Weekly Update – 1/23/2016

This week was good and fairly relaxing.  We’ve had a lot of stress recently and being at home and just relaxing has been really good.  He probably didn’t relax a ton on his trip, but I sure did while he was gone!


Didn’t feel like heading to the gym, so I got 2 miles in on the treadmill at home.


On Tuesday morning, we had a framing tour of the new house with our builder.  We got to walk around, confirm that all the options in the various rooms were correct (electric, plumbing, cable, etc).


The gym was INSANE. Absolute madness.  I found a treadmill and got in 2 miles.  I was actually planning on doing strength training, but people had equipment everywhere and I couldn’t find anything I wanted.


We had some major traffic issues on Wednesday.  By the time I left work, I knew there would be no way I’d make it to yoga on time. Michael and I spent some good quality time together.


Thursday night was an errand day after work, as Michael was going to be leaving to go to Vegas on Friday.  We watched some recorded news shows and went to bed early.


Michael left on Friday to go to Vegas with a buddy of his.  While its nice to have “me” time, I always miss him a lot when he’s gone.  My stepdad and I (finally) went to see Rogue One.  It was fantastic!


I allowed myself to sleep in on Saturday.  I got up and hit the treadmill for 2 miles.  I grabbed a quick shower, got a text from my realtor that someone wanted to see the house, and I had to spring into action and clean up the house.

Mom and I had already planned to go shopping for a baby shower we are attending and grab some lunch.  Since the showing was in the afternoon and I had to be out of the house, we did some more shopping (target, grocery shopping, etc) and then hung out at her house and did a puzzle for a little while.  I vegged out for the rest of the night.


Slept in again on Sunday and got up and did another 2 miles on the treadmill.  Got a shower, took my time getting ready, and picked up some jersey mikes for lunch.  I legit spent the rest of the day watching Netflix – all the things I knew Michael wouldn’t want to watch.

What do you do when your significant other is away for a trip? Are you able to sleep in, or does your body always wake you up at the same time every day?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 1/23/2016

  1. I love the home pictures! It’s fun to see it go up here on the blog and it’ll be fun for you guys to look back at the pics someday.

    My body can definitely sleep in if I let it… especially depending on my workout schedule from the week before. I find that as I increase mileage I need the extra rest more and more. Clay was away this weekend though and sometimes it is hard to go to sleep without him. He got back Sunday and I was so glad to see him that I skipped yoga and we spent the whole afternoon together.

    • Thanks! Its been a lot of fun to drive by and see the progress.
      I have trouble falling asleep when Michael is away…but once I’m asleep, man, can I sleep in. Glad you got to spend some good quality time together after he came home!

  2. Your house is looking good. I watch all the things my husband doesn’t want to watch as well when he is gone. My body wakes up at the same time every morning…ugh.

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