Weekly Update – 12/21/15 – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I love Christmas time! Its my favorite time of the year, and this week was my favorite of the year (well…other than the week Michael and I got married!)



Every year, my mom hosts a Ornament and Cookie exchange.  Most people do not do the cookie exchange part, but the best is the ornament exchange.  We do it Dirty Santa style, where you all draw numbers, and you either pick a wrapped ornament out of the pile, or steal one that has already been opened.  Its a cutthroat game.

I got a lovely ornament that matches my teal, silver and white tree.


Tuesday night was the Chesson Family Dinner (my stepdad’s family). We fit 28 of us in my mom’s house.  We do a traditional Christmas dinner, then play Dirty Santa with random $10-$15 gifts. This year I walked away with a calendar, and Michael got a Christmas mug with a $10 iTunes gift card in it.

Its always great to see all my extended family, even if they are a bit crazy. And I got to take selfies with my nephew, and lets be honest, that’s my favorite part.


How can you not love those fat cheeks!?



Wednesday was our celebration of Christmas with Dad and family. We left work a little early and headed straight over there.  We had a great time and everyone gave each other very thoughtful and sometimes really silly/fun gifts.   We then spent the rest of the night watching people on youtube do the cinnamon challenge (why…I’ll never know).


Christmas Eve! Michael and I took a vacation day.  We spent most of the day cleaning and preparing to have everyone over on Christmas.


Merry Christmas!  My mom had this tradition of making chocolate chip pancakes on Christmas morning, so guess what Michael and I had….


Michael and I had a lovely morning at home and we spoiled each other rotten.



“It’s so preeeeettttttyyyyyy”




Had to have an Eagles jersey with my new last name….


Someone is excited about his Fit Bit!


A dear friend made this for us…it has the lyrics of our first dance song on it! So sweet!


In the afternoon, we had everyone over for some ham and other goodies. Michael also took the opportunity to teach everyone blackjack.


Michael, blackjack dealer extraordinaire. And Santa.



Saturday was a chill day.  Michael spent some time with his brother, while I stayed home and got some laundry and cleaning done.


Sunday was another pretty chill day.  We had responsibilities at church, but after that, we came home and relaxed most of the day.

How was your Christmas? What do you have special to eat on Christmas day?

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