Weekly Update – 1/18/16

Despite the really bad weather, I think I did a pretty decent job at getting to the gym. I know a lot of people struggle to get motivated in the winter, and I don’t feel like that’s been much of a problem for me, which is great.


I covered Monday in last week’s post.


After a long weekend away, it was hard to get back to the grind.  We went to the gym and I did a 5k on the treadmill.  I struggled with some tightness in my calves. Hopefully that goes away!


Yoga was particularly hard on Wednesday after skipping it for a week.  Jaye was about 20 minutes late to class, which was ok, things happen. But then she tried to extend class 20 minutes, which I wasn’t too fond of.  Since class was much shorter, it felt strange, it felt rushed, and I didn’t have a lot of focus.


It was really hard to be motivated to go to the gym with the impending doom of the weekend.  We are facing a massive snow/rain storm. Plus, it was one of those days that life happens and sometimes you just don’t make it to the gym.


On Friday, work let us go at 2pm since the snow was coming down pretty hard.  I took advantage of being home early, and I got in 3 miles on the treadmill at home.


On Saturday we woke up to sleet.  We decided to hit the gym before it got bad and changed back over to snow.  Got a really long good foam roll session in before doing 2 miles on the treadmill.  Michael and his brother went out to lunch and out and about, while I stayed at home and spent some quality time with Netflix while I watched the snow fall.  We only got a few inches, not near the craziness some others got! My brother got about 2 feet just outside of DC!


On Sunday, I was supposed to run the FreezerBurn 5k, but they postponed it due to the weather until next Saturday.  Church was also cancelled.  Michael and I slept in and took our time getting up and ready for the day. We drove out to the other side of our city to see some houses by a builder we like that will be building in our area this year.  We ran all of our normal Sunday errands…grocery store and cooking.

Were you part of the wintry mess this weekend? Have you been able to stay motivated this winter?

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