Weekly Update – 2/20/2017

I did only moderately better with my workouts this past week, but some progress is better than no progress!  I’m hoping my new shoes will give me some added motivation this coming week…


I covered Monday on last week’s post.


After work we hit up the gym for a workout.  I got in 2.25 miles on the treadmill and Michael hit the weights.  I was sore from my massage on Sunday – she really dug into my back and my legs, and I was feeling it!


Yoga was great on Wednesday.  I didn’t get my normal “spot” in class, but that was actually a good thing.  Let me step out of my comfort zone.  Jaye and I talked about music for class before and I gave her a list of music I thought she’d like.  I’m excited to see if she uses any of it for class!


Thursday was an interesting day.  We discovered the weather stripping around my windshield was coming off, so we took it to the shop.  Michael ended up having to work really late, so I got a ride to pick up my car from a coworker of mine.  I didn’t know what time to expect Michael home…thought he’d only be a little late – and Thursday night is usually date night.  I should have capitalized on the free time to fit in a workout, but I didn’t.


On Friday we had Mexican food with my brother in law.


We had 2 showings on our house on Saturday, so I had a busy morning.  I got up, did a very quick 1.5 miles on the treadmill at home, then got to cleaning.  I consider vacuuming, deep cleaning bathrooms, etc as a very good workout! We went to a local running store to get some new shoes.  Michael got evaluated and fitted and ended up with a pair of Brooks.  I decided to go back to my Saucony Guides.  I’m looking forward to my first workout with them!

We grabbed lunch at YNot Pizza.  They have fantastic chopped salads there.  Since it was a beautiful 70-something degree day, we ate outside.  We went down to the harbor and walked around and did some great people watching.

We wrapped up the evening with a Netflix movie.  I convinced Michael to watch Amadeus, and he loved it!


Sunday morning we went to church.  Afterwards, we had lunch with my dad and stepmom, then drove out to a model home that is the same floorplan as our new house.  They have seen our new house in progress, but haven’t seen a fully decked out model.  They loved it! Afterward, we went to the new house and walked around.  I snapped a few pictures.  The house is really coming together!

What shoes are you currently running in?

Do you consider cleaning the house a workout? What about yard work?

One thought on “Weekly Update – 2/20/2017

  1. Yard work is definitely a workout! Especially raking for your shoulders, yikes, plus lifting things and a lot of walking occurs. I think housework can be a workout too just depending on what it is you know, you can break a sweat! Glad the showings went well and you guys had fun getting new shoes and pizza, sounds like a good week overall!

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