Weekly Update – 3/21/16

I didn’t intentionally set out to not workout this week.  I had planned on 2 rest days following my half marathon, but nothing beyond that. The rest of my days off were purely by coincidence and a product of the craziness of life right now.


First day after my half marathon.  I probably feel after a half marathon like most people do after a marathon.  I’m a wuss!  Since the weather was so nasty on race day, I definitely had a weird shoulder posture going on (I guess trying to stay warm), so my upper back hurt a LOT on Monday.  I wore my compression sleeves most of the day at work which helped my tight calves.  My feet still hurt a lot and were a little swollen.  My blisters…well, I don’t know if I can let them run their course.  Might have to pop them!

I did make sure to move around a lot, but no workout for this girl.  Would have done way more harm than good.


Opted for no workout again on Tuesday.  My feet were still swollen, and my back was still pretty sore.


I had to work late on Wednesday, which meant I couldn’t make yoga on time.  I did some light foam rolling and stretching, which felt nice, but still no workout.


Ugh, I was planning on going to the gym on Thursday.  But I had to work late, then there was a massive accident on the way home.  I didn’t get home till past dinner time. Probably not a bad thing to rest so much?


On Friday, we had some family over for dinner. It was a great time!  My dad is a nurse and he popped my blood blister for me.  It wasn’t making any progress at all healing, so he said it would be best to pop it.  I’m not squeamish, but even that got to me a bit!


Saturday was a really lazy day.  Much needed. We did some light chores, but mostly were really lazy!  We did go to the mall to find some shoes I need to wear as a bridesmaid, so we did get a nice walk in as we walked around the entire mall.


Easter Sunday!  We enjoyed church with our church family!  Afterward, we grabbed a quick lunch, then settled in for a nice day of Netflix marathoning and laziness!

I got some GREAT news on Sunday.  I have a friend name Stephanie who has been waiting for her 2nd heart transplant for about 2 years now. She received her first heart over 20 years ago. She received a heart on Sunday and is making a great recovery so far.  Please keep her in your thoughts over the next week or so, as well as the family of the donor.  Becoming an organ donor is such a personal, difficult choice, but one that can bring such joy and life to others.  Their family is grieving the lost of a love one, while we are delighting in a second chance for Stephanie.

If you have any questions about organ donation, please read about it here.  I can understand the reasons why you may not want to become an organ donor, and that is ok! I’m not criticizing your choice – it is such a deeply personal choice.

Do you ever have an unplanned week off? How was your Easter weekend? Are you an organ donor? I’d love to hear why/why not!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 3/21/16

  1. Sounds like a great week and wonderful Easter! I am an organ donor! It’s very important to me! My uncle needed a double lung transplant when he died some years back. Have a fabulous week! XOXO

  2. I think Shamrock took a lot out of most people. It’s crazy to think about between the weather and the actual race. I do think you made the right decision. I’m an organ donar because it could mean someone’s life and I’m not using it anymore anyways.

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