Weekly Update – 1/1/2018


Since Monday was New Year’s Day, we had the day off of work.  We slept in some, even though our New Year’s Eve was uneventful and spent at home.

We went to the gym, and I did a 5k on the treadmill.  I was too pooped from staying up late (I’m such an old person!) to do any strength training.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies on Netflix.


I stayed home on Tuesday and got in 2 miles on the treadmill.


Since the impending snow bomb hurricane thing was coming, the gym closed early on Wednesday.  I opted for 2 miles on my treadmill at home.


Work was closed on Thursday due to the 10+ inches of snow that we got.  I still had some conference calls and other work to get done.  But I still had some time to enjoy the snow fall.


snow2.jpgI got 1.5 miles in on the treadmill, and did some strength training.

Three rounds of the following:

  • 15 overhead press (8 lbs)
  • 15 bicep curls (8 lbs)

I also shoveled half of the driveway, which was a crazy workout!


On Friday, my workout was shoveling the other half of the driveway and some of the walkways.  We only worked half a day, so I had plenty of time to get it done.


On Saturday, I was super sore from my two days of shoveling.  I was still super active around the house though.  I spent a lot of time organizing and getting rid of stuff.  Nothing like being stuck in the house to encourage cleaning.  I wish I had gotten some “before” pictures, but when I’m all done, I’ll have to post some “after” pictures.

On Saturday night, we ventured out and went to a friend’s house for poker night.


I did NOT feel like working out on Sunday.  We slept in, then did some cleaning, shopping, etc.  I still managed to get all my steps in for the day!

Were you affected by the huge snowstorm this past week?  What did you do to keep from going crazy?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 1/1/2018

  1. Holy crap that’s a ton of snow! We got 6 inches here in Charleston, which NEVER happens. Seriously, this is the most snow we’ve had since 1989 and I was only 4 then. Today it’s 64 at the house right now and melting quickly but I still see snow on the ground. I’m going to run wearing shorts after work… with snow on the ground. Weird huh?

    I’m glad you still got some workouts in… non-shoveling workouts… and got steps in even with the snow. I think we were all suffering from cabin fever here too. But at least your home takes a pretty snow picture, right?

    • Its a TON of snow! Sounds like you got some record breaking snow too! I felt the same way when I hiked Mt. Rainier this summer. There was snow, yet, I was in a tshirt. Its a little trippy!

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