Weekly Update – 10/3/2016

Pretty good week, considering we got hit by a hurricane we weren’t supposed to get. Maybe one day I’ll work out again…


Came home to our roof being FINISHED. Just in time for this hurricane coming up the coast!


I ended up working late on Tuesday.  It was one of those days that the work just multiplied and I felt like I couldn’t get on top of it.  Then I came home and worked even more!


Wednesday was pretty uneventful. Came home and did some chores.


On Thursday, we had all these grand plans to go to the gym.  Right.  We both had to work late on Thursday.


On Friday, I had a training class that went until 6pm.  I worked from home after lunch so that I could take the class from the comfort of my own home.  Michael was out of town for work, so his brother and I had some yummy Mexican food for dinner.


I went shopping with my mom for a dress I need for a wedding this upcoming week.  We found THREE at Old Navy that I liked.  Thank goodness for amazing sales.  I was able to get them all.  The hurricane hit around 2 – and it POURED for the next 18 hours. We were not anticipating that hard of a hit, as it was forecasted to turn.


On Sunday, we decided not to head to church (we have to cross a bridge).  It was a good call too, because the bridge we usually go over was closed.  The rain stopped around lunch time.

We ran some errands and then went out to dinner with my mom and stepdad to get some yummy Chinese food.

Monday – bonus day!

Since Monday was Columbus Day, we had the day off.  We rented a storage unit and moved a bunch of stuff into it.  We want to start getting rid of clutter so that we can stage our house to sell.  We will be living in it while we try to sell it, so it needs to be as neat as possible.  This was the best workout I got in awhile! I literally packed my mom’s minivan full, by myself!

 Did you get hit by the hurricane? How was your long weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 10/3/2016

  1. We got hit by the hurricane. Honestly Charleston isn’t so bad, a lot of debris down and some places are just reopening today… a few people still don’t have power. But the devastation is much worse in the area where mine and Clay’s families live and where we evacuated TO (we came home Saturday evening and that was a smart decision). Two of my coworkers have lost their homes and many of my coworkers, friends, and my uncle have had trees fall on their homes and cause large holes. They are not expecting to have power all week there :(. So I’m thankful the only issues we had were no power for 24 hours and the inconvenience of the evacuation.

    Glad your roof was fixed before the hurricane and you guys are safe. Be careful on the roads and with the cleanup. Some roads here are still in rough shape.

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