And the preliminary diagnosis is….

So I finally went to the doctor this morning for my foot issues.  I had gone to a Patient First on Memorial Day weekend to get an X-Ray and rule out a stress fracture.  They said if it didn’t get better in two weeks to go see my primary care doctor.  Well, its been over a month, its still not better, so I went to my doctor.

As all good doctors do, she knows when she doesn’t know enough, and is sending me to a podiatrist.  Her preliminary guess based on my symptoms and all the lovely poking and prodding she did was that I have a neuroma.  I had honestly ruled that out in all my googling because typically it presents with ball of the foot pain, not top of the foot pain.  This is why you don’t self-diagnose!

So, the podiatrist will schedule an appointment with me and we’ll see how it goes – and if they agree with her diagnosis!

Have any of you had a neuroma (aka Morton’s neuroma) before?  What was the recovery process like?

Weekly Update – 4/4/16


Monday was a day off of work and a travel day back from Atlantic City.  Nothing too crazy, but we did stop for a yummy lunch at a cool place called Blacksmith Bar and Restaurant.  They are a farm to table type restaurant.  Totally unexpected up on the Eastern Shore in the middle of nowhere!


Yummy locally sourced salad!


We also stopped at Island Creamery because ice cream.  I didn’t take a picture of my ice cream, but I’ll recycle an old picture because I get the same thing every time!



Work kicked my butt. I didn’t work out, and I don’t feel bad about it.


Went for a normal checkup at the doctor and my blood pressure was high (its normally on the lower side of normal).  Does anyone else get high blood pressure at the doctor’s office? I hate going to the doctor and it sends my stress levels through the roof!

Made it back to yoga on Wednesday and class was great.  My knee is able to tolerate a lot more pressure on it, so I don’t have to modify poses as much.  Its been a month since my fall at work, so I’m relieved its finally feeling much better.


I had to work late on Thursday.  Stopped by my mom’s house on the way home and had her check my blood pressure.  It still high.  This is a clear sign to me that I need to find a way to reduce my stress and do all the other things I should be doing to take care of myself.  My lack of consistency in working out and eating right has certainly started taking more of a toll.  How can I be this stressed after a vacation!?


Friday was a surprisingly relaxed day at work.  We went out to dinner with my dad and stepmom.  I resisted the urge to get all the bad things, and got one of the healthier options on the menu.


On Saturday I got up and got in 3 miles on the treadmill.  I showered, enjoyed an iced coffee, and vegged out for awhile.  I had some Jersey Mike’s for lunch, then went to get my bridesmaid’s dress altered (for my brother’s wedding).

I spent the rest of the day being a complete bum and watching Jurassic Park on TV.


Had church responsibilities in the morning.  Afterward, we had tickets to the Norfolk Tides baseball game (minor league team).  We got them from work…didn’t realize how nice the suite was!


We stayed until the 8th inning, then got on the road.  I wasn’t feeling well. We spend the rest of the night vegging out.

How was your week? Do you like baseball?