Weekly Update – 4/25/16 + My brother got married!

This was a great week.  Mostly because I was lazy and because my brother got married!!!!


Got in a quick mile before yoga.  Class was pretty crowded.  My knee is still getting better, but there are some things I do that it says “nope” to.  Its been two months!


I didn’t get a workout in.  My hand wash/gentle laundry (aka all of my work clothes) has been piling up and I needed to get it done.  I hate doing it because I have to hang dry all of them and it stinks.  So I got that done and starting getting myself together for my brother’s wedding this weekend.


On Wednesday, I got some more laundry done, and packed for the weekend.


Left work early to head up to Charlottesville for my brother’s wedding!  The trip was pretty uneventful.  We got checked into our hotel, then grabbed dinner at a steakhouse.  I had some wonderful salmon!


On Friday, we got up to head into Charlottesville so I could get my nails done with the girls.  It was a fun time, full of mimosas and getting to know each other.  After Michael and I left Charlottesville, we went back to the hotel to get some lunch and get ready for rehearsal.  We got to Veritas early for rehearsal and had a glass of wine.  Rehearsal finished early, so we had some more wine until it was time to go to dinner.

Dinner was at a cool place called “The Local” in Charlottesville.  Yummy food and a great time.


Michael, me and my sister Grace



My brother got married!!! I’ll spare you all the details so here are the highlights:

  • getting ready starting at 10am for a 6pm wedding
  • Lots of champagne
  • pretty hair and makeup
  • bride freaking out about the weather
  • deciding to hold the wedding outside because its not supposed to rain until 9pm
  • rains through the entire outside wedding
  • we dance and party the night away
jaryd and laura

A little rain can’t stop these two! *

jaryd and laura2



Ignore my dumb face I’m making…isn’t my brother handsome?


Dad, Laura and Jaryd!


* Photo credit to William Walker Photography


Sunday was spent recovering from our hangovers.  We got on the road around 10:30, stopped at Tiffanys to get our rings cleaned, then stopped at the Continental for a late brunch, complete with mimosas and omelets!

It was a great week and now its back to reality! How was y0ur week?


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