Weekly Update – 4/24/2017

This week was pretty uneventful.  Only got one workout in, but got a lot of other things done to prepare to move and get everything in order.


I had a terrible night’s sleep on Sunday night, so I skipped a workout on Monday and went to bed early.


On Tuesday, I hit the gym for 2 miles on the treadmill.


On Wednesday, we ran some errands after work.  We also had an electrician come to install a GFI outlet – something they found on our home inspection.  Our home was built before those were a requirement.


We were going to miss my sister’s 15th birthday party on Saturday, so we stopped by on Thursday night to visit with her and wish her a happy birthday.

Friday – Saturday

We spent the weekend at a local golf resort.  Michael had a work event, and I got to tag along as his guest.  I got a free massage, and we spent some time on Saturday watching a tennis tournament.  It was a nice time!


We came home on Sunday and got all the weekly chores done, and went to the UHaul store to get boxes to start packing up the house.  We have about a month until we move, and lots of packing to do! Since the buyers of our townhouse wanted to keep the washer and dryer (they are paying us some money), we picked out a new washer and dryer for the new house.

How was your week? Assuming you’ve moved before – what is the worst part of packing?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 4/24/2017

  1. The worst part of packing… everything. I tried to purge so that we’d have less to move, and I think I need to move again because that will force me to purge more. I really do need to get rid of a lot of junk around here, anyway. Also, liquor stores have great boxes for moving, they are small but very easy to handle and sturdy- most of the ones here put them outside for people to take.

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