevermind that I’ve never done races that close together before.  I decided it was a great idea.

And 6 weeks ago, I still thought it was a good idea.  Then I was plagued with shin splints, and sickness, and shin splints again.

As I said in earlier posts, I’ve decided to walk the 8k.  It’ll be significantly easier on my shins and allow me to put more energy and effort into the half.  My stepmom (who is doing the challenge with me) will run the 8k, and I couldn’t be more excited to cheer her on (from miles behind) as she seeks to finish in under an hour.

My shin splints feel significantly better.  I owe so much of that to the advice of you all, the magic power of ibuprofen, and the assistance of my trainer, Danny.  While they feel much better, I’m still being cautiously optimistic.

Despite all the frustration of the last few weeks and especially the last few days, I am trying to remain hopeful.  It may take me every second of the 4 hour time limit of the half to finish (if I get stuck walking more than I want), but I can celebrate the achievement of finishing my first half marathon.  And no matter how fast or slow I am, it’ll be a PR 🙂

So, if you think of it, please send positive thoughts, prayers, well-wishes my way this weekend, but especially on Sunday morning.

What drives you when you are frustrated or losing hope? What positive things do you focus on?