Weekly Update – 1/11/16


Yoga night.  I got to the gym early, and jumped on the treadmill for a quick half mile.  Class was pretty crowded. Something was wrong with the AC and it was extremely warm in the studio.  Jaye joked that it was “hot yoga.” Hot yoga is nice if you are prepared for it and dressed for it!

Class was a bit tough as a result. It got really humid in there and I ended up resting a lot more than normal just to cool down. All you crazy people that do hot yoga….how do you handle it?!


Normal gym night.  I got a 5k in on the treadmill, and a lot of fantastic people watching!


I had to skip yoga on Wednesday 😦  We had a very late holiday celebration for work on Wednesday night.  We went down to VA Beach and ate at Gordon Biersch.  It was a great time with my coworkers, but made for a really late night out.


I had so much pent up energy on Thursday from not having worked out on Wednesday.  I did a 5k on the treadmill.  I have this new habit of watching youtube videos while on the treadmill instead of listening to music…and its wonderful!


We left work a bit early to head to Dover to go to the casino.  It was a long trip up (4 hours), but we made time to stop for Island Creamery in Chincoteague on the way.  We played some blackjack and slots before bed.  Michael stayed up far later than I did!



On Saturday, I got up and went to the gym at the hotel.  It was small and not well ventilated.  I worked up a sweat pretty quick!  I did 2 miles on the treadmill, then planned on doing some strength training.  Unfortunately, when I walked around the corner to the weight area, all the dumbbells were EVERYWHERE.  Apparently, people don’t feel like re-racking their weights.  So I did it, and that was my workout.

After the gym, I hopped in the shower and headed to the spa for my spa day. I got a fantastic sports massage and a mani/pedi. Afterward, Michael and I got some lunch, then I headed back to the room to relax, and Michael played some more blackjack.


Our friend Gina came, and she was going to show me the ropes with the slot machines.  I brought $100 to play with.  Sat down, won $80.  So I pocketed the $100 and just played on the $80.  I ended up leaving $52 up!


On Sunday, we went to visit Michael’s family in northern VA.  We went to a place called Potbelly sandwiches for lunch (yum) and then hung out with his cousin for a bit.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to his Aunt Sally’s house. She made us a wonderful home cooked meal, and we got to spend some good time with her.

Bonus Day: Monday

Since it was a holiday weekend, we stayed over at Sally’s on Sunday night.  We got up on Monday and she made us a wonderful breakfast, then we got on the road.


We stopped in Richmond to get our rings cleaned. We got home around 1:30 and started on chores.  I did laundry, and Michael did the cooking for the week. At about 7, we just sat on the couch for the rest of the night and watched Shark Tank.  It was a lovely end to a long weekend!

How was your long weekend?


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