Lifestyle Change & Goals

I’ve not talked a lot about it, because its been quite embarrassing to talk about.  I’ve gained weight.  A lot of weight.  I now weigh more than I ever have before, more than I did in 2012 when I lost 30 lbs.


Now, before you lecture me about proper body image, I want to say that I know that a number on a scale is not everything.  There are many other indicators of health – fitness, good blood pressure, good cholesterol, a strong, healthy body.  Unfortunately, a lot of those other markers are not where they should be, just like my weight. In fact, my goal weight is still considered “overweight.” But its a weight I have felt strong and healthy at in the past.  I’d even like to get down into a more healthy range, but that’s for phase 2!

Michael and I sat down and laid out some goals recently.  Both of us want to see some improvement.  We will be traveling to Las Vegas in late August, and have set that as a goal to lose some weight.  We have just over 4 months until then.

Some of my goals:

  • Lose 25 pounds (that translates to about 1.5 lbs a week)
  • Get back to under 35 minutes on my 5k – or better!
  • Workout a minimum of 3x/week
  • No eating after 8:30pm
  • Fewer than 2 sodas a day (SUCH a bad habit).
  • No more than one fancy Starbucks drink a week (regular or iced coffee not included)
  • Log food, exercise, and monitor blood pressure
  • Monitor portion sizes and eat appropriate portions

I’m sharing these goals with you as a means of keeping myself accountable.  I find that I very much need accountability to be successful.

One challenge I have is that my doctor and I have decided to tweak some of my medication that I’m on to control some of my “female issues.” I’ll spare you from any more TMI than that.  That being said, I’ve had some wonky side affects in the past.  One of the side affects of my last medication was some of my weight gain.  I’m hoping the side affects will be minimal, but that is something I’ll need to monitor to make sure it won’t derail my plans.

I share all this with you since I’ll probably need some help and encouragement.  Anyone who has struggled losing weight will tell you that its very difficult and can be very discouraging if progress is not being made.

I like to think of this blogging community as very mutually encouraging.  Everyone is at a different place in life and has different goals.

What are some goals you set for yourself recently? What encourages you?




4 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change & Goals

  1. I think you’ve set some great goals and a good timeframe to achieve them. You’re right about the scale not meaning everything, but health is so important especially while we’re young. I do agree that is is a bit tough not to gain weight with getting married and also a busy lifestyle like work (you said your job has been super busy lately). I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I think the first step is admitting your goals and you’ve done that. I have faith that you are going to be able to hit your target and lose the weight. Plus now that we are fitbit friends, we can motivate each other! I think logging food is the best thing you can do yourself. It’s hard to see where you start without logging!

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