I’m still alive!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile.  We took a vacation to Vegas (yay!) and life has been crazy since we got back with work, new house stuff, current house stuff, etc.

Here’s a few updates to play catchup!

New House

We have a ratified contract.  Everything is DONE and decided.  Now we just wait for them to break ground, which will probably be in December.

Current House

My mom helped us out by doing a lot of painting.  We had her paint trim work, a bathroom, and help us do some deep cleaning.  The plan was to get a storage unit this month to start putting away some of the clutter so we can show the house and people will actually want to buy it.

We found out this past week that we need a new roof.  We had some heavy rains and we found a massive leak we didn’t know we had.  We have hired someone to do it, just waiting for some good weather to get it done!  We’ve decided to hire a home inspector to see if we can find any other hidden surprises.


I got a raise! I have added a lot of responsibility over the past few years and my salary has never really caught up.  I’m very thankful and its put a little extra pep in my step.  But work has still be stressful and in a period of flux as we adjust to bringing in an acquired company and new leadership.


I’ll probably do another post about this, but we had a BLAST in Vegas.  Lots of fun, and the west coast has a completely different landscape!

Running/Working Out

So….this is a blog most devoted to running and working out….two things I’ve been doing VERY little of.  I’ve been pretty inconsistent since June and our big work merger, but it really took a dive after Vegas.  However, we’ve had a lot of “life” going on, and its been important to focus on our family, our home, etc.

But! I have a 5k on Saturday.  I will be probably just walk most of it, maybe dabble in a little jogging, but no need to hurt myself when I know I’ve not been working out much at all.

I miss you guys! I’ll be stalking you guys to catch up on what I’ve missed – but leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing!

3 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

    • Yeah, seems like any time you come into any extra money….the car has an issue, the house needs something…etc. Needing a new roof was a really big surprise. Thank goodness for emergency funds!

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