Weekly Updates – 7/4/2016 & 7/11/2016

I decided to lump two weeks together because honestly, not a lot happened that was of note, and I figured I’d just put it all together! Being on vacation also throws a wrench in your blogging plans too….


I already talked about Monday in last week’s post.


It was hard to come back to work on Tuesday after a nice long weekend that followed our crazy work weeks.  After work I headed to Kohl’s to try to find a new bathing suit for the beach.  I realized that I have been wearing the same suits for the last 4 years now…they are getting very worn out! I found a nice Nike 2 piece suit (I like some more coverage than the average suit).


After work on Wednesday I went to visit my mom.  She’s watching my nephew for a few days and I got to soak up some time with him and his huge cheeks!


On Thursday, I brought mom dinner and helped her bake 3 batches of cookies.  Spent even more time with my nephew and it was a blast.

Friday – Wednesday

Friday night was spent doing laundry, packing and getting ready to go to the beach.  On Saturday we left to go to Nags Head for a few days with my mom and stepdad’s family.

Saturday through Wednesday were spent at the beach.  Here’s a few pictures of our time there…notice they are pretty much all of my nephew!

Thursday – Friday

On Thursday and Friday it was back to work as normal.  Its so rough to go back to work after a vacation!


On Saturday, Michael went to Dover to do a little gambling.  He came back with $700.  I spent my day completely lazy, catching up on shows on my DVR, doing a puzzle, etc.


On Sunday it was nice to get to back to church.  We did chores afterwards and all of our food prep for the week.

How have the last few weeks been for you? Have you had a summer vacation yet?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Updates – 7/4/2016 & 7/11/2016

  1. We haven’t had a vacation! My husband has “unlimited vacation” at his job, which is really code for NO VACATION and he works all the time (I promise you the other people take days off, it’s just that he’s a workaholic). Looks like you had a nice week though- I’m glad you found a swimsuit because that is oh so hard. All the beach pictures are also very pretty and it seems like your vacation was worth it, but yeah… working after a vacation is tough!

    • You know, I think those policies actually backfire. I have limited vacation, but I have to use it during the calendar year or I lose it. It actually forces me to take it more. Tell him to stop being such a workaholic and take you on a vacation!

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