Weekly Update – 2/13/2017

This was not a great week for working out, but a great, relaxing week. Better luck next week!


Since we knew we were going to miss a workout on Tuesday night, we decided to work out on Monday, which is normally a rest day for us.

….And then Monday happened and that didn’t happen.


Every year, our CEO sends valentines to all of the women in the company.  Here is my cute little bundle of carnations!


We have a tradition of going down to the oceanfront and having dinner at Isle of Capri for Valentine’s Day.  It is a great Italian restaurant on the 6th floor of a hotel overlooking the water.


I had a house Caesar salad (which is made table side!) and the Chicken Normandy.  I also had a few glasses of wine and some tiramisu for dessert.  I took one bite of my dessert and asked for the rest of it to be wrapped up.  I was stuffed.


I skipped yoga.  I was exhausted after work.


On Thursday, we met with the builder to go over all of our options one more time (after a little issue we had recently).  We went to the gym after work and I got 2 miles in on the treadmill.


Friday was fairly uneventful.  We went to get some Mexican food after work. We came home and watched some home movies of me and my brother.  Michael loves seeing old videos of me and my family.


On Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands, then we had an fundraiser to attend Saturday night.  We met a vendor from work and had a wonderful steak dinner at a restaurant in Virginia Beach, then went to a conference center nearby for a casino night fundraiser. The theme was Great Gatsby (or cocktail attire).  Some people really went all out, but as you can see – we just dressed nice instead.



We went up to Dover on Sunday to go to the Dover Downs casino.  Michael wanted to go play blackjack and he bribed me with a massage.

I got a lovely hot stone massage while he played.  We had dinner at the casino, and I went up to the hotel room to watch The Walking Dead.

Bonus Day: Monday Holiday

Since it was a holiday weekend, we stayed overnight at Dover.  We slept in on Monday, had Bob Evans for breakfast, and then hit the road.  We stopped at Island Creamery in Chincoteague.  It was a nice mild day for February.


Our little detour took awhile, and we got home around 4.  After getting some laundry done, we went to have dinner at my mom’s and catch up with her for a bit.

Did you have Monday off? What did you get into?  Do you like detours on drives home from somewhere, or do you like to get home as fast as possible?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 2/13/2017

  1. We didn’t have Monday off work, bleh! Glad you guys had a good day and got ice cream. I love just driving around and exploring areas, we did that a lot when we were looking at homes but rarely do it now.

    That is so awesome that your company gives flowers to the ladies for Valentine’s Day. What a sweet move on their part.

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