Weekly Update – 6/6/2016

This past week was a weird week.  The funeral was difficult.  Life is crazy busy right now, some things I talk about here, some things I’m not ready to share yet.  I know that work tends to be crazy for a lot of people, so I don’t pretend that my situation is any more difficult than anyone else’s.  We are just in a crazy season right now.  My bank has acquired another bank, and we are converting them over in less than 2 weeks.


Monday was an odd day.  After such a joyful weekend, it was hard to go back to work.  Monday was also Stephanie’s funeral.  It was such a wonderful celebration of her life, but still a very emotionally difficult day.  Traffic was bad coming back from the funeral and I missed yoga.


I was supposed to get my haircut on Saturday, but my hairdresser called on Monday and asked if I was free Tuesday night.  Heck yes! It was time for the long messy hair to go!

I should have taken a before and after picture, but here is a recent picture with the long hair…and then the short!


I ended up working way late on a project at work and missed yoga class.  I did get a lot of housework done instead though!


Thursday was a really rough day at work.  We came home, got changed, and went for a 2 mile walk in my mom’s neighborhood.  We ended up staying for dinner and spending time with my mom and stepdad, which was really wonderful.


On Friday, we spent time with my Aunt Donna and her friend Bob.  They came down to visit and to use their green thumbs to help whip our front flower bed into shape!  It looks amazing.


I wish I had a “before” picture!



On Saturday, I slept in while Michael went out for a run (!!!!) He ran some errands while I got some laundry done.  We got Mexican food for lunch, then went out for Coldstone ice cream.  We ate bad on Saturday!  Then we went for a drive, and looked and some of the huge homes in the nice neighborhoods around us.


We had church responsibilities on Sunday.  Michael came home and took a nap, while I was a lazy bum.  He went out to get indian food with his brother.  It was a very nice, relaxing day.

How was your week? Do you have a green thumb?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 6/6/2016

  1. I love driving around neighborhoods and looking at homes. It’s not something we do much now that we own a home but it sure was fun when we were looking. Even now, sometimes I like going to restaurants in different places just because it’s a new road or neighborhood and I can see what’s around. It’s amazing how much homes and neighborhoods vary in the same city.

    Sorry about all the stress of work and the funeral. Glad you got to spend some time with family and with Michael, though!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the stress and I appreciate you reaching out to me. There are some really nice houses in your general vicinity. My mom and I have driven through some of the neighborhoods too.

  3. Thank you. I know its only stress for a season (at least I hope!) so I’m just trying to hunker down and make it to the other side. There are a lot of nice neighborhoods and homes. We like driving through Harbour View on the James River and looking at all the mansions on the water. They are beautiful but we always talk about how much work they must be to clean!!!!

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