Race Recap: ODU Big Blue 5k 2016

This was my first time doing the ODU Big Blue 5k, and my husband’s first race EVER. J&A always puts on great races, and this was no exception.  The highlight of this game is that you get to finish on the 50 yard line of the football field!

Packet Pickup and Expo

We opted for race day pickup, since we didn’t feel like fighting traffic on Friday night.  It was pretty quick, like most J&A Races, and we found a place to hang out for awhile.  We didn’t feel like taking our stuff back to the car, so we opted to do the dry bag check.

Race Day Conditions/Attire

High in the low 60s and not a cloud in the sky…perfect running weather, and much better than the weather I’ve had recently. I opted for a short sleeved shirt, capris, and a hat.  I’m becoming more of a fan of running with a hat on.

Pre Race

We had a lot of time to kill before the race. I had a chance to eat my Clif bar and drink a bit of water.  Michael had to use a porta potty, which he was not a fan of (I guess I’m used to it?!)  I fangirled over Kris Lawrence when I spotted her at some point pre-race. We watched the kids fun run, ran into my friend Kim (who I’ve done a few races this year with), a friend from college, and had plenty of time to head to our corrals.  I started in corral 4, Michael was in 5. I put my headphones in and got ready to start while Michael settled into his corral.

Race Time

They started the corrals within about 30 seconds of each other.  I hoped to run the whole race, but ultimately left it up to how I felt.  I ran the first mile with no issue.  I took a small walk break right after the 1st mile marker since I wasn’t breathing correctly (yay allergies) and took a second to catch my breath and start taking deeper breaths.  I ran though the second mile, and saw Michael at the turnaround.  He was not far behind me.

It took forever to get to mile 3 and when I hit it and saw how far we had to go, I knew that I had longer than a tenth of a mile to go.  Darn it all that weaving I did.  I had hoped to get under 40 minutes (and when my garmin hit 3.10, I definitely made it), but I finished officially in 40:29. Michael ended up finishing in 40:10.  He beat me!!!! I demand a rematch.

While I’m a bit frustrated that I didn’t hit my time goal, that was the best 5k time I’ve had since 2013.  I can’t be mad at that progress!  I’ve gained quite a bit of weight since 2013, so it makes that victory even sweeter.

After Party

I think this was the longest I’ve spend at an after-party.  Michael got to ring the PR bell and write his PR up on the board. I fangirled over Kris Lawrence again. The after-party was tailgate style, and they had free Moes (yum) and Corona for us.  We also found some free Krispy Kreme.  Michael and I devoured our burritos and got a beer.  I spend the whole after party just in awe of him and I am beyond proud of him.  He even mentioned wanting to do a race with me next month!

Do you run with your significant other? What was the best food you’ve had at an afterparty?

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