Weekly Update – 5/30/2016

Despite a few tough things that happened last week, all in all, it was a pretty good one.  I celebrated my one year anniversary of marriage with Michael!


We had Monday off for Memorial Day.  Michael went up to the casino in Baltimore.  I stayed home and totally vegged out.  Disney Channel had a marathon of their original movies, the ones I grew up with on the Disney Channel, so I had a few of those on in the background while I did some closet cleaning.  I didn’t get rid of a ton, but I got rid of some stuff, so I feel at least a little good about it.

I got some bad news on Monday night.  A dear friend of mine, Stephanie had her second heart transplant on Easter.  I know I mentioned it, because I talked about how important being an organ donor is.  She had started experiencing some complications with the transplant and her kidneys failed. I learned that she passed away on Monday.  While this was always a risk with the transplant, its hard to see someone get another chance at a healthy life, and then they don’t make it.  She leave behind a sweet husband and beautiful little girl.  Stephanie was a woman of faith and is most certainly in a much better place without suffering, but its very hard for those of us who have lost her.


On Tuesday we were going to go to the gym, but it was so beautiful outside, I begged Michael to go for a walk.  We drove to my mom’s house and parked and started on our first lap.  Mom joined us for the 2nd and 3rd lap.  We love walking in her neighborhood.  Its a great big loop and there are a lot of beautiful homes.


Wednesday was yoga night.  I struggled through class a bit. I couldn’t seem to get my breathing to match up with my movements, and I was surprised at how sore I felt (though I’m not sure from what).  Still, it felt nice to get back to yoga and it helped open up my back a lot.


Thursday was a long, exhausting day at work.  I skipped a workout.


After work on Friday, we went to get Mexican food with my brother in law. It was a nice time.  Its been awhile since I’ve had some good Mexican food!


On Saturday, we slept in for awhile, then did some stuff around the house. We also went to the movies for part one of our anniversary celebration to see the movie “Me Before You.” I really enjoyed the movie, but it was definitely an emotional rollercoaster.  Michael even liked it!


We made it a whole year married!  We woke up and had mimosas and cake for breakfast.  It sounds fun, but it was a really bad idea.  We had champagne that was given to us on our wedding day, so we decided to make mimosas.  We decided to have cake for breakfast, because why not?  Our tummies didn’t like it at ALL!

We both crashed afterward and took a nap.  Who knew that at 10am we’d be recovering from partying too hard. We read through our journal from our honeymoon and reminisced about all the good food and fun we had.  Michael took me to Isle of Capri (one of our favorite restaurants in VA Beach) for dinner. It was delicious! We had Caesar salad (made at the table – dressing and everything!) and I had the chicken fettuccine alfredo.

How do you celebrate big milestones/special occasions?

Anniversary Weekend

Sunday, September 21st, was the 1 year anniversary of my first date with Michael! And in true romantic fashion, he planned a weekend away for us. He did tell me we were going away, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going.

We left after work on Friday, got Chipotle for dinner and got on the road. He had given me a few hints throughout the week that led me to knowing we were going to the Eastern Shore…then that Friday morning he told me where we were going. We ended up at Cape Charles, a small beach town just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge onto the Eastern Shore.

Although I’ve been up and down the Eastern Shore my whole life, I’ve never been to Cape Charles.  We stayed at a quaint little bed and breakfast facing the Chesapeake Bay.

We got up on Saturday morning, had breakfast then decided to take a drive around the town.  After exploring via vehicle for a while, we parked the car back at the B&B and took off on foot.  We went to a few little quaint shops then had lunch at a coffeehouse.  After walking around for little while, we got some ice cream 🙂

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Breakfast time!

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A sweet older couple took this picture of us 🙂

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How cute!

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I’m a cheeseball.


We decided to go to a cute little seafood restaurant called The Shanty.  We had to wait for awhile, but the food was good! We got some wonderful pictures of the sunset while we were waiting.

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We got up Sunday morning, had breakfast and then got on the road.  Sunday was spent being lazy at home and just enjoying each other’s company.  What a wonderful weekend 🙂


Do you like surprise trips? Have you ever been to a bed and breakfast?