Weekly Update – 1/2/2017

Other than the snowstorm we got that kept us inside, this felt like a very good week.  Very productive in terms of the house and very good from a work/balance perspective.


Since we work at a bank, we also got Monday off as the observed day for New Years.  We got up, drank our coffee, then started tackling the house.  We plan on listing it on Friday, so we had a lot to clean up!  Here are a few things we did: mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, dusted, cleaned all the baseboards, vacuumed, took down all the Christmas décor, took more stuff to storage, made a crockpot meal, 2 loads of laundry, etc.

I had no guilt about not making it to the gym.  That was some hard work and I was very sore the next day!


Tuesday was a really rough day back to work. After work, we hit up the gym.  I did a quick 2 miles on the treadmill.  Its hard not to be at the fitness level I used to be, but I know better than to push it.  Slow and steady!


I finally made it back to yoga and it felt so good.  Thankfully, Jaye did a more restorative class instead of her normal flow yoga class, so it was a bit easier to get back into it.


On Thursday, the impending doom of snowmaggedon was apparent, so we did our grocery shopping to make sure we had enough essentials through the weekend.  We also got ingredients to make a pretty fantastic beef stew.



After work, the realtor came over to get everything together to list the house! The market is starting to rebound, and she’s confident we can list it a little higher than we originally anticipated.


On Saturday, the snow started falling before we woke up.  We were anticipating 8-12 inches, but knew the forcasters were probably a bit off.  They were. The heaviest snow was a little farther north.  We still got a good 6-8 inches though.  It was true blizzard conditions, and that wind was insane!


We made the wonderful beef stew – I wish I had a picture of the finished product, but I have a few prep pics.  We watched a lot of Netflix, played on our devices, watched the snow fall, etc.


The temperatures didn’t rise at all on Sunday.  It was another day inside the house.  Michael did go out and shovel a little bit and clear the cars.  We knew it was likely we’d have to go into work on Monday, so we wanted to be prepared.

Did you get any snow where you are? What is your favorite thing to do when you are stuck inside due to weather?




2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 1/2/2017

  1. We got a lot of snow both in NJ and on our drive down to Alabama. I could not believe how bad it was on the way. I enjoy a snow day here and there because I feel like I get to actually relax.

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