We’re Building a House!!!!!!!!!!

I’m super excited to share that Michael and I will be building a house.  AH! It seems unreal to say that.  We signed the contract on Wednesday night!

We have been working diligently over the past year to pay down our wedding debt, school loans, etc, and we are getting toward a place where we can do this!  Because we still have a few more financial goals we’d like to reach, we won’t be starting the building process until December and we won’t close on the house until June 2017. So basically what I’m saying is that you should be prepared to hear a lot about the process 🙂

But we have locked in our pricing, our lot (we even know our address!!!), and even have chosen the outside colors of the house!  We have until they start building to finalize any options we want….colors, materials, etc.  I’m not very talented in interior decorating, so this will be an interesting process!

We have a lot of confidence in our builders.  They are well known in our area, produce quality homes and are extremely detailed oriented about the entire process.

Have any of you ever built (or remodeled) a home?  Any advice or lessons learned?


4 thoughts on “We’re Building a House!!!!!!!!!!

  1. We looked at home plans but instead of building, we bought an already-built-but-new-to-us home. I think building is a good idea though, you can get EXACTLY what you want without having to settle or do remodeling work after you buy. Glad you got your pricing locked in too- but definitely budget for extras 🙂

    • Building isn’t for everyone – it can be stressful! We are already starting to realize some of the extras. We knew we’d need some new furniture, etc. But we didn’t know that they won’t put in ceiling fans, its extra to paint your ceiling white, etc. It certainly adds up!

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