So some things happened….

Did you guys think I disappeared forever? I know, felt like that to me too.

A lot of big things have happened since I last checked in with you guys:

  • We closed on our new house
  • We sold our old house
  • I had my first DNS
  • Hurt my foot – diagnosis TBD
  • I got a (temporary) employee

First off! We closed a chapter of our lives in the old house and have moved into the home we built! Here are a few pictures 🙂

I had my first DNS for a race when I injured my foot.  I had signed up for the race for Memorial Day weekend in late April.  The week before Memorial Day I started having pain in my forefoot on the top of my foot.  An X-ray reveal no fracture, but it hurt too bad and I decided to not do the race.  Still picked up my t-shirt though 🙂

I have a doctor’s appointment next week to get another look at it.  My foot had started feeling better, but in the last week it started hurting again.  I have a lot of swelling on the top of my foot again.  I’ll let you all know how it turns out!

This is a lot of why you haven’t heard from me.  I haven’t been able to do much of anything in terms of working out.  No yoga, running, walking, anything.  Once I figure out what is going on, I want to come up with a game plan of what I can safely do.

I have an employee!  Well, she’s a summer intern, but she’s fabulous and I want to keep her forever.  She is going into her senior year at Randolph Macon and she’s such a sweet girl.

So what’s coming up?  We have a trip to Seattle coming up and a trip to San Diego.What are the must do places to see and eat?




Weekly Update – 2/6/2017

While this wasn’t a fantastic week for working out, I felt like I did a lot better with work/life balance and making sure to practice self-care. I’ve found it to be really important to listen to my body recently.


On Monday, I planned a rest day due to having the race the day before.  I normally take a rest day on Sunday, but decided to shift everything over.


On Tuesday, we hit up the gym and I got a quick 2 miles in on the treadmill.  We planned for a bit longer at the gym, but ran into some new house issues and had to go meet with the builder.


I was so incredibly exhausted on Wednesday.  Its normally yoga day for me, but I couldn’t even think about anything other than a giant nap all afternoon.  I came home and relaxed all night and went to bed really early.


We had our normal date night on Thursday night.  We made the mistake of  having Arby’s for dinner and regretted it, as both of us ended up with upset stomachs.  Not that we needed to be told that fast food is bad for you…


On Friday, we had another night at home.  We’ve become quite the homebodies.  We watched a weird movie on Netflix (what other kind is there?)


On Saturday we got up and went to the gym.  I got in 2 miles on the treadmill. We spend the rest of the day with my mom and stepdad.  We walked through the new house, spent some time enjoying the nice weather, and went out to dinner.  I had the best Caesar salad that made my breath smell like garlic through Sunday!



On Sunday we got to sleep in a little bit, as we were trying out a new church that didn’t start until 11.  After church, we came home and did a bunch of chores.  We even finally cleaned the cars.  Since the weather was unseasonably warm (set a new record at 81 degrees!), we decided to go for a 2 mile walk around my mom’s neighborhood and stopped at Starbucks for a nice cold iced coffee.

How was your weekend? Did you have warmer weather this weekend like we did in VA?

Building a House: Contract and Selections

My husband and I are going to be building a house and its super scary to say (type) that! I mentioned it before, but I thought I’d share a little more about the process.

We signed a contract back in June.  Once we make all of our final selections, they will draw up an amendment to the contract and we’ll get it ratified.  Then they can start ordering material! Eek!

Once we went through a lot of decision making regarding the house (do we want to build? is the timing right? Is it a smart investment?), we then took a leap of faith and decided to say we were interested and convinced the builder to take a reservation for us for a lot in a future phase of building.

Then they opened up the phase way before we were ready.  We didn’t want to start the process until Fall 2016.  We thought we were going to lose our lot unless we went to contract in 10 days.

Then they allowed us to write a contract on the house, but with a closing date whenever we wanted…which in our case was June 2017.  We couldn’t believe that they were going to allow that.  We wrote the contract in the busiest possible week of work, but it was nice to get it done. What the contract allowed us to do was lock in base pricing for the house and put in a good faith estimate of the extra add-on options that we’d have to get as close to a final price as possible.

We’ve spend the past few weeks going through all the options….tile, cabinets, lights, etc, and picking out all of the specifics.  We are almost at a point where we are going to finalize our choices and ratify the contract.  I had NO idea the amount of things we had to decide about the house! I knew we’d chose flooring and cabinets and lighting, but didn’t know the depth of the decisions.

Things I had no idea we had to decide:

  • What color grout we want (there’s more than white?)
  • What side we want our garage to go on
  • What color brick for the skirting of the foundation
  • Where we want our electrical outlets
  • Do we want nickel or bronze hinges on our doors
  • What color we want our countertop in the laundry room

So many details! Its a bit overwhelming!

They will start building in December and we plan to close in June 2017.  We are super excited and know that time will probably fly by, but right now it feels like FOREVER.

Much more to come!