Creating a Race Schedule

I’m fairly new to running.  I ran my first road race in November of 2012.  I ran two races that year; a 5k and an 8k.  In 2013, I had a pretty good schedule, I ran a total of 10 races.  Two of them were color runs, so I don’t know that I really want to count those.  They are fun, but no preparation went into them 🙂  If you are interested in what I’ve done, check out my Race Schedule page.

Spring Races:

I didn’t do any races in January-early March, because all I could think about was getting through Shamrock. Now I can think about trying to fit some others in (10k or shorter).  I’m thinking about doing the Run for the Dream 8k in late May. I will most likely sign up for that one.

Summer Races:

I don’t like running in the heat. I may try to find some, but not sure yet.

Fall Races:

My next goal race is the Crawlin Crab half marathon in early October.  I’ll also be doing the 5k the day before because I haven’t learned my lesson about back to back races yet.  And because I like race bling- its a horrible addiction.

I have signed up Wicked 10k in late October, but other than that, I have no other planned races.

I’m looking for some other great local fall races.  I usually do a small 5k in November at my alma mater (it was my first 5k that I ever did!)

I’ve also done an 8k through ChristmasTown at Busch Gardens Williamsburg every year (put on by Flat Out Events).  However, this year, I’m contemplating the Surfin Santa 10 Miler put on by J&A Racing.  They fall on the same weekend.  I’m very torn.  I really enjoy ChristmasTown, but would love the challenge of a 10 miler (and I love J&A!). I have a big decision ahead of me!

How do you formulate your race schedule? How do you decide between two races?