Weekly Update – 2/20/2017

I did only moderately better with my workouts this past week, but some progress is better than no progress!  I’m hoping my new shoes will give me some added motivation this coming week…


I covered Monday on last week’s post.


After work we hit up the gym for a workout.  I got in 2.25 miles on the treadmill and Michael hit the weights.  I was sore from my massage on Sunday – she really dug into my back and my legs, and I was feeling it!


Yoga was great on Wednesday.  I didn’t get my normal “spot” in class, but that was actually a good thing.  Let me step out of my comfort zone.  Jaye and I talked about music for class before and I gave her a list of music I thought she’d like.  I’m excited to see if she uses any of it for class!


Thursday was an interesting day.  We discovered the weather stripping around my windshield was coming off, so we took it to the shop.  Michael ended up having to work really late, so I got a ride to pick up my car from a coworker of mine.  I didn’t know what time to expect Michael home…thought he’d only be a little late – and Thursday night is usually date night.  I should have capitalized on the free time to fit in a workout, but I didn’t.


On Friday we had Mexican food with my brother in law.


We had 2 showings on our house on Saturday, so I had a busy morning.  I got up, did a very quick 1.5 miles on the treadmill at home, then got to cleaning.  I consider vacuuming, deep cleaning bathrooms, etc as a very good workout! We went to a local running store to get some new shoes.  Michael got evaluated and fitted and ended up with a pair of Brooks.  I decided to go back to my Saucony Guides.  I’m looking forward to my first workout with them!

We grabbed lunch at YNot Pizza.  They have fantastic chopped salads there.  Since it was a beautiful 70-something degree day, we ate outside.  We went down to the harbor and walked around and did some great people watching.

We wrapped up the evening with a Netflix movie.  I convinced Michael to watch Amadeus, and he loved it!


Sunday morning we went to church.  Afterwards, we had lunch with my dad and stepmom, then drove out to a model home that is the same floorplan as our new house.  They have seen our new house in progress, but haven’t seen a fully decked out model.  They loved it! Afterward, we went to the new house and walked around.  I snapped a few pictures.  The house is really coming together!

What shoes are you currently running in?

Do you consider cleaning the house a workout? What about yard work?

Weekly Update – 2/13/2017

This was not a great week for working out, but a great, relaxing week. Better luck next week!


Since we knew we were going to miss a workout on Tuesday night, we decided to work out on Monday, which is normally a rest day for us.

….And then Monday happened and that didn’t happen.


Every year, our CEO sends valentines to all of the women in the company.  Here is my cute little bundle of carnations!


We have a tradition of going down to the oceanfront and having dinner at Isle of Capri for Valentine’s Day.  It is a great Italian restaurant on the 6th floor of a hotel overlooking the water.


I had a house Caesar salad (which is made table side!) and the Chicken Normandy.  I also had a few glasses of wine and some tiramisu for dessert.  I took one bite of my dessert and asked for the rest of it to be wrapped up.  I was stuffed.


I skipped yoga.  I was exhausted after work.


On Thursday, we met with the builder to go over all of our options one more time (after a little issue we had recently).  We went to the gym after work and I got 2 miles in on the treadmill.


Friday was fairly uneventful.  We went to get some Mexican food after work. We came home and watched some home movies of me and my brother.  Michael loves seeing old videos of me and my family.


On Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands, then we had an fundraiser to attend Saturday night.  We met a vendor from work and had a wonderful steak dinner at a restaurant in Virginia Beach, then went to a conference center nearby for a casino night fundraiser. The theme was Great Gatsby (or cocktail attire).  Some people really went all out, but as you can see – we just dressed nice instead.



We went up to Dover on Sunday to go to the Dover Downs casino.  Michael wanted to go play blackjack and he bribed me with a massage.

I got a lovely hot stone massage while he played.  We had dinner at the casino, and I went up to the hotel room to watch The Walking Dead.

Bonus Day: Monday Holiday

Since it was a holiday weekend, we stayed overnight at Dover.  We slept in on Monday, had Bob Evans for breakfast, and then hit the road.  We stopped at Island Creamery in Chincoteague.  It was a nice mild day for February.


Our little detour took awhile, and we got home around 4.  After getting some laundry done, we went to have dinner at my mom’s and catch up with her for a bit.

Did you have Monday off? What did you get into?  Do you like detours on drives home from somewhere, or do you like to get home as fast as possible?


Weekly Update – 2/6/2017

While this wasn’t a fantastic week for working out, I felt like I did a lot better with work/life balance and making sure to practice self-care. I’ve found it to be really important to listen to my body recently.


On Monday, I planned a rest day due to having the race the day before.  I normally take a rest day on Sunday, but decided to shift everything over.


On Tuesday, we hit up the gym and I got a quick 2 miles in on the treadmill.  We planned for a bit longer at the gym, but ran into some new house issues and had to go meet with the builder.


I was so incredibly exhausted on Wednesday.  Its normally yoga day for me, but I couldn’t even think about anything other than a giant nap all afternoon.  I came home and relaxed all night and went to bed really early.


We had our normal date night on Thursday night.  We made the mistake of  having Arby’s for dinner and regretted it, as both of us ended up with upset stomachs.  Not that we needed to be told that fast food is bad for you…


On Friday, we had another night at home.  We’ve become quite the homebodies.  We watched a weird movie on Netflix (what other kind is there?)


On Saturday we got up and went to the gym.  I got in 2 miles on the treadmill. We spend the rest of the day with my mom and stepdad.  We walked through the new house, spent some time enjoying the nice weather, and went out to dinner.  I had the best Caesar salad that made my breath smell like garlic through Sunday!



On Sunday we got to sleep in a little bit, as we were trying out a new church that didn’t start until 11.  After church, we came home and did a bunch of chores.  We even finally cleaned the cars.  Since the weather was unseasonably warm (set a new record at 81 degrees!), we decided to go for a 2 mile walk around my mom’s neighborhood and stopped at Starbucks for a nice cold iced coffee.

How was your weekend? Did you have warmer weather this weekend like we did in VA?

Race Recap: Game Day 5k 2017

I have done this race once before (last year), and it was a very cold race.  I like that its relatively close to me – only 30 minutes away.  I’m not a huge fan of the race company, as logistically, I’ve had many issues with them.  I thought I’d give it another try, as I really enjoy the race.

Packet Pickup and Expo

So despite the fact that they’d been advertising race day pickup for the weeks (and days) leading up to the race, they changed their mind and cancelled it.  So I had to go the day before and pick it up. Not a huge deal, but frustrating.  I emailed them about it and they said they had made that decision months ago, and it had been on their website….not true.

I learned my lesson last year with the shirts that were way too small, despite the fact that I ordered the same size I wear in all other races.  So this year, I ordered 2 sizes larger than I normally wear.  Its a bit big, but better big than can’t wear it!

Race Day Conditions/Attire

It was a cold morning, though it was forecasted to be in the high 40s. I wore long pants, a tank top, long sleeved shirt and a hat. I wore a jacket for the drive, and brought some gloves, but I didn’t think I’d end up wearing those 2 items.

…..I ended up wearing them. It was so cold, words cannot describe.  I left my gloves in the car, starting walking toward the race, then turned right back around to get them because I knew it would be bad without them!


I went out there about 15 minutes before the start of the 10k (the 5k started 15 min after that). It was freezing, but I wanted to check out all the food that we’d be getting after the race 🙂 I plugged in my headphones and got in my corral after the 10kers were off.

Race Time

I had planned on primarily walking this race.  I have been very slowly trying to get back into a more conditioned shape, and there was no need to push it.  I jogged the first quarter mile or so, just to help shake out the crowd from the start.  I finished the first mile pretty quickly.  I was able to take off my gloves for a few minutes because I finally began to warm up.

The second mile was pretty non-eventful, although a bit slow.  The water stop was right before the 2nd mile marker, and that’s also where the 10kers joined in. The water stop was staffed with CNU student (I’m guessing the men’s track team) and they were having a blast and being goofy.

I’m not sure why they have the 10kers join in at this point.  Its difficult to have 10k runners mix in with 5k walkers.  I suppose logistically it makes sense and probably has to do with road closures and the course, but when you are in the midst of it, it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

The last mile was a bit slow – I was ready to be done, and less willing to push it! 🙂 I enjoyed seeing the 10kers though, I’m always encouraged by the diversity of the runners I see in all race distances.  I ran in the last quarter mile or so.  I finished at 48:26.


After Party

I was freezing at the finish.  I got my medal, my water and snacks, grabbed some BBQ, etc.  I decided against beer and against staying longer, because I was just too cold!

Have you ever misjudged the weather for a race? Do you prefer race day packet pickup?

Weekly Update – 1/30/2017

This week was a pretty good one.  I tried to make some time to de-stress and reduce my anxiety, as I’ve had a few anxiety attacks at work recently.  Working out consistently has been good, but I’m trying hard to find balance throughout everything in my life.


Michael came home around 2 am Monday morning.  I quietly snuck off to work, so I didn’t get to see him until I came home from work.  I skipped a workout so that we could catch up and spend some quality time together.


Hit the gym for 2 miles on the treadmill.  My plantar fasciitis said “hello” again after the workout.  Guess I need to get hardcore about PT again.


Yoga was so amazing and yet so hard.  We focused on hip openers and lengthening our hamstring and calves.  Ouch. But, totally needed it.


Date night with my hubby. We went to Red Robin and had a nice evening.


We had Mexican food with my brother in law.  Always a favorite of mine!


Since I had a 5k on Sunday, and they last second cancelled race day pickup, I had to drive to a neighboring city to pick up my race packet. Packet pickup went well, then we went to Whole Foods and had an omelet.

We came home, I got ready for the baby shower I was attending, and Michael went to hang out with his brother. The shower was for the wife of a childhood friend of mine.  She’s sweet and their baby boy is so loved already!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching COPS.


Game Day 5k! Recap to come. After the race, I came home, got a shower, and ate the sub I had picked up on the way home.  Michael ended up working (an emergency came up), so I watched Finding Dory on Netflix (LOVED IT).  We had made a garlic parmesan chicken dish in the crock pot, so we had that as we watched the Super Bowl.

We went to bed early and missed all the excitement in the game, but I didn’t really care who won, so I wasn’t that upset 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?