Weekly Update – 3/14/16

Pretty boring week up until Shamrock.  I have had a long rest before Shamrock due to my knee contusion from my fall at work.  Hopefully that proves to be a good thing!


Got in a quick .50 miles in on the treadmill before yoga.  Yoga was ok.  Its still hard to kneel on my bad knee, as the bruise is deep and hurts!


I worked all the hours on Tuesday.  I didn’t finish work until 7:30, so no workout for me.  Its probably a good thing to rest up.


On Wednesday, the weather was amazing.  High of 84.  In March.  Michael and I went for a walk around a local neighborhood off the water.  I didn’t really keep track, but I think it was about 2 miles.


No workout on Thursday.  I had a lot of errands to get done before Shamrock weekend!


Expo!  More to come!


Shamrock 8k! More to come!


Shamrock Half! More to come!

Pretty boring week…until Shamrock! Post coming tomorrow!


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