Weekly Update


So even though Monday was my birthday, I really wanted nothing more than to go to yoga class.  After the chaos (although it was amazing) of the weekend, I wanted some “me” time 🙂 Class was just as relaxing and amazing as I’d hoped!


Danny night.  We are working on stretching.  This workout was all about hip mobility.

1. Hamstring walks, wall sit (x2)

2. Squats, wall sit (x2)

3. Walking Lunges, wall sit (x2)

4. 5 yoga pushups on bosu ball, 10 supine hip hinges each side (x2)


Rest day.  Fiance and I looked at our first venue option!


Danny night. We worked mostly on shoulder mobility. We did what will become my new warmup:

1. Hamstring walks, wall sit, 5 yoga pushups (x1)

2. Squats, wall sit, 5 yoga pushups (x1)

3. Walking Lunges, wall sit, 5 yoga pushups (x1)

We did 3 rounds of the following:

1. 15 double kettlebell clean and press (12 lbs)

2. 10 (each side) kettlebell rows in push up position (20 lbs)


Rest day.  Got to hang out with the fiance and dream about wedding planning! We came up with a  budget…yikes!


Danny and I have a bunch of sessions to make up from all the snowstorms we had this winter, my vacation, sickness, etc.  We are adding a Saturday session for a few weeks!

Did my normal warmup:

1. Hamstring walks, wall sit, 5 yoga pushups (x1)

2. Squats, wall sit, 5 yoga pushups (x1)

3. Walking Lunges, wall sit, 5 yoga pushups (x1)

We did some stretches and foam rolling for some tightness in my back.  We did a lot of other stretching that I honestly can’t remember right now.  I’m horrible at documenting!

Michael and I spent some time walking around CNU (my alma mater) because it is a potential wedding site.  We had dinner with my friend Sara and her husband Matt.  Later on, our friends Sarah and Chris joined us.  The girls gave me lovely birthday presents and some wedding planning stuff – magazines galore!!!


Church in the morning. Had lunch with my old college roommate, Erin.  Michael and I walked around CNU again since the weather was so lovely 🙂

Do you have a certain warmup that you like to do? What did you do this week?

Weekly Update

This was the first full week of being on a food log.  Danny has me using My Fitness Pal.  Its pretty easy to use.  I know I don’t eat the best I should, but I hope I’m not doing too abysmal!


Finally! Back to yoga class! We spent the last four weeks (I was on vacation and missed 2 weeks) working on balance, now we have transitioned into some strength movements.  My hamstrings were on fire from doing yardwork this past weekend, so it seemed like everything we did hurt them.  I had some discomfort in my left ankle while holding Warrior 2 pose, so I’ll need to pay attention to that.  Words cannot describe how much I’m coming to love this class 🙂



Danny night.  Basically, welcome to torture! 🙂 We did a 3-2-1 workout (3 min, 2 min, 1 min) two times, paying close attention to form over speed.

Exercises for 3 minutes:

1st minute: High pulls to goblet squats (20 lb kettlebell)

2nd minute: Kettlebell swings stepping forward, backward, and each side (15 lb kettlebell)

3rd minute: Bent over rows with opposite leg lifted (10 lb kettlebell)

Exercises for 2 minutes:

1st minute: Side step lunges (:30 sec each side)

2nd minute: Plank with hip dips w/feet on bosu ball (till failure)

Exercise for 1 minute (:20 sec each):

:20 sec plank with arms on exercise ball

:20 exercise ball between feet 6 in off the ground

:20 crunches while holding exercise ball between feet



Rest day, aka boyfriend day. Way more sore than I should be from yesterday, but that’s what happens when you don’t exercise during vacation!



Danny night.  Today was “see how much we can kill Lauren’s arms” day.


90 sec jump rope, 5 yoga push ups on a bosu ball

60 sec jump rope, 5 yoga push ups on a bosu ball

30 sec jump rope, 5 yoga push ups on a bosu ball


1st set: Stair run w/12 lb ball over head, 10 kettlebell deadlifts (10 lbs), 5 ball slams (12 lbs)

2nd set: Stair run w/14 lb ball over head, 10 kettlebell deadlifts (15 lbs), 5 ball slams (14 lbs)

3rd set: Stair run w/16 lb ball over head, 10 kettlebell deadlifts (15 lbs), 5 ball slams (16 lbs)



My poor arms are sore.  That’s what I get for not working out on vacation!  Went for a nice walk today during lunch, though it was a bit cold. Got to spend time with the boyfriend.



Because of Easter being this week, we had worship team practice for church on Saturday AM. I’m not a fan, because I like to sleep in on Saturdays….my ONLY day to sleep in!  Because my birthday is on Monday, my momma took me out for lunch and some shopping. But Saturday was a MUCH bigger day than I expected because I got ENGAGED! I also got to celebrate my birthday with my mom and stepdad!


Easter Sunday! I got to share the news with my church family and my pastor greatly blessed us by praying over us.  We celebrated my birthday with my dad and stepmom (and engagement) and it was a such a beautiful day filled with family!

FMS Score



As part of my “reset” and refocusing on my fitness goals, my trainer assessed me based on the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) program.  For those who are interested, check out their website, its pretty interesting.  He is actually certified to do these assessments.

In their words:

“Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.

The FMS generates the Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used to target problems and track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

Exercise professionals monitor the FMS score to track progress and to identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.”

Basically – for each exercise/activity on the assessment, you can get a score of 1,2 or 3.  A three is the best you can get; meaning you performed the activity correctly and optimally.  A two means that you are proficient, but work is needed on technique.  A one means you need correction in that area.  If an exercise is done bilaterally, and one side is stronger than the other, you receive the lower of the 2 scores.  For example, on lunges, I got a 3 on the left leg, but a 2 on the right.  Since I am not symmetrical, I get the 2 for my score.  (My abysmal hip flexors are to blame for most of my bad scores!)

You can get a possible 21 points for a perfect score.  I received a score of 14.

I’m pretty proud of myself.  If I had a bit more symmetry, I would have received an 18!

In case you are interested, here is my scoring:

FMS Results

FMS Results

**Look who got a THREE on her deep squat! WOO HOO!**

This will allow us to see the things we need to maintain, the things we need to strengthen, and where my form needs correcting.  I’m excited to see what we can accomplish with the assistance from this assessment system.

Have you heard of FMS before?  What tools do you use to measure your progress?

Weekly Update – Florida Bound!


So, this was my weekly update from almost 2 weeks ago (3/24-3/29) that never published like it was supposed to! Here’s the delayed post!


Finally got back to yoga class! I am really starting to enjoy it.  I know very little about yoga, and I know what we are doing is very elementary, but its so relaxing and surprisingly difficult.  I fully believe that yoga will make a big difference in my running life.  I’m really sad I’m going to missing it for the next 2 weeks while I’m on vacation.


Danny night.  I foam rolled for awhile then jumped on the treadmill for a quick half mile walk.  We started a few minutes late, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but its very frustrating when you only have 1/2 hour.  We worked on hip mobility (huge issue for me) and he made me use a tennis ball to work out my hip flexors.  Can you say ow?!

So much pain! (This is obviously not me lol)

I’m not willing to demonstrate this again to get a picture of me doing it. Ow!


Rest day, aka last chance for me to get stuff done before my trip! Spend way more money at Kohl’s than I should have.  Oops! Aren’t these tops so cute though?!

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Blouse - Mozilla Firefox_2014-03-27_12-04-28

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Blouse - Mozilla Firefox_2014-03-27_12-04-38


Danny night. This was a really tough workout and I’m not sure why. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t eat my normal pre workout banana.  And I might have been a bit dehydrated.

800 meter row (under 4 min)
:30 squats with resistance band above knees.
15 forward and backward lunges (each side) on a step
800 meter row (under 3:30 min) I failed that one!

Due to working out on an empty stomach, I got bad reflux/heartburn. I almost got sick it was so bad. Tums are my friend!


Couldn’t get out of work fast enough to start my vacation! Its a bit odd taking a vacation so early in the year, but I might learn to love it! Stayed over at the boyfriend’s house so we could get an early start  on Saturday to go to the airport.  I was so excited, I don’t think I actually slept. This is the longest trip I’ve gone on in awhile…the first time I’ve checked baggage in about 3 years!


Left for Florida!  I might update some throughout the week while I’m gone, but be prepared for a lot of pictures and stories when I come back!!!


What is your favorite place to vacation? Do you love or hate flying?

Weekly Update + a FUN weekend!

This week was a week to be lazy and not feel bad about it at all.  How nice is that!?


The day after my first half marathon.  If I’m being completely honest, on Sunday night I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk on Monday.  My knees felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to them…and there were tons of other aches and pains!

I woke up on Monday and was pleasantly surprised my knees felt much better! My right hip was bothering me (has been a struggle with that hip the past few months) and my left Achilles was very angry with me.  I pretty much waddled around at work all day.  I was also surprised at how much my back hurt.

Monday was a complete rest day for me.  I came home and sat on my butt.


I felt significantly better! Tuesday was a Danny night.  He knew I was pretty sore so he had an easy stretch/recovery session planned.

After a foam roll progression, we did two sets of the following:

Hamstring walk

Walk and squat



Rest Day!


Danny night.  I went through my foam roll progression, then jumped on the elliptical for a quick half mile before working out with Danny. He has this new favorite piece of equipment that I had to google to figure out what it is.  Its called a Fitball Seating Disc.  Its a great tool to help with balance and developing those stability muscles.  We did a variety of exercises using this as a support for either my hands or my feet.

Balance Disc


Another rest day, and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty.  Friday was 6 months with the boyfriend.  He got me some beautiful flowers and a sweet card.  I am so blessed with such a sweet man.

Pretty roses!

Pretty roses!

We went out to celebrate at a nice seafood place in Rudee Inlet, called Rockefellers.

6 mo 1 (4)

Barbecue chicken smothered in cheese and bacon with red potatoes and steamed veggies. Yum!

6 mo 3

Fried flounder with red potatoes and steamed veggies.

We know we are obnoxiously in love and we don't care! :)

We know we are obnoxiously in love and we don’t care! 🙂

We came after dinner and went for a walk.  It was so beautiful out and we were so full, so a walk seemed to be in order 🙂 Just the recipe to make me nice and sleepy!


Since I’ve been in serious training mode for the last few weeks, we haven’t gotten an opportunity to see our parents much.  Michael’s parents live in Elizabeth City, so we went down there to have lunch with them.  His mom said she had made a special dessert but wouldn’t tell me what.  She had this cake made to celebrate my accomplishments at Shamrock.  His parents are the absolute sweetest.

Shamrock themed cake!

Shamrock themed cake!

I haven’t seen my mom and stepdad much, so we had dinner with them.  The weather was amazing, so we got an opportunity to sit out on the deck and eat lots of food and drink a nice cold beer!


Church in the morning – I only missed a week, but it feels like forever! We went out with my Dad and stepmom (who I ran Shamrock with) for a lovely night on the town to see comedian Gabriel Iglesias. He was testing out some new material – so it was nice and refreshing.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!  For those of you who haven’t seen him, youtube him.  His tagline is “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy!” I’m happy to report that last night he talked a lot about how he’s dropped over 100 pounds in a quest to be healthier (he found out he had type 2 Diabetes).  He said if he stops being “fluffy” because he’s so buff, we can just call him “buffy.”  He rounded out the night with some older material which the audience promptly recited along with him.  Good times 🙂

Dad and Patty.  Notice me photobombing?

Dad and Patty. Notice me photobombing?

Us being obnoxious.

Dad thought we were silly for taking selfies.  So he wanted in on the action.

Dad thought we were silly for taking selfies, so he thought he’d join in on the fun!

All in all, a pretty great relaxing week!  This week should be relatively uneventful, then I leave for nice, warm Florida on Saturday 🙂 Did you do anything fun this weekend? What are you looking forward to?

ReACT Trainer

Do you ever walk into the gym, see a new machine and think; “that looks cool!”? That’s what I thought about the ReACT Trainer. I made the horrible mistake of mentioning that thought to my trainer.

Last night he put me on the ReACT machine.  For those of you who haven’t seen this instrument of torture piece of machinery, it is a Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core and Strength Trainer.  It basically looks like a small treadmill.

react trainer React trainer 2

The goal is to keep your head, shoulders and chest level as the platform moves.  It really works your core and your legs.  My legs were burning after a minute on this thing.

To best describe the motion, its kind of like mogul skiing.  Its a strange sensation.

mogul skiing

Proven benefits of reACT include:

– Rapid increases in muscle mass, strength, and power compared to other training methods.

– Improved balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness.

– Improved core strength and stability.

– Injury prevention by improving the muscles ability to absorb force.

This machine is hard. Every muscle in my legs were screaming for relief! I’m surprised to report that I’m not very sore today, but it was definitely hard while I was doing it.

Have you ever tried a ReACT trainer? What new machinery have you tried recently?

Recap of the Week

This week has been pretty uneventful.  After a week of being sick, I knew getting back to the grind would be tough – but I was so ready to get back to the gym.  With Shamrock looming over my head, I needed to feel as if I had been somewhat productive.


Did yoga with Jessie (friend from work and fellow runner).  We take a class at the gym that lasts about an hour.  I hate the rush of trying to get there, but I always love the intentional time to relax and stretch out!

We giggle a lot during this class.  We both do our long runs on Sunday (she’s training for the Shamrock marathon) and we have a lot of difficulty moving.  We also have terrible balance.  I’m sure it’s quite comical watching us.

For those of you who do yoga, I’m sorry, but “corpse pose” just makes me think of corporate nap time.  Anyone looking into that class would just think we are taking a nap and it just strikes me as funny.


My trainer, Danny, is creating a class called Fit 360, which heavily features kettlebells.  He asked some of his clients to come to the class and help him demonstrate his style of teaching.  After a week off, the hour long class was intense!

We started with some foam rolling and dynamic stretching. We then split up into groups and had 4 stations we worked through.

Station 1:  10 swing lunges each side with kettlebell (10lbs), 90 sec jump rope

Station 2: 20 squat and press (reverse grip) each side (12 lbs), 60 second wall balls (8 lbs)

Station 3: 30 kettlebell swings (15 lbs), 30 second wall sit

Station 4: 20 situps with kettlebell (5lbs), 12 russian twists with kettlebell, rest


Rest day! Aka spend time with boyfriend day.


Thursday is a Danny day.  Foam rolled and did some static stretching for about 20 minutes.  I don’t really know how to explain what we did for the first part, so lets just say I did some stretching that involved squats and hip thrusts 🙂

Second part was 3 sets:

Side plank with arm on bosu ball.  Upper arm did 15 rows each side with a resistant band.

:30 Plank with feet on bosu ball (I HATE planks.)


Rest Day – had family in town.


I contemplated going to the gym, but my body told me no.  I did get a decent workout cleaning the house though!


The dreaded long run.  I have literally been dreading this all week.

The plan said to run 12, but I knew my body wasn’t having that.  I compromised with Patty that I’d do 8 with her (with a small refueling break back at the house at 4 miles).

Mile 1 was ok.  Mile 2 was hell.  By 2.5 miles I was yelling for a walk break.  We had a small heat wave today (in the 60s) and my body wasn’t having any of it.  Too hot!  My favorite temperature to run is about 40-50 degrees.

We ended  up walking the rest of the 4 miles….our walking is about a 14 minute mile pace, so its not like we were resting…

Anyway, at our break, we picked my 12 y.o. stepsister.  We compromised a run/walk with her.  Didn’t tell her it would be 4ish miles 🙂

Ended up with a total of 9 miles in 2 hrs 20 minutes.  Ended up with an overall pace of…what…15 1/2 minute miles? Not too bad.

Wore compression sleeves for the first time today to help with my shin splints.  We will see how I feel in the AM, but so far so good.  My right hip is bothering me again. My feet also ache, but that’ll go away shortly.

EDIT (Monday AM): My hip is fine.  My feet still hurt. Knees hurt.  One day, this won’t hurt me so bad!

Overall, not a bad first week back from being sick.  On the other hand, Shamrock is in 2 weeks…eek!

Personal Training

When I started my journey to health back in 2012, I did a lot on my own.  I started working out at home, walking on my treadmill, doing ab exercises I had pinned on Pinterest, and I realized I wanted needed something more.

I joined Onelife in May of 2012. This place has seriously become my second home!

I started personal training with a great trainer named Allie in late summer.  She was great – loved Crossfit (a world I knew nothing about) and pushed me to my limits.  It was great to get that kick in the rear that I so desperately needed.  We worked together for about 6 months, then she left to pursue her education.  I was very wary of finding another trainer, because I was so attached to her, but then she placed me with Danny.

I have a love/hate relationship with Danny.  I love to hate him.

Eh, just kidding.  Danny is great.  He has pushed me to my limits; he has helped me when I’ve gone through personal tragedy.  He’s been patient with me when I’ve over trained and injured myself.

I used to work with him for an hour once a week, and recently switched to twice a week.  We spend one day doing strength training, the other doing stretching and recovery.  It has made considerable difference in my journey to health.  I don’t know what I would do without the constant presence he has keeping me accountable.

If anyone is interested in his philosophy, you can read about it here: http://www.danabolics.com/

Do you have a personal trainer? Who do you have keeping you accountable?