Weekly Update – 8/8/2016

You may have noticed that I skipped a few weekly updates.  Oops! Life got in the way and I didn’t do a whole lot of working out or anything, so didn’t feel the need to post much!  We did go on a vacation to Atlantic City for a few days and it was a great getaway.  I did a TON of walking, which lord knows I needed due to all that yummy food I ate.


Walked 2.6 miles after work on the treadmill at home.  I just didn’t feel like yoga, I had too much energy.  I turned on Eddie and the Cruisers and rocked out while I walked.


Walked 2 miles on the treadmill.  Finished Eddie and the Cruisers 🙂


Skipped a workout on Wednesday because I was just mentally drained. It was a rough day at work.  I’ve had quite a few of those lately.  Ready for this season of busyness to be over.


On Thursday, I came home and got some cleaning out and organizing done at the house. We are trying to get rid of stuff in preparation for packing up a lot of our clutter so we can show our house for selling.


On Friday, we had Mexican with my brother in law.  I had a hankering for tacos.


On Saturday I had my husband wake me up early (he normally tiptoes around and lets me sleep in on Saturday).  I had to get the yard done before it got too hot (its been in the high 90s here with heat indexes up to 107).  We have a small townhome and therefore a small yard, but I still managed to get 17 bug bites THROUGH MY CLOTHES in the short time I was out there.

After I got cleaned up and had my coffee and breakfast, we went clothes shopping.  We are going to Vegas soon and I need to have enough clothes for the trip.  I only own one pair of “nice” shorts…all the rest are workout shorts.

After that, we spent 3 hours with the builder trying to finish our selections for our house.  We celebrated our hugely successful day with some Chinese food while we watched COPS.  Nerd alert.


On Sunday, we had church responsibilities, then I went to Target to spend all my money on all the makeup while Michael went grocery shopping.  We did our normal food prep, cleaning and laundry.

How have things been for everyone?! I miss you guys!


One thought on “Weekly Update – 8/8/2016

  1. This has been such a busy time of the year for a lot of people, myself included. I’m glad to see you are enjoying life which is honestly the most important part.

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