Race Recap – For the Cure 5k 2016


This was my second race with Road Rage Events.  I’m really enjoying running at Mt. Trashmore.  This one was called “For the Cure” and was to benefit breast cancer research. My grandmother died of breast cancer, so doing this race felt like a good way to honor her memory.

Packet Pickup and Expo

Kim and I did packet pickup on race day.  We got there about an hour before the race.  Packet pickup was a little disorganized, but we got our bibs and headed back to the car to relax a bit before the race started.

Race Day Conditions/Attire

It was going to be a nice day, warming up to around 70.  It was supposed to be just around 50 when we finished, so I didn’t want to dress like it was too warm!  I opted for some capris and a long sleeved shirt over  a short sleeved shirt.  That way I could peel off the extra layer if I got warm.  I did push my sleeves up at a point in the race, but it wasn’t too bad.


After packet pickup, Kim and I sat in the car for a bit, but headed out early to see the kid’s fun run.  There was this one cute little kid who refused to run and despite encouragement from his dad and the crowd, slowly walked his way to the finish line.

It was then time for the 5k to start. We placed ourselves toward the back (there were no corrals) and we seemed to place ourselves appropriately.

Race Time

Kim wanted to mostly walk during this race, but she did want to beat her time from the Freezerburn 5k, so we decided we were going to run a bit.  I let her set the pace and decide when we would run.  We made goals like, “lets run to that bench down there,” or “lets run until the bend in the course.”  We often ran to pass people.  The first mile flew by, and before we knew it we were at the halfway point.

Mile 2 was pretty easy too.  We came upon a gentlemen and his trainer…and he was struggling.  We ran with him for a bit to encourage him, then passed him.  I was really proud of how hard Kim was working.  Running is not easy for her, but she kept pushing through.  She suggested times to run, ran further than our goals, and rocked it.

We ran in to the finish line and finished in 47:24, which was a big improvement on Freezerburn for her!

This was not a race that I was racing… I was just treating it as a workout.  Ya know, a workout with a tshirt and a medal at the end!

After Party

They had a table with water, powerade and some pretzels and granola.  We climbed up Mt. Trashmore after the race, then came back down to hang out a bit more before they started cleaning up.


Have you ever run with someone and helped them stay encouraged during a run?





4 thoughts on “Race Recap – For the Cure 5k 2016

  1. I will hopefully be running with my mom in her first 5K coming up this May! Great recap and that’s so wonderful that you were there for encouragement. I think all workouts should come with a medal. 😉

  2. I think it’s great to run with others and encourage them. Usually when I run in a race, I am doing it for me, even if it’s a race-out (race as a workout), but I will cool down on the course or near the course and stop to cheer for people. It really helps them along in the last couple miles of the race.

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