Quick Update – Crummy few weeks

So I had my normal post prepared for last week, but I felt I could just give a quick sum up instead.

To start this all off, I had a cold the first week in May (allergies were bad).

Then, the weekend of May 6-8 we traveled up to  Pennsylvania to see my grandfather.  His lung cancer had progressed and he was doing very poorly.  Unfortunately, he passed away while we were up there visiting.  We traveled back on Monday the 9th.

On Wednesday the 11th, we drove back up to PA for the funeral.  The funeral was on Thursday and was very nice.  A ton of people showed up and it indicated to me how much he was loved in the community.  It was also some really nice time spent with family.  It was really the joyful celebration of his life that he would have wanted.

We drove back to VA on Friday the 13th.

On Sunday night, as I prepared to go back to work, I started feeling ill.  My stomach didn’t feel quite right. By 9pm, I realized I had a stomach bug.  I’ll spare you the details.  I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night and stayed home sick on Monday and Tuesday.

I headed back to work today, but because I’ve not had much of an appetite and not eaten much, I’m pretty exhausted.  My immune system is pretty compromised at this point and I’m completely exhausted.  I may just lurk around here for awhile until I feel up to posting about working out again.  Right now, that’s not even on my radar.

I have to catch up on everyone’s blogs, but for now: What have I missed out on? How have things been for you?

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