Weekly Update – Florida Bound!


So, this was my weekly update from almost 2 weeks ago (3/24-3/29) that never published like it was supposed to! Here’s the delayed post!


Finally got back to yoga class! I am really starting to enjoy it.  I know very little about yoga, and I know what we are doing is very elementary, but its so relaxing and surprisingly difficult.  I fully believe that yoga will make a big difference in my running life.  I’m really sad I’m going to missing it for the next 2 weeks while I’m on vacation.


Danny night.  I foam rolled for awhile then jumped on the treadmill for a quick half mile walk.  We started a few minutes late, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but its very frustrating when you only have 1/2 hour.  We worked on hip mobility (huge issue for me) and he made me use a tennis ball to work out my hip flexors.  Can you say ow?!

So much pain! (This is obviously not me lol)

I’m not willing to demonstrate this again to get a picture of me doing it. Ow!


Rest day, aka last chance for me to get stuff done before my trip! Spend way more money at Kohl’s than I should have.  Oops! Aren’t these tops so cute though?!

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Blouse - Mozilla Firefox_2014-03-27_12-04-28

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Blouse - Mozilla Firefox_2014-03-27_12-04-38


Danny night. This was a really tough workout and I’m not sure why. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t eat my normal pre workout banana.  And I might have been a bit dehydrated.

800 meter row (under 4 min)
:30 squats with resistance band above knees.
15 forward and backward lunges (each side) on a step
800 meter row (under 3:30 min) I failed that one!

Due to working out on an empty stomach, I got bad reflux/heartburn. I almost got sick it was so bad. Tums are my friend!


Couldn’t get out of work fast enough to start my vacation! Its a bit odd taking a vacation so early in the year, but I might learn to love it! Stayed over at the boyfriend’s house so we could get an early start  on Saturday to go to the airport.  I was so excited, I don’t think I actually slept. This is the longest trip I’ve gone on in awhile…the first time I’ve checked baggage in about 3 years!


Left for Florida!  I might update some throughout the week while I’m gone, but be prepared for a lot of pictures and stories when I come back!!!


What is your favorite place to vacation? Do you love or hate flying?