Weekly Update – 2/22/16 – Minor Mishap!

This week was gearing up to be a great week, then I had a little accident at work that threw a little wrench in my plans. Only time will tell if this will end up affecting Shamrock or not…


Got to the gym early enough to get in 1.5 miles before yoga.  Class was surprisingly full, in fact the entire gym was pretty crowded.  Class was good.  Jaye has started cuing differently, which is actually helping me.  She’s reminding us more and more what muscles should be engaged in poses, which has been wonderful.  Sometimes I’m focused on looking like I’m doing the pose right (and sometimes letting the wrong muscles carry the burden), instead of engaging the right muscles.


Got in 3.4 miles on the treadmill. Nothing too interesting!


We had some really bad storms on Wednesday that caused us to have to take shelter at work (tornado warning) and that produced some tornados.  I decided I’d rather be at home than the gym if a tornado hit, so I stayed home for my workout.

I got 2 miles in on the treadmill before a 30 minute yoga session.  I tried out a new app called “Down Dog” that allows you to chose the difficulty level of the practice, the length, and what kind of music you want.  The instructor’s voice is very soothing and I felt like I was actually in class! Great alternative for when I can’t make it to class.


Thursday was a very bad day.  I had a fall at work.  Super long story short, too much air freshener was sprayed in the bathroom, the floor was slick and I slid and landed really hard on my left knee.  This resulted in me having to be wheeled out of work on a wheelchair and then going to Patient First for x-rays.

Good news: Nothing broken.  If you heard how my knee hit the marble floor, you’d think otherwise.

Bad news: I have a super bruised and swollen knee.  I’m on “light duty” for 5 days (ends Wednesday) starting after the day of my injury, so no working out till then (assuming I feel good enough to work out then).

Light duty means that I have to elevate 20 minutes out of each hour, no standing more than 30 minutes an hour, and no climbing ladders.

While its easy to disobey doctor’s orders and do what I want if/when I feel up to it, I really have to listen because this is being filed through workman’s comp.



Went back to work and had to endure the questions about what happened and if I was ok.  Then I had to do all the paperwork for workman’s comp.

I encouraged Michael to still go out of town on his trip with his friend Shaun, so I spent Friday night watching Netflix and elevating my knee.


Slept in on Saturday, then got up and did a few chores before following doctor’s orders and elevating my knee.  Then I disobeyed doctor’s orders just a little and went out for lunch with my stepsisters, stepdad and mom.  While I sat most of the time, I didn’t elevate my knee like I should have. Afterward, we went to visit my step-grandparents (which allowed me to sit around and do what I’m supposed to 🙂 )


Who could resist this cutie?


Saturday night – when Michael got back from his trip, we went to Red Robin for dinner and had a nice time.


On Sunday, we went to church, then came back and did our normal Sunday chores.  It was such a nice day, and I wanted so badly to get out and exercise, but doctor’s orders…

Have you ever hurt yourself by falling like I did? How did you keep from going stir crazy when you aren’t allowed to work out?



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 2/22/16 – Minor Mishap!

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery. When I was injured a few summers ago, I spent a lot of time at the pool (reading, not swimming). I def. say to read or find some good shows on TV or movies, I caught up with a lot of TV viewing that summer…

    • Me too, girl! It’s taking some valuable time from training, but I think I’ll def be feeling ok by then. Might be a slow return to yoga though, that is a DEEP bruise on my knee, and I can’t imagine having to do a lot of the yoga poses I do and have to kneel!

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