2015 – A Year in Review

I wanted to take some time and look back at the last year and all of the things that happened in life.  While this year may not have been a banner year for running for me, it was such a huge year of change and growth.


January was relatively uneventful.  I continued working out, failed at committing to a training schedule for Shamrock, and started to write Stitch Fix reviews.


February was the month of snow.  I missed so many workouts due to bad weather and being snowed in or the gym being closed.  I also decided to defer Shamrock.


In March I got the cold from hell.  I also ran Shamrock 8k instead of the Dolphin Challenge.


In April, we moved Michael’s stuff into my townhouse, got diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, started PT, went to Florida for work, saw Jewel in concert, creeped on Wanda Sykes at an airport, got sick again, and turned 28!


In May, I got sick again, got a corneal abrasion from my contacts, did ALL the wedding stuff, had a wedding shower at work, cheated on my PT, had my bachelorette party, and did more wedding stuff!


In June, Michael and I got married!


Also in June: Danny and Nicole decided to leave the gym, I changed my name, my cousin got married,  I watched Danny and Nicole(my trainers) get ENGAGED, I got to meet my nephew 🙂


I finally made it back to yoga in July, started doing protein shakes, and we went to Nags Head with my family.


In August I went to a casino for the first time, we visited my brother, and I started playing Fantasy football.



I started really loving yoga, went to more casinos, started going to ODU football games and enjoyed the fall.


My church celebrated its 9 year anniversary, my husband ruined a pot, Crawlin Crab 5k was cancelled and rescheduled due to a hurricane, I took a training class and got a certification, I went on a work conference and took a fall vacation. I also did the Wicked 10k.


We bought a new car, we did some early Christmas shopping, I ran the Harbor Lights 5k, saw the new Hunger Games movie, enjoyed Thanksgiving with family, and went Black Friday shopping.


I got pampered at the Red Door Spa, cleaned out my closet, ran the Surf-N-Santa 5 miler, and celebrated Christmas with my family.

 How was 2015 for you? What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Weekly Update – 11/9/15

I only made it to yoga this week, but that’s ok. I’ve seemed to have a lot of those kinds of weeks lately, which I think is ok.  I know I don’t talk about work a lot, but its been a really stressful time.  That’s definitely affected my every day life, and therefore my workouts.  I’m very pleased when I am able to at least get to yoga every week!


Yoga with Jaye.  It was a harder class than normal.  I find it very difficult to hold lunge positions (runner’s lunge, crescent lunge, etc) due to my Plantar Fasciitis.  My arches of my feet don’t like it.  So I modify to kneeling lunge, but then its hard to transition through positions.

I really love yoga and practice for many reasons.  Strength and flexibility is certainly a desirable by-product, and I don’t feel like I’m making progress in that area.  That is going to be a focus of mine over the next few weeks.


I took a half vacation day on Tuesday.  I needed the mental break.  It was rainy and nasty outside, so I literally sat on the couch for the remainder of the day and watched TV.  No regrets.


Work was closed for Veteran’s Day.  I took advantage of Michael being gone on a little day trip and I got some Christmas shopping done.

Had a small class at yoga on Wednesday night, which was nice.


Thursday was insane at work.  Michael and I had to work late, then we had to go to the airport to pick up my mom and stepdad.  It was a late night and I crashed hard.


On Friday night, we ordered in Chinese food from one of my favorite local places and watched a movie on Netflix called “The Cobbler.”  Its got Adam Sandler in it.  Its pretty fantastic.


On Saturday, we got up and headed to the tailgate before the ODU game.  We only ended up staying until halftime because the sun went away behind the stadium and I got so cold.  We ended up going to MacArthur mall and walked around and did some Christmas shopping.


After church on Sunday, we got our grocery shopping and such done, then we went to my mom’s house for a get together.  Some old neighbors were in town and we got together with them and some of mom’s current neighbors.  It was a great time!

How was your week? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


Weekly Update – 10/26/15

This week wasn’t a fantastic week in terms of workouts, but I did manage to have a good 10k race.  After the busyness of the last few weeks, it was nice to have a pretty relaxed week.


Yay for yoga!  I missed it so much over the last 2 weeks.  Jaye mixed it up a little and did some different flows, and now she’s doing more concentrated ab/core work.


On Tuesday I had a little clumsy moment.  I hit my wrist and thumb HARD on something on my way to the gym.  So rather than aggravating it, I decided just to foam roll and hit the elliptical.  I just did 30 minutes on the elliptical.


Yoga again.  I felt pretty decent in class on Wednesday. I still have trouble holding my Warrior II pose for as long as she likes to make us do it, but I’m getting better.


So Thursday was supposed to be a gym night, but we had to drive up to the BMW dealership to pick up Michael’s car.  There was a recall on the fuel pump and it needed to be fixed.  Even if we didn’t have that errand to run, we probably would have skipped anyway.  We were not feeling it after the rough day at work.


After work on Friday, we went to pick up my race packet for the Wicked 10k the next day.  We treated ourselves to Red Robin afterwards.  Although I’m going to say that RR is a terrible idea the night before a race.


Halloween AND the Wicked 10k! Race recap to come soon!  The rest of the day was mostly a lazy day, but we did hand out candy in my mom’s neighborhood and got to enjoy all the little kids dressed up.


After church we went to my dad’s house to watch a little football and hang out. My stepmom made lots of really good tasting but bad for you food.  We watched the Saints beat the Giants in a really good game.

Did you have a Halloween race this weekend?  How was Halloween for you?


Weekly Update – 10/12/15

This week was a pretty stressful week with work, but I had a great weekend!  And I finally got back to doing races after a VERY long hiatus!


Even though it was a holiday and work was closed, my husband ended up having to go into work and help with a problem.  Such is the world of an IT professional! We had plans for dinner that night, but ended up cancelling them.  It secretly made me happy because I got to go to yoga!  It was great to have Jaye back, and it was a pretty tough class.  Love getting back to yoga!


This was the only day this week I could really get to the gym….you’ll see why if you read on….

Warmup: Foam Roll

Two Rounds:

  1. Walking RDL’s with dumbbells
  2. Walking lunges with dumbbells

Three Rounds:

  1. Kneeling overhead press (10 each side)
  2. Triceps curls (10)

*Side note: I haven’t worked my triceps well in ages.  They hurt for 2 days!

Wednesday – Thursday

I attended a training class for work.  I work in the technology field, and this training was working toward a Foundations certification for something called ITIL (basically teaches you how to run an IT shop).  I hope that I will be able to move on and get an intermediate level certification, because this stuff is great!  However, I had to get up super early to drive to another city for the training, then had hours of studying on top of that.  I also had to log into work and get some stuff done after hours.


This is what I did at lunch everyday during training. The weather was amazing.


Friday was my exam, so we finished up early.  I was able to go home and catch up on some work before a night of R&R.


Crawlin Crab 5K! Omg the weather. Drool.  It was amazing.  Recap to come!


First race as a MRS!

After the race, we went to the ODU Homecoming game.  It was great weather for a game! We got tickets through a vendor at work, and we were able to get ON THE FIELD for the entire 2nd quarter.  It was a rough game, but ODU won!  When I was on the field, I even ran into my former trainer Nicole. It was wonderful to see her 🙂


Beautiful weather!


My trainer! I miss her!


On the field!


After church we grabbed some lunch at Taste Unlimited (yum!) and then went to Old Navy.  I got some new jeans (it was time!) and a few new tops.  After that, we just vegged and watched football all afternoon.

Did you race this weekend? How was your week?

Weekly Update – 9/28/15

I was looking forward to the Crawlin Crab 5k, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the weather.  It was a great week to catch up from life and de-stress.


Body Flow night! I’m actually starting to like this class a lot.  I like doing different sections to music.  Although the ab track is NOT my favorite.  I can’t believe I ever used to take a 30 min abs class.  Maybe I need to get back to that….


Everything on Tuesday worked against me getting to the gym.  I ended up skipping.


The stretch and strengthen class is starting to grow on me, but I had to go to worship team practice.  My church is celebrating 9 years on Sunday – so we wanted to make sure to get a little extra practice time in.


Warm up: Foam Roll

Heart Rate Training: Elliptical for 1/2 mile, keeping heart rate under 150

5 Rounds:

  1. 1 minute on the ReACT trainer
  2. 10 KB high pulls
  3. 5 KB swings

On Thursday, I found out that the Crawlin Crab race weekend had been postponed by 2 weeks due to the nor’easter we’d been having, as well as the impending doom of Hurricane Joaquin!


On Friday night, we went to get some Mexican food with Michael’s brother, and just had a relaxing evening.


Crawlin Crab was cancelled, so I took advantage of it and slept in like a champ!  We got some laundry and other chores done, but mostly we just hung around the house watching movies and being lazy!


Sunday was our 9 year celebration of our church’s existence.  It was a great service and wonderful celebration.  We came home, did more chores, got the grocery shopping done for the week, and watched our Eagles lose. I also lost in fantasy football 😦  We also had a little adventure with the stove….Michael was cooking and burnt all our vegetables into the pan.  We think the one burner heats up a lot more than the others for some reason.  While I know there are things you can do to try to clean it…yeahhhh we are a bit lazy. It was so bad we had to throw the pot out – there was no saving it.


There was no saving this pot. RIP.

Have you ever ruined a pot? Did the rain ruin your weekend plans?

Weekly Update – 9/21/15

I’m doing a much better job at consistently getting to the gym.  I think it helps a lot with my stress levels, and gives me a good outlet.  This week was a little different due to having Jaye gone and having subs for all her classes.


Since Jaye is gone for about a month, I have to get used to Monday night not being a true yoga night.  Looks like on Monday’s we will be doing Les Mills Body Flow.  I’ve done this class before.  It combines yoga, Tai Chi, and pilates. Its not terrible.  I also like that its only 55 minutes as opposed to the 75 minute yoga class.  Frees up a little more of my evening! Class was good, but it’ll take a little getting used to.


I ate a snack before the gym that did not sit right with me.  I had the worst heartburn. As a result, I didn’t push it too hard.

Warm up: Foam Roll and 1/2 mile on the elliptical

5 Rounds:

  1. 1 minute on the ReACT trainer
  2. 10 TRX rows

Cool down: walking lunges and walking single leg RDLs

Funny thing seen at the gym….watching someone do wall balls and break the wall!


Also….a girl did that! 🙂


So now that I was expecting Wednesday night not to be Vinyasa flow, but instead was going to be this Stretch and Strengthen class, I was more ok with it.  Still not sure if I like the class, but its better than nothing!


Warm up: Foam Roll

Two Rounds:

  1. Walking RDLs with 10 lb DBs
  2. Walking Lunges with 10 lb DBs

5 Rounds:

  1. 200 Meter Row
  2. 10 body weight squats


On Friday night, Michael and I went to the movies with my mom and stepdad to see The Intern.  I love Anne Hathaway and have really begun to love DeNiro in comedies.  It was a great movie.


On Saturday I got to sleep in!  After awhile, we went to a local community to meet with a builder to learn about their building process and the base prices of their homes.  We like the builder and the area, but we aren’t sure about the school system.  Its also much father away from the interstate, and that’s a convenience factor we aren’t sure we are ready to compromise on.  Afterward, we went to his parents house for a late lunch and spent some good time with that.  We had a pretty lazy night at home.


On Sunday, we went to church, then headed home for an absolutely lazy day. It was delightful and just what the doctor ordered.  We watched some football and my Eagles finally won!


4 day weekend + DIY Home Improvement

Disclaimer: totally non-fitness related post. Don’t let that scare you away – there are lots of pictures! Pictures are good…right?

I decided to take Monday off when I realized that we had Tuesday off for Veteran’s Day – and I made a 4 day weekend for myself.  I have had a lot of home improvement jobs shelved for myself. Since my mom is so handy, I recruited her to help me out and bribed her with free lunch!

Also, I’m HORRIBLE about taking “before” pictures, but I take the “after” pics! So…you’ll have to use your imagination about how horrible things were before I fixed them 🙂


After waking up with a horrible earache and going to Patient First, I took all the recommended drugs they gave me and went on my way!

At the bank I work at, we use a lot of technology vendors to purchase servers, applications, and use services.  One of those companies, Endurance IT, offered Michael tickets to the ODU Homecoming game.  We arrived around 1pm to the tailgate and got to enjoy some drinks and Beach Bully BBQ before the game.

Displaying photo.JPG

We ended up in some really incredible seats in the endzone – right near all the box seating.  Two tickets for the season in this section go for a total of $2500.  We ended up sitting two rows in front of our CIO (aka our boss).

Displaying photo 1.JPG

These were great seats!


At the beginning of the 3rd quarter, they invited us ON THE FIELD to watch the rest of the game! How cool is that? I tell you what, its pretty scary when a 6 ft tall football player runs out of bounds and is hurling straight toward you.

photo 1

The group from Endurance


Displaying photo 2.JPG

“Look Mom! I’m on the field!”


Displaying photo 3.JPG

We were this close!


Displaying photo 4.JPG

These guys were huge


Displaying photo 5.JPG

Football signed by the ODU coach 🙂


Displaying photo 1.JPG

Not gonna lie, mascots creep me out a bit.


Displaying photo 2.JPG

It was SO cold!


Had church in the morning then I came back and got started on house projects.  I went through my closet and all of my dressers (yes, plural) and started purging stuff I don’t wear.  I did this a few months ago, so it wasn’t a great success, but I did get rid of some stuff and managed to switch out my summer and winter clothes.  I also dug out a few pair of old jeans that fit!


Monday was the start of the chaos. Mom came over around 10am, and we started making our list for Home Depot.  I showed her all the things I wanted to get done over the next two days. So we made our trip, grabbed some lunch and then got to work on the backyard.  Here’s all we managed to do outside:

1. Clean out the gutters for the first time in 3 1/2 years – ya’ll, there were plants growing out of them.

2. Rake the lawn

3. Mow the lawn

4. Trim back my roses and butterfly bush

Displaying photo 4.JPG

My last rose for the season!

5. Dig up old plastic flower bed liners

6. Install stone pavers to line the flowerbeds

Displaying photo 1.JPG

This is only a very small part of the yard, but you can see the nice stone pavers!


7. Fix the fence

8. Clean the storm door (since its a target for bird poop)

9. Clean out the shed

10. Clean up our mess!!!

We rewarded ourselves by watching the Eagles game and having some salmon and green beans 🙂


After Monday’s work, I was exhausted, but no rest for the weary! There were inside projects to be tackled! We managed to get a lot done, but it was not without its challenges.

1. Replace kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware. Sound easy.  Never is 🙂

Displaying photo 1.JPG

New and pretty on the left, old on the right.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

New and pretty on the right, old on the left.

Displaying photo 5.JPG

New and pretty on the left, old on the right.

Displaying photo 3.JPG

Old hardware

Displaying photo 5.JPG

New hardware!

2. Replace upstairs bathroom vanity light…which involved a trip back to Home Depot to get dimmable light bulbs to work with my dimmer switch. Then we had to clean up the mess we made.

Displaying photo 1.JPG

New pretty lights! I put the same fixture downstairs as well.

3. Install towel ring in upstairs bathroom.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Ignore any mess you can see, and look at the awesome thing I installed!

4. Install downstairs bathroom vanity light.  That involved painting the wall where the old fixture used to be, then installing the light.

5. Putting 2 layers of kiltz and repainting a wall in the office (it had a horrible mural from the previous owner that I finally painted over!)

Displaying photo 4.JPG

The paint is still drying but the old mural is GONE.

My mom ROCKS.  She did so much work with me, there is NO way I would have been able to get it all done without her.  She’s pretty much the coolest ever.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

My fiance brought me pretty flowers for my house!


Have you ever done a “project weekend”? Do you enjoy DIY projects?