Weekly Update – 2/29/16

This past week was pretty uneventful, as I was not allowed to workout at the beginning of the week, and the back half of the week was spent slowly getting back into my workout routine.  I know I could have done much more than I actually did, but I want to make sure to not push it and hurt myself worse before Shamrock.


Still on light duty on Monday, which meant no working out. My knee was still pretty swollen all day.  After work, I came home and mostly sat on my rear end in front of the TV.


Still not allowed to work out.  I went to vote after work, then went home and worked for a bit longer before being a bum for the rest of the night.


Finally allowed to work out!  I decided to take it super easy and see how everything felt.

Did a nice slow mile on the treadmill (3mph). Knee felt ok, but is still swollen, so it was a little uncomfortable just because it has that fat, tight feeling.  Did some strength training too.

Three Rounds:

  1. 10 overhead tricep extensions
  2. 10 bent over rows (each side)
  3. 10 overhead press

One Round:

  1. 10 bench push-ups
  2. 10 bench tricep dips


Worked out at home.  Just did a nice and slow 2 miles on the treadmill.


On Friday, we took my stepmom out for her birthday.  We went to Outback and had a nice time.


On Saturday, I had to work for a few hours in the morning.  After that wrapped up, we cleaned the house (it needed it bad).  Then Michael’s parents came to visit.  We took them out to lunch and to see a model home like the one we are going to build.  We had a pretty relaxing rest of the day


After church responsibilities on Sunday, we went to get a shower gift for my brother and future sister in law’s shower.  We also went to Home Depot and got a new kitchen light.  We did our normal Sunday shopping and cooking.

How was your week?  If you live in a state that had primaries this week, did you vote?


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