Weekly Update – 8/15/2016


I managed to get 3 workouts in this week, which trust me, doesn’t sound like a lot, but is a little victory for me.  It has been hard to be motivated when I don’t see any results, but now I’m starting to see them, which has been encouraging.


I went home after work, did some cleaning and organizing and then jumped on the treadmill to walk 2.25 miles.  I started watching Season 1 of One Tree Hill.  I figured that would be a good motivator for me to get on the ‘mill and get some miles in.


Got in another 2.25 miles on the treadmill while watching One Tree Hill.


I needed a rest day on Wednesday.  Work has been crazy!


Got in my last 2.25 miles for the week on the treadmill while watching One Tree Hill.  Thursday was absolutely insane at work.  I can’t wait for Vegas.


I worked from home on Friday.  I just needed to be away from the work building.  I managed to get a lot of work done.  My mom has been helping us with some painting, so she was over working on that.  She got to see a little taste of what it is I do…every time I got a phone call, etc.  I think its really neat for her to actually hear/see what I do!

After work, I went and spent time with my stepsister, my nephew and her mother-in-law.  They were staying at my mom’s for the weekend.


Michael had been out of town since Thursday afternoon for work, and came back on Saturday.  We had a pretty lazy day, just vegged out and watched Netflix, complete with homemade airpopped popcorn.


Mom is having a yard sale next weekend, so we went over to bring her more stuff and help her price.  We picked up some chopped salads from Taste Unlimited for dinner and spent time with her and Ken and the baby! I love that kid so much.


We had church responsibilities on Sunday, then did our normal chores afterward.  Despite all the work we did, it still felt like a relaxing day.

 How was your week?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 8/15/2016

  1. I’m glad you had a good week and got some workouts in and also got to work from home (plus, accomplished stuff while working from home). With work, painting, and yard sale-ing I can see why you were a bit stressed. The pic of the baby is so cute and I love his shirt!

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