Weekly Update – 4/11/16

This week was a week of only one workout and a race. Not exactly what I planned, but we had a lot of “life” things this week.  On the flip side, my blood pressure seems to be getting a bit better!


I skipped yoga on Monday to do some yard work.  I didn’t realize how bad the backyard had gotten, so I went out and weeded and cleaned up some branches that had fallen, etc.  I really needed to mow. However, we just found out that we have black widows in our shed, so until it is treated by the exterminator next week, I’m not opening up that shed to get out any of my tools! The grass is just going to have to be long.


Went to the gym even though I was not feeling great.  Got in 2.75 miles on the treadmill.  It was a very tough few miles.


We had a ton of errands to run on Wednesday.  We also had a budget meeting to check in on our progress with debt payoff and some of our other goals.


On Thursday we had a meeting with our builder to go over the building process.  It was extremely informative and scary.  We are praying that our hopes align with God’s plan for us regarding a new home, so I hope that it all works out!


Friday was a little rough at work.  We went out for Mexican after work with my brother in law and it was wonderful!


Saturday was the ODU Big Blue 5k and my husband’s first race! Race recap to come 🙂


We spent the rest of the vegging out, which was nice.  We got a few errands done in between the being lazy.


After church on Sunday we went out to get Mexican food with a couple at our church. We came home and did some more errands.  Another lazy day!

Did you have good weather this weekend? How did you enjoy it?



2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 4/11/16

  1. We had great weather this weekend, although a bit windy. I had a good weekend and got some runs in and went to the farmer’s market. Congrats to your hubs on his race and I can’t wait to hear about it!

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