Weekly Update – 5/2/2016

This past week was a rough one for a variety of reasons, hence the late posting of this update.  Sometimes you just have weeks like this….


It was unusually warm and humid on Monday, which led our yoga studio to be a bit unusually warm.  Class was a bit difficult because of that, and also because of all the bad food and drink I had at my brother’s wedding over the weekend.

Still, 2 months after my fall, my knee can still be pretty intolerant of kneeling.  I’ll be excited when that is no longer true and I feel like I can be free in my yoga practice.


Got two easy miles in on the treadmill.


On Wednesday I started feeling bad…sore throat, etc.  I crashed hard after work and started feeling really terrible.


I slept really poorly Wednesday night and felt terrible in the morning.  Dragged myself to work anyway, but left early to finish out the day at home.

Friday – Sunday

I worked at home on Friday so that we could get on the road to go up to Pennsylvania.  My grandfather’s health has been slowly declining over the past few months, and we felt it was important to see him.  We had some great quality time with family, but unfortunately, he did pass away on Sunday night.  We have a long week ahead of us as we travel back to PA for the funeral.  If you could keep my family in your thoughts and prayers, I’d greatly appreciate it.





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