Thoughts on Shamrock

I posted the race recap to give an overview of the mechanics of the race day for me, but didn’t share a ton about how I felt about it, other than my thoughts beforehand.

I did 3 half marathons in 2014, and none in 2015 (mostly due to getting married and all the things that go along with that.  I was planning on doing the Dolphin Challenge (8k + Half) at Shamrock last year, but plantar fasciitis kept me out of it, so I deferred to this year.

My heart really wasn’t in it this year.  I mostly decided to run it because I had paid for it, I paid to defer it, I wanted to complete it from a Type A perspective.  I’ve been mourning the loss of a personal trainer (moved on to new opportunities), I’ve gained weight from being married and happy (its a real thing!), I had a less than mediocre training plan, and I had my fall a few weeks ago that interrupted my training.

I had already made up my mind well before Shamrock that this would be my last half for awhile.  I talked about that some last year.  I don’t see myself doing a half marathon anytime in the near future.  I don’t enjoy training for them, I don’t enjoy what they do to my body, they make me injury prone…so I don’t want to do them. At least for the foreseeable future.

That being said.  I’m glad I ran this past weekend.  Even though it was my slowest half to date, the weather was miserable, etc….I ran/walked a great mental race.  I succeeded so much mentally, and that is a huge win for me.

I’m very much looking forward to my race schedule for the rest of the year. I have a bunch of 5ks, a 7k (cool!), a 5 miler, and a 10k.  I don’t really plan on doing anything longer than a 10k for awhile.

I’m looking forward to training for shorter distances, for not feeling pressured to have this enormous training plan with long runs, the opportunity to mix up my workouts and not focus just on running, etc.

Thanks for letting me think out loud and process how I’m feeling.  I know that I’ll be much more engaged with my training and my running by backing off of distances I don’t love.  Thanks for all the support you’ve given me and continue to give me!

Love you guys!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Shamrock

  1. I think you’re making the right decision not to run half marathons if your heart’s not in it. Last summer I ran a bunch of 5Ks and some I didn’t want to do, just because my friends wanted to run them and peer pressured me. I think I ran 9 races in less than 2 months. It was just too much for me and I got way burnt out. None of us are getting paid to run and we do it because we love it, so why run or train for a distance or race you’re not passionate about? The 7K event and the others sound like a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy them!

    • Thanks, girl. I agree, if we are doing this for fun, why do race distances you don’t love? Its hard not to let friends (or even strangers) pressure you into races, but you have to do what makes you comfortable. Could I do a 5k every weekend in a month? Sure! Do I want to or need to? No, of course not. I think you’ve found a great balance of doing the races you love for reasons you love and not feel pressured by others. You run the way you want to – and that’s awesome! There is a delicate balance between encouragement and pressure!

  2. I completely agree with you and I think it’s so important to find a distance you love and enjoy. None of are going to be pro, so e don’t need to waste time with a distance that isn’t fun.

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