Race Recap: Game Day 5k 2016

Its been a long time since I’ve done a Flat Out Events race.  They primarily do races up on the peninsula, so I often forget about them!  I’ve wanted to try the Game Day 5k for a few years, but this is the first time I pulled the trigger on it!


Packet Pickup and Expo

Like last week, this was another smaller race (probably around 800 people), I opted for packet pickup on the day of the race.  Despite packet pickup being a little disorganized, I was able to get my race packet fairly quickly.  Michael and I had a lot of time to chill in the car and wait for the race to start.

I was really disappointed in the shirts for this race.  When they have unisex shirts, I get a medium, and when they have gender specific, I usually get a women’s large.  These were unisex shirts, and the medium was SO small.  Might as well have been a small.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing that shirt…

Race Day Conditions/Attire

It was in the 20s when I woke up, with the high only supposed to be around 40 for the day.  It was also pretty overcast, so I knew it would be a cold one.  I literally wore the same layers I did last week (long pants, tank, long sleeved shirt, and headband), but this week, I added a vest and my gloves.

While it was 37 degrees, I was so underdressed.  I froze the entire time! You would have thought it was in the 20s still!


After packet pickup, Michael and I sat around in the car.  It was a little too cold to just hang around outside.  The 10k was starting at 9, and the 5k started at 9:15.  I headed out there a few minutes before 9 to see the 10kers start, and to get a bathroom break in.

There were signs for corrals, but nothing super organized.  Like always, people were lined up improperly, so there were walkers in front of runners, etc.

Race Time

I started less than 20 seconds behind the gun.  I was able to pass a lot of the walkers with ease, and since the race was fewer than 400 people, it spread out pretty quick.  I ran the first half mile, then alternated run/walk every quarter mile.  That strategy seems to work pretty well for me.  I know a lot of people do time intervals, but I prefer distance intervals.

I hit mile marker one pretty quickly – I was surprised how fast I came upon it.  I think I ran/walked the first mile in just over 13 minutes.  Getting to mile two seemed to take a bit longer.  The 1okers joined back in with the 5kers just before our 2 mile mark, and at their 5 mile mark. Unfortunately, it was a little unmatched.  The 5kers were run/walking, and we were joining in with 10kers who were running.

I took my gloves off for a few minutes, because I felt like my hands were getting warm, but promptly put them back on!

The water break was at the 2 mile mark, then it was just over a mile to go.  This mile seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, I was around the other side of the block from the finish line.  I could tell my Garmin was a bit ahead (I ended up running 3.16 miles), but I decided to go for it at the end.

I crossed the finish line in 43:51.  I felt like I worked a lot harder than that time, but oh well.

After Party

I was freezing at the finish.  I got my medal, my water and snacks, caught my breath for a few minutes, and decided it was time to go. They were having the afterparty at a nearby restaurant, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Have you done a superbowl race? What was the coldest race you’ve ever done?




6 thoughts on “Race Recap: Game Day 5k 2016

  1. I’ve never done a Super Bowl themed race but it’s a great idea. I wish someone would put one on here in Charleston and I bet it would do really well. Although Sunday races here are very rare because it’s the South. Stinks that the shirt doesn’t work either- I think they should be specific on sizing for things like that.

    It sounds like this race was super duper cold and I don’t blame you not to hang around in the cold. I like it when colder races have a shelter or building for the awards and party, it was a bit cold at my race on Saturday and I think a lot of people left immediately for that reason too.

    • I’m surprised they don’t have anything like it around Charleston! I’m not a fan of Sunday races, as I attend church, but sometimes I’ll make an exception.

      It was excruciatingly cold! And I’m one who normally loves the cold!

      • Yeah, church is a huge thing here so Sunday morning races don’t work. My friend hosted a mile race on a Sunday afternoon and that didn’t work either, because after church people tend to eat a huge meal and then do nothing for the rest of the day, haha.

  2. I think it’s funny you said it was “smaller” because generally that is considered a big race around here! To be honest, it sounds like it was colder down in VA than it was here in NJ. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself though. It does look like a lot of fun.

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